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Caption Competition

Last Month

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Name Caption
Bird of Prey " fact, we are our society's upper crust. Literally."

Special Mention

Name Caption
MLCoolJ And this, kids, is why you wear sunscreen when you go outside.
The Geek METH: Never even once.
Frankie Chestnuts ...but the Republicans claimed we wouldn’t lose our insurance because of our pre-existing condition.
Miss Marple At Burning Man, the Reno emergency services departments always tried to staff with “client sensitive providers”.
Frankie Chestnuts Jamin: “Gesundheit...
EMH_MkI Starfleet instituted a 'no restrooms near the warp reactor' policy shortly thereafter.
EMH_MkI The aftermath of someone putting a mistletoe under the warp reactor...
EMH_MkI Someone told us the phaser range doubled as a tanning salon.
Bird of Prey "I am sorry Ma, but this is the casting call for 'Mudd's Women', not 'mud women'."
Danish32 And the moral of our story? Never get a Tattoo from a drunk Cardassian.
EMH_MkI Archer: We've received your distress signal. How may we be of assistance?
"We want your garbage."
Archer: Perhaps you need medical attention? Food?
"We want your garbage."
Archer: Maybe... you'd like-
"We want your garbage."
Archer: Get off my starship.
Chromedome "Look, Ma, it's easy. Just pick which kind of bread you want, 6 inch or 12 inch. Then pick what meat you want, choose some salad to go with it. Then at the end give them this voucher to get a free cookie and let them scan your Subway card."
"It seems very complicated. Couldn't we just go to Nando's instead?"
Bryan Moore While not widely used after the Mid-22nd century, the paint ball setting on early Starfleet phase pistols was marginally successful in its day.
Mikey "You think WE look like crap? Just check out some of the drek that 'Mikey' guy enters in the caption comp!"
Miss Marple Some "Empty Nesters" manage less well than others.
Bird of Prey "You filthy cowards!"
"Hey, that's absolutely uncalled-for! We are not cowards!"
Chromedome "OMG! Have you seen the picture for next month's competition?"
MR. WORF What do you mean the shows sold out !!! We crawled through 2 football fields of pure crap to get here and YOUR Sold Out !!!!!
ilandra I wish I'd got the part I auditioned for on Downton Abbey ...
0100110100 “What do you mean it’s not sunscreen? That Klingon told us the best type could only be found at a Targ farm”.
AdmiralM "And the losers of the pie eating contest are????"
The Geek "CUT! MAKEUP!"
Bird of Prey "I am sorry, but I think the universal translator didn't pick up that one word. What the heck is 'soap'!?"
Frankie Chestnuts Jamin: "We have a little concern with tanning booth number 3."

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