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What's new - Mar 2001


27 Mar 2001

As promised, an in-depth article talking about the Bird of Prey has gone up. The comments pages of the relevant ships now have links to the articles.

25 Mar 2001

Size Comparison
A number of ships have been replaced with better scans - the Peregrine, the K'T'Inga, the Vor'Cha, the B'Rel and the D'Deridex. Also, the cytherian probe, Talaxian fighter, and Hirogen ship pictures have been cleaned up somewhat. Finally, the Enterprise-B subtype of the Excelsior class has been added.
A bunch of ship masses have been re-worked. Initially I based the masses of many classes on the 200,000 ton figure for the Constitution class given in the Starfleet Technical Manual, but when I changed the mass of the Connie to be more in line with Scotty's "nearly a million gross tons" statement I forgot to re-work the other figures. Thanks to Dan Surfus for both pointing out the problem and greatly helping in devising the new system for determining a ship's mass.

Much more far reaching, the Bird of Prey entry has finally been re-written completely. After much reviewing of tapes, I've abandoned the 'official' small B'Rel and big K'vort in favour of a whole set of subtypes of different sizes. This also spills over into an altered fleets section. There is discussion of each ship on its comments page, but at some point I'm probably going to write a whole big article on the Bird of Prey variants for the new articles section. Speaking of which...
Episode Guide
Voyager season seven episode five, "Critical Care" goes up today.
As mentioned  a couple of weeks back, we're greatly expanding selected comments pages into articles on various topics. We've decided to group these together in an articles section which has replaced the "Power" section. The previous power articles are still there and unchanged for now, but they'll probably be re-written into an article or articles similar to the others eventually (I've been promising to do this for ages now, but still haven't gotten around to it). Anyway, to go with the idea of various Bird of Prey sizes above, we kick off with an article on the issues involved in scaling objects up and down. We've also moved the transwarp article to this section, along with the discussion of the maps. The comments pages which previously contained this stuff now have only a brief mention and a redirect to the new section.

18 Mar 2001

Warp Scales
A better version of the graph of warp speed and power consumption has gone up.
Size Comparison
We've changed the size of the DY-100 to a figure based on direct comparison in the episode. We've also added some images : the Saturn V launcher as used in the Apollo moon landings, since this launcher featured in the episode "Assignment : Earth", the Caretaker's Array from Voyager's "Caretaker", the Starfleet Executive shuttle. We've also put an image of the DY-100 with its launch boosters attached on. Finally, there are improved images of the Travel pod, Orbital shuttle and Dreadnought.
Series Guides
"Repression" Voyager season seven episode four, has gone up.
A new list, containing descriptions of some of the items of science and technology we've seen in Trek. This one doesn't try to be a complete list, nor does it try to list the episodes each item was first seen in. At the moment the A-F section is the most complete, but we're planning to update the remainder as time and interest allow.

11 Mar 2001

Starting this weekend we're starting to re-write some of our comments pages. Up to now these have been fairly short, limited pretty much to outlining why we've made some of the guesses we have in the main body of the site. Now we're expanding selected comments pages into large-scale detailed articles discussing the pros and cons of our ideas. To start with, we've expanded the transwarp comments page into a discussion of both my personal transwarp theory and of transwarp and warp 10 related scenes in general.
The "Other Species" entry for the Delta Quadrant has had no less than sixteen new species put onto it. All are from Voyager season three.
Breen Frigate
After a few emails, the Breen Frigate entry has been mostly rewritten. There are new specs, an almost completely new comments page and an excellent image onto the images page. Many thanks to those who mailed me, especially Alexander Marteby.

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