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Weapons List

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NameUp Description Episode
Varon-T Disruptor1 A small disruptor pistol. This weapon was banned in the Federation because it was regarded as being unnecessarily cruel; it took six seconds to disintegrate a person, a much slower and far more painful death than was caused by a phaser. Only five were ever manufactured. The collector Kivas Fajo owned four of them, but these were confiscated in 2366 when he was arrested by the crew of the Enterprise-D.1 The Most Toys
Veridium Six2 A slow acting cumulative poison.2 Reunion
Vorgon Beam Pistol3 A weapon carried by the time travelling Vorgons encountered by Captain Picard on Risa in 2366. The weapon had a mild stun effect.3 Captain's Holiday
Vori Rifle4 A rifle design used by the Vori when Voyager encountered them.4 Nemesis
Vulcan Heavy Rifle5 A large rifle weapon used by the Vulcans in 2151.5 Shadows of P'Jem
Vulcan Pistol6 A Vulcan weapon in use circa 21356 The Seventh
Vulcan Rifle5 A Vulcan rifle in use on Coridan in 2152.5 Shadows of P'Jem
Vulcan Sword A weapon comprising a large, very wide blade with a wooden handle. These weapons were employed during the kal-if-fee ceremony to discourage any interference or improper behaviour from those attending.7 Amok Time

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 3 The Most Toys
2 TNG 4 Reunion
3 TNG 3 Captain's Holiday
4 VOY 4 Nemesis
5 ENT 1 Shadows of P'Jem
6 ENT 2 The Seventh
7 TOS 2 Amok Time
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 5)
Episode : The Most Toys
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode : Reunion
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 4)
Episode : Captain's Holiday
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 1)
Episode : Nemesis
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode : Shadows of P'Jem
Series : ENT Season 2 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Seventh
Series : TOS Season 2 (Disc 1)
Episode : Amok Time

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