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Weapons List

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NameUp Description Episode
Tamarian Dagger1 A weapon used by the Tamarian species. Captain Picard was given a Tamarian dagger by the Captain Dathon after Dathon stranded the two on El-Adrel IV in 2368.1 Darmok
Tandaran Pain Stick2 Non-lethal weapon which incacitated its victims by inducing extreme pain. The device was in common use in Tandaran internment camps. It was a contact weapon, and could only be used at close range.2 Detained
Tandaran Pistol2 Tandaran pistol. the weapon was carried by guards in Tandaran internment camps in the mid 22nd century.2 Detained
Tantalus Field3 Weapon used by the alternate Captain Kirk in the mirror universe aboard the I.S.S. Enterprise.3 Mirror, Mirror
Temporal disruptor4 A Federation weapons invented some time between the 24th and 29th centuries. The weapon distorted spacetime around the target, stressing it to the point where it could no longer hold cohesion. A temporal disruptor small enough to fit in the hand could utterly destroy an Intrepid class starship, and in 2375 Captain Braxton used one to destroy Voyager. Fortunately the weapon was disarmed before it could be activated using temporal technology.4 Relativity
Terra Nova Gun5 A weapon used by the colonists on Terra Nova. The weapon was a rapid fire projectile weapon of Human design, c. 2067.5 Terra Nova
Tetryon Beam Pistol6 Weapon used by the Bajoran Trazko. He shot Quark with it in 2370, after Quark opened a box he had acquired for Trazko's employer and examined the contents. The weapons fired a compressed tetryon beam.6

In 2369 Captain Picard was badly wounded with a Compressed Tetryon Beam weapon by some Lenarians. The weapon fused the bioregulator of his artificial heart, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. It also caused internal haemorrhaging and liver and spleen damage.7
Tetryon pulse launcher8 A Starfleet weapon. In 2375 Captain Picard included eight tetryon pulse launchers amongst the weaponry which he took with him to help the Ba'ku in their struggle against the Son'a.8 Star Trek : Insurrection
Thalaron Generator9 Weapon banned by treaty between the Federation and Romulans. Even a small amount of thalaron radiation is devastating to living matter.9 Star Trek : Nemesis
The Knife of Kirom10 An ancient Klingon knife which dates back to the time of Kahless, and is believed to be stained with his blood. The Knife of Kirom is held on the Klingon homeworld in a sacred vault, from which nobody is allowed to remove it. Nevertheless, it was removed by Gowron in 2369 and taken to Boreth. Gowron hoped to compare the DNA on the blade to that of the recently resurrected Kahless, to prove that he was a fraud. In fact, the knife showed that the blood was a match for Kahless. This subsequently proved to be because Kahless was a clone of the original.10 Rightful Heir
Theragen11 Klingons nerve gas, highly lethal if used in its pure form.11 The Tholian Web
Tholian Web11 Energy network used by the Tholians to entrap enemy spacecraft.11 The Tholian Web
Thompson sub-machine gun12 Type of projectile weapon popular on Earth in the early to mid 20th Century. The Iotians copied the weapon.12 One featured in Picard's "Big Goodbye" holoprogram.13 A Piece of the Action
Thoron Rifle14 Type of weapon used by the Ilari14 and the Entharans.15 Warlord
Thought Maker16 A device which was capable of influencing the brain activity of a victim. Thought makers comprised a pair of devices, one which was placed near the victim and one which was used to control it from a distance. It was illegal to own or use thought makers within the Ferengi Alliance. Nevertheless, in 2364 DaiMon Bok used a thought maker in an attempt to discredit and ultimately kill Captain Picard. Purchasing the thought maker cost Bok his entire life's profit.16 The Battle
Tkon Pike17 Bladed weapon used by the Tkon to test applicants to their Empire.17 The Last Outpost
Tox-Utat18 Small handheld crystal capable of halting all fusion in a star. Invented in the 29th century, the Tox-Utat was sent back in time and destroyed by Picard.18 Captain's Holiday
TR-11619 An advanced form of projectile weapon designed for use in areas where dampening fields prevent modern weapons from functioning.19 Field of Fire
Transgenic weapon20 Weapon manufactured from synthetic bio-toxins.20 The Seventh
Transphasic Torpedoes21 Weapon developed by Starfleet in an alternate timeline at some point between 2377 and 2404. The torpedoes were massively effective against Borg cubes. A future version of Captain Janeway equipped Voyager with transphasic torpedoes in 2377, enabling the ship to reach a Borg transwarp hub in an attempt to return home.21 Endgame, Part 2
Tri-cobolt explosive22 Type of explosive used in Romulan mines as of 215222 Minefield
Triceron23 An explosive.23 Reunion
Tricobalt Device24 Weapon used in the simulated war between the planets Vendikar and Eminiar VII24, and by Starfleet today.25 A Taste of Armageddon
Trilithium Torpedoes26 Device which fires trilithium into a star, creating a massive shock wave capable of destroying an entire solar system and collapsing the star.26 Star Trek : Generations
Triton-Class spatial torpedo22 Weapon system which Reed was familiar with.22 Minefield

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
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4 VOY 5 Relativity
5 ENT 1 Terra Nova
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