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What's new - Dec 2022


28 Dec 2022

The Wrath of Khan
Well you may have guessed it. Star Trek : The Wrath of Khan now has upgraded and updated images, along with additional items were possible. For example The Ceti Alpha Eel now has no less than seven good images, where it had none before.

27 Dec 2022

Upgraded image viewer
I've updated the image viewer code for our pictures pages. Now when you use the keyboard to move between images (or the buttons) the thumbnail panel will scroll to ensure that the active thumbnail is visible. To make this even better I've now made the active thumbnail have a red border.

Just a reminder of the options on these image pages.
  • Up arrow - Goes to the first image
  • Right arrow - Goes to the next image
  • Left arrow - Goes to the previous image
  • Down arrow - Goes to the last image
As always with these things you will need to do a force reload (often shift loaded) to re-read the underlying javascript that controls the page. If you don’t do this it will eventually happen on it’s own, but it is down to your web browser to decide when.

26 Dec 2022

The Motion Picture
So, what started as a quick look a the quality of the new 4K version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, ended up with a full rescan of all images for the movie. The new updates are a significant improvement over the prior BluRay versions.

I've also taken the opportunity to add some additional pictures to items that didn't previously have any and additional ones that did.

25 Dec 2022

Merry Xmas to all our visitors.
Warp Sled
I've uploaded some new Warp Sled images, which are very good quality, for you to enjoy. (Warp Sled - Images)
I've added many more images to the V'Ger listing and upgraded all the existing ones (V'Ger - Images). The same goes for Internals (V'Ger - Internals). There's a new size comp image also (V'Ger - Size Chart).

1 Dec 2022

We asked "What did you think of "The Galactic Barrier", episode 10 of Season 4 of Star Trek Discovery?" and you voted for "It was okay!" with a winning score of 4 out of 13 votes (30.8%). For our new poll we are asking "What did you think of "Rosetta", episode 11 of Season 4 of Star Trek Discovery?"
Caption Comp
Congratulations to "Captain 8472" winner of last months caption competition.

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