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What's new - Jun 2000


22 Jun 2000

Size Comparison
Today we're uploading a reworking of the size comparison system, most notably in the comments section. With this update you will be able to select a group of ships and then see the comments for just those ships. We have also added a buitton to show all comments for the ships within the section you are in.

17 Jun 2000

Site Guide
A statistics page goes up on the site guide today.
As you may have noticed, adverts have started popping up on the Tripod (US) end of the site. This is in direct violation of our own no adverts policy. Unfortunately, Tripod have discontinued their no adverts option - you now cannot pay to have no adverts on Tripod! I recieved no warning of this, and didn't know the adverts were there until I happened to visit the US end of the site to check on an update. To say I'm annoyed by that is an epic understatement.

For the moment, the US end will continue with ads in place. I am looking for a new host for the US end of the site, and as soon as I can find one I will be shutting down my Tripod membership permanently. I would like to offer my apologies to all those who, like me, are offended by the adverts. I find that the best way to avoid them is to grab and drag it so that the vast majority is off the screen; that way you don't have it popping up again all the time as it would if you just close it down.

11 Jun 2000

The Druoda warhead from "Warhead" has been added along with the Plasma charges used in "Dragon's Teeth".
Well the species fad has pretty much gone, but I couldn't resist adding the Vaaduwar from "Dragon's Teeth" because I have the feeling we may see them once or twice more before Voyager ends.
The species fad may be over, but it's been replaced by a whole new obsession. Today we get lots of new entries here; from Voyager the Coaxial warp core from "Vis a Vis", the Catapult from "The Voyager Conspiracy", the Underspace corridors from "Dragonâs Teeth", the Slipstream drive from "Hope and Fear" and "Timeless" and the Sikarian Trajector from "Prime Factors". From TNG the Soliton Wave Drive from "New Ground", the Dimensional Shift from "The High Ground" and the Iconian Gateway from "Contaigon" have been added.
Various items have gone up onto the Food and Species lists today from the last few Voyager episodes. Most of these come from "Riddles", when Tuvok was going through his desert phase.

And so ends one of the most update-heavy weekends we've done for a good long while here at the DITL. Hope you enjoy all the new stuff!

Episode Guide
"The Voyager Conspiracy" has been added.
The Voyager / Vaadwaur battle from "Dragon's Teeth" has been added. This makes no less than four entries going up today from this single episode!

4 Jun 2000

The Chronaton torpedo goes up today. Alas, I've been very limited in what I can say about this weapon since Voyager never "really" fought the Krenim.
The USS Relativity from the Voyager ep of the same name goes up onto the Temporal section today.
Species List
Species 125 and 10026 have been added, along with the Borg designations for Humans and Ktarians, all from Voyagers "Dark Frontier". Plus the Hazari from "Think Tank" and the Vaadwaur and Turei from "Dragon's Teeth".
The Niagara entry has been reworked - mostly this centres around the size comparison image, which I have kitbashed so that it looks more like my take on the ship we see briefly in "Best of Both Worlds". The Comments page has been hugely expanded and rewritten, even including a few smallish images to support the text - a first for comments pages on this site. An image has also been added to the entry, which previously had none.

And a new entry under the temporal section for the Zahl ships we saw in "Year of Hell". Nothing much to say about these I'm afraid, but it does mean we have every ship class from those episodes now.

The site FAQ has been updated to include changes to the policy regarding the duplication of our material.  It is vital that all people currently reproducing information from this site read these new rules and make the any necessary changes. If you are in doubt as to whether your use is allowed please ask.
Episode Guide
The latest two Voyager episodes "Dragon's Teeth" and "One Small Step" have been added.

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