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What's new - Nov 1998


29 Nov 1998

Technology Pages
There are two new entries here - one for Tractor beams, and another for Navigational Deflectors. Both have the usual notes and images, and the Deflector entry has some comments attached to it.
The Hirogen from Voyager have now been added to the species list, alongside a couple of images from "The Killing Game", part 2..
This Keldon class now has a couple of images attached, both taken from the DS9 episode "Defiant". The Karemma class has an image from "Starship Down", our only view of this ship so far. Under the Defiant images page is a snap taken from "Valiant" of that ships destruction. The entry for the Valiant class has an image of the Valiant's recorder pod, which is as close as you get to it during the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before". There are a couple of new images under Starbase 74.

22 Nov 1998

Technology Pages
Now includes an entry for the Federation Tricorder. The entry includes the TNG-era device as well as the DS9 model, and a little speculative history and future prediction to pad it out. There's a few images linked in to this page - two taken from the Omnipedia, one scanned by myself.
Power page
This section now includes an entry for the Galaxy class starship based on the TNG episode "Relics".
New Stations
I've also added entries for the stations K-7 from "The Trouble With Tribbles" / "Trials and Tribbilations", the Lysian command centre from "Conundrum", and the Communications relay station seen in "Aquiel".
New Ship
I've added an entry for the Karemma vessel we saw in "Starship Down".

15 Nov 1998

Mirror Site
Well, as you have already seen I have finally set up a mirror site to solve my download problems. I've opened an account with Tripod in the USA to complement the UK-based Demon site. You can of course bookmark either or both of the sites rather than the selection page, to save you from having to make the choice each time. Since most of my visitors seem to be coming from the US, the mirror should work considerably faster for you. And for the rest, the reduced visitor numbers to the Demon site should mean that I get moved back to the faster server, which will speed things up for you also. So everybody wins, except for my wallet!
Dominion Cruiser
Rather embarrasing, this one. I thought I had spotted three distinct types of Dominion ship - the big battlecruiser, the small attack ship, and a mid-sized cruiser type. After much consideration and careful reviewing of tapes, I've come to the conclusion that I was dead wrong about this and that the cruiser class simply doesn't exist. So this one has been removed from the lists, and the image related to it has now been properly put in with the Battlecruiser entry.
The Comments pages attached to the Ships Specifications pages have now been completed for all classes - a total of eleven new entries in all. As with the rest, these pages try to explain why I've made some of the guesses I have about these ships.

8 Nov 1998

Romulan Bird of Prey
This now has a full text entry after the specifications panel.
Two new pictures for the Soyuz class, which was mistakenly sent up with the Miranda images attached.

6 Nov 1998

Size Comparison
This has now been re-worked slightly. Most of the changes are behind the scenes stuff which will make it vastly easier for me to add new ships or update the sizes of old ones, but you should find that this section now works a little faster also. As with all things HTML and Java on this site, all credit for this one is due to my older (and smarter) brother.
New Ships
Well, I finally decided to throw caution to the winds and start adding stuff again - bandwidth be damned! So, going up today is the Vulcan Lander from First Contact. The Soyuz class also becomes an official class of its own, although most of the information is pretty speculative.
Download Speed
Arrgh! It just keeps on geetting busier and busier around here! Alas, Demon have decided to keep me on their slow server yet again this month. I can only repeat what I've said before - I'm in the process of shopping for an additional website right now, and a mirror site will be going up sometime soon. I'll arrange it so the change is invisible and there won't be any additional URL to remember.

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