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Title : A Time to Be Born
Writers : John Vornholt
Year : 2004
Rating : 0.2500 for 4 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Michael W Rating : 1
Review : When I first heard about the 'A Tim To...' series which bridges the gap in time between "Star Trek: Insurrection" and "Star Trek Nemesis" I was excited by the prospect of learning what drove the characters of The Next Generation to move away from the Enterprise. This is the first book in the series, and the book that started my now growing collection of Star Trek novels. While its storyline is exciting, I can't help but feel that this isn't John Vornholt at his best. The storyline is an intriguing one: The Enterprise has been assigned to patrol the Rashanar Battle Site- the location of the Dominion War's bloodiest battle, where none of those ships that took part in the battle came away from it- but what makes the graveyard dangerous are the unexplained anomalies that the crew face- caused by the varied warp drives of each ship. On top of that, there are scavengers stealing parts from ships and a member race of the Federation who owns the graveyard, the Ontailians, are acting strangely. But those dangers pale into comparison when Data and Geordi stumbled across something much more deadly- which will turn the Ontailians agaisnt the Federation and tarnish Picard's career seemingly beyond repair. The trouble with the novel is that the characters aren't really the characters that we knew and love from the TNG series and (loosely) the movies. I found it difficult to believe that Picard would listen to the advice of an android who couldn't explain how he saw an Ontailian ship being blown up and then reappearing- I also find it highly unlikely he would then destroy the ship on such flimsy evidence. Riker lacks much charisma in the novel, to the point where he doesn't feel like Riker and the supposed chemistry between the XO and Troi is all but nonexsistant- they are a couple for goodness sake! the new character of Christine Vale is barely used- shes basically Hoshi Sato for the series, in this book (Thank God she's used much more in Books 3 & 4!). In conclusion, its a promising setup, but ruined by sub standard storyline telling- oh, and the introduction of a certain much loathed TNG character means that this isn't one of the best of the series.
Reviewer : bruce c Rating : 0
Review : I found this series to be mostly boring. The main setting of a battle graveyard was intriguing but the story didn't use it well. The newer books in the last few years are written just like these books. They are short and not well developed. The characters do things that they didn't do in the series. They constantly repeat what happened just a few chapters earlier instead of telling something new. They also spend a great deal of time with new characters and with trying to bring into the story every character. They use to make one or two characters the main focus of that story,just as they did on the series, and now they seem to think it is better to tell every character personal story. This series also has very little action as it tends to be more talk and introducing more and more characters.
Reviewer : Miguel Tomma Rating : 0
Review : Horrible, espantosa.. términos que apenas pueden definir esta novela.. un mal arranque para una idea que era muy buena, por que, o sea, la idea es muy buena, mostrarnos como se llego a Némesis, pero A Time To Born es insultante asía TNG. Yo como fan de TNG no tolere mas la novela, y debo admitir que la deje de leer cuando ya avía leído ¾ de ella.. no la soporte mas. Fue muy desepcionante. Pero esta no es la primera ves que John Vornholt arruina una buena idea, para ello remontarse a Dominion War`s 1 y 3, donde se nos muestra a Picard y su tripulación en la guerra contra el Dominio.. otro fiasco de nuestro “amigo” John.. que como dijo algien por hay, “John, go home”
Reviewer : drakkillus Rating : 0
Review : It's clear to me that, after all the Vornholdt books I've read, that this was intended to be a slap in the face to Stat Trek. Barf.
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