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Phase Weapons

Universe Name : Prime Timeline
Weapon Name : Phase Weapons

Although phasers were first invented after the 22nd century [1], primitive "phase weapons" came into use in the early 2150s aboard the NX-01 Enterprise. [2] These weapons were functionally similar to phasers, though they lacked the disintergration capability of the later weapons. [3]



Universe Name : Prime Timeline
Weapon Name : Pistol

The Phase Pistol was the standard sidearm for crewmembers of the NX class starships during their first exploration missions in the 2150s. The weapons had two basic settings, "stun" and "kill". [2] Unlike the EM-33 which was in use previously with Starfleet the user did not have to compensate for particle drift, instead just pointing the weapon straight at the target. This could be difficult to get used to for those who were accustomed to using the EM-33. [4]

The stun setting of the phase pistol produced significant heat, and the weapon could be used on this setting to boil water. [5] Cross-polarizing the power cells of a phase pistol allowed the particle yield to be doubled, adding at least ten megajoules to the discharges. [6]

Like the phaser the phase pistol can be set on overload, producing a significant explosion. [7]



Universe Name : Prime Timeline
Weapon Name : Rifle

A larger version of the phase pistol, the rifle was also in use aboard NX class starships during the mid 22nd century. [8]



Universe Name : Prime Timeline
Weapon Name : Cannon

The phase modulated energy cannon was designed to be a part of the armament of the NX class Starship. The ships were originally designed to carry three of the weapons, each rated for a maximum of 500 gigajoules [9] per discharge. The weapons were equipped with multi-phasic emitters. [10] The NX-01 was forced to leave Spacedock without the cannons being installed; her engineering crew installed the weapons during the ship's mission when an alien spacecraft launched a series of attacks against the ship. An accidental overload in the weapons resulted in a discharge ten times greater than had been expected, resulting in significant damage to the ship. However, the crew quickly learned that they could repolarize the gravity plating to absorb the recoil then shunt the energy to structural integrity, allowing the weapons to operate in the overloaded state without damage. [9]

In the course of her service life the NX-01 recieved additional phase cannon during her various upgrades and refits. [3]

Colour key

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