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Title : Insurrection Rating : 4
First Aired : 1 Jan 1998 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Jonathan Frakes Year : 2375
Writers : Michael Piller, Rick Berman Season : 9
Rating : 2.8333 for 6 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : katefan Rating : 1
Review : Well, let's see; the comedic moments were not very funny, the action moments not very exciting, and the character moments not very consistent. Data loses any character development garnered from the last two movies and feels more like the character from TNG's second season. Worf magically appears without any good explanation and is there pretty much for comic relief. The Baku come across as arrogant and I can see why the Son'a left. We have yet another evil admiral in a long line of unethical Starfleet officers, it would have been nice that just this once instead of a Starfleet officer it was some sort of bureaucrat representing a faction of the Federation council instead. It was nice during the TOS movies when we saw actual politicians making political policy. Riker still on Enterprise playing second fiddle to Picard? I recall a time when the guy actually thought about his career. And if there is a war on wouldn't Picard's senior officers be sent off to other assignments? Two thousand ships lost and at least a million casualties means there would be a high demand for experienced officers to command ships. Guess that makes too much sense and I am just supposed to pretend these movies take place in another univ-Oh, wait, they mentioned Ketrecel White and our evil admiral mentioned the Dominion. In the end, the movies fails on many levels. I do not find the Baku cause interesting or inspiring enough to care about them, the story is full of too many holes and characters I like are portrayed in ways I just hate. I give it an extra star because it sucked less than Star Trek V.
Reviewer : drakkillus Rating : 2
Review : Why wasn't this movie about the Dominion War? A whole show was devoted to it, and that's not enough because it's a WAR and WARS effect a whole lot of the galaxy and make for good riveting action movies and.... sheesh! But, about the movie, it was dull. The only things interesting in it were Data going nuts, and Will and Deanna re-kindling their fire. Other than that, blech.
Reviewer : Guybrush Rating : 3
Review : The powers of Star Trek at this time of "Insurrection" seemed to be shooting for the "Star Trek IV" of the Next Generation movie era with a lighter tone and more comic relief, but wound up with a "Star Trek V" instead. The plot is just too underwhelming for the 'bigger, better, stronger' feel one expects from big screen adaptations. And I think the other guest reviewers touch on a very good point in relation to the inversely big, dramatic, and action filled Dominion War that is supposed to be taking place at the same time as this film: the current television series at the time (Deep Space Nine) was doing a better job of being cinematic than this movie was! I can understand the reasons for not making this a movie about the Dominion War, including apparent rivalry between the films and TV at the time and the desire to not be redundant. But even withholding a script about said war, a more cinematic-scale story could have been written. Perhaps it's because Picard, the prim and proper "polar opposite" of Kirk as Trek captains go, seems out of place pulling a Kirk ala "Star Trek III" type mutiny. Perhaps it's because said insurrection takes place over an uninteresting 'backwoods' issue of the federation, (much less compelling than insurrection over the saving of a popular character as in Star Trek III). Perhaps it's the writers, trying as they have admitted to doing on many Trek films (*cough* "Nemesis), to emulate "Wrath of Khan" with their villain rather than creating something truly original. More likely it is all of these issue expressed in one criticism, and its something the latter Next Generation films both suffered from: greater interest in trying to re-creating the successful early Trek films rather than making something original. But I digress, I did give this film three stars, right? Ultimately, this movie isn't particularly 'bad,' it just could have been much better and came at a time when its rivals on TV were easily proving it with a smaller budget and shorter shooting schedules to boot. "Insurrection" would have made one of the finest two part episodes ever if it had been included in the television run on Next Generation, but as a feature it's not surprising that it underwhelms.
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 3
Review : OK, not a total disaster, but a bit of a let-down after "First Contact". Much of this reminded me of "Homeward", an episode that made Picard look like a total hypocrite. Maybe he learnt something from the experience, because he took almost the opposite stance here (despite the fact that Admiral Dougherty still wanted to remove them from the planet) and ended up looking like a man of integrity. Speaking of the Admiral, the -ogh- should be pronounced as in 'lough' (the same way as the Scottish 'loch') and that annoyed me. As for the man, was he in fact a member of Section 31? We shall never know, but it sounds like it. Anyway, the story almost seemed to be over before it had begun when everything was resolved within the first hour (almost like a typical TNG episode). It got interesting after that, but only in patches. They handled the escape and the planetside action fairly well, but I wanted to see what happened in space. The running battle was good, with the Enterprise winning despite being at a disadvantage. Well done Will! The conclusion was fairly effective, but I would much rather that Rua'fo had survived to go on trail. However, as well as getting the sense that we were missing out on the Dominion War (the Federation's finest battleship should have been in the vanguard), there were too many silly moments. Disabling Data by singing to him was almost clever, but not quite. There were too many scenes with that annoying child (same mistake as usual) and, although I can understand Data's curiosity, they went too far by letting him play in a haystack. Also, what was the point of the Worfzooka?(Tetryon pulse launcher?) The acting was OK, with Patrick Stewart doing his usual best, although most of the others seemed to be just average. The Son'a were sufficiently creepy to be average villains, although not very effective ones. Several points of interest did come up. Firstly, I suppose the Son'a's 'condition' was actually old age, although the idea from the early drafts that the planet's radiation had made them infertile should have been kept. Secondly, the particle collector, what a beautiful bit of CGI for something with such a terrible purpose. Thirdly, the manual steering column - although it was a silly Airbus sidestick, it does look vaguely similar to the Space Shuttle's systems - I would find it much easier to fly precision manoeuvres than by pushing buttons. Finally, one (female) source informed me that Riker looked a lot better without the beard.
Reviewer : Bob Rating : 4
Review : An interesting, and certainly logical point, raised by critics, is how Insurrection flies in the face of Trek philosophy - Picard's actions seem contrary to "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few", with the Federations' interests contrasting to the needs of the Ba'ku. However, the issue is neatly presented, and Picard still ends up depicted as the egalitarian hero, and rightfully so. Speaking of the Ba'ku, their portrayal as noble and technology-averse felt forced and lacking in subtlety. The same problem of overly clear-cut moral lines applies for the typically evil Son'a, Gallatin's conveniently-timed change of heart, and the pre-requisite Mad Admiral Dougherty. The crew behaving out-of-character felt odd, even after the "rejuvenation" explanation, while some of the jokes/comedic one-liners are just cringe-worthy. And Data playing with the (annoying) children, although an intriguing analogy, was awkward to say the least. For all its rough spots and shortfalls, though, Insurrection still manages to have a certain charm and appeal. There's a surprising amount of action in what is clearly intended to be a more light-hearted film - the space battles, especially the final run over the Son'a Collector, were spectacular. Riker's unorthodox solution to the Briar Patch battle wasn't really surprising, but well executed nonetheless. The music is, as always, excellent, with the opening theme ranking as one of my personal favorites. Fairly good performances all-round from the cast as well. Although a marked drop in quality from the dizzying high of First Contact, Insurrection is still a good, thoroughly entertaining movie.
Reviewer : Meste17 Rating : 4
Review : Well I have to admit I loved seeing this movie. I didn't like the fact that the Enterprise-E wasn't even in the movie from 1:11:33 ALL THE WAY TO 1:31:44. That's 20 minutes that we could've seen the Enterprise struting new stuff that we hadn't even seen before. Still, it actually makes sense as all the Enterprise did was go to the edge of the Briar Patch, warn Starfleet of the plot, then come back to rescue the crew. Not much going on there that you could do. I just like seeing the Enterprise strut stuff and still, at least it didn't end up like Star Trek 4 where we didn't even HAVE an Enterprise at all! (Unless you count the NCC-1701 footage, the A and the CVN-65 aircraft carrier, and even then it wasn't the Enterprise! Har har) Still, all in all a good film to get distracted by and it makes for a nice time passer if you're bored. 4 out of 5.
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