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Weapons List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameUp Description Episode
Hagath Rifle1 This weapon was offered for sale by Hagath; Quark created a holographic recreation of it so that it could be demonstrated on Deep Space Nine.1 Business as Usual
Harvesters2 Nanobiogenic weapon used by both the T'Lani and the Kellerun during their war.2 Armageddon Game
Hazari Pistol3 Weapon used by the Hazari when Voyager encountered them.3 Think Tank
Headman's Axe4 A type of axe designed for the decapitation of a human being. They were commonly used in executions in Medieval England.4 Qpid
Heavy Graviton Beam5 A directed energy weapon considered for possible use against the Borg, but dismissed as being ineffective.5 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Heavy Hand Cannon6 Large weapon used by Khan Noonien Singh in the Kelvin timeline. The weapon was powerful enough to bring down a Klingon D-4 craft.6 Star Trek Into Darkness
Hirogen Rifle7 One of several rifle types used by the Hirogen.7 Prey
Houdini8 Antipersonnel mine which sits in subspace, making it undetectable until it explodes.8 The Siege of AR-558
Human Delta Quandrant Energy Rifle9 Rifle weapon used by a Human colony in the Delta Quadrant.9 The 37's
Hunter Probe10 Automated weapon which can be set to attack a specific person or target.10 The Darkness and the Light
Hyperthermic Charge11 Weapon used by Vidiian ships.11 Deadlock

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 DS9 5 Business as Usual
2 DS9 2 Armageddon Game
3 VOY 5 Think Tank
4 TNG 4 Qpid
5 TNG 3 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
6 Star Trek Into Darkness
7 VOY 4 Prey
8 DS9 7 The Siege of AR-558
9 VOY 2 The 37's
10 DS9 5 The Darkness and the Light
11 VOY 2 Deadlock
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Film: Star Trek Into Darkness
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Episode : The 37's
Series : DS9 Season 5 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Darkness and the Light
Series : VOY Season 2 (Disc 6)
Episode : Deadlock

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