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Timeline - 2258


Prime Timeline

Year Event
 [1] The Federation makes first contact with the inhabitants of Kiley 279, thinking that they have invented warp drive. As it turns out they have actually produced a warp bomb. They take the Federation representatives prisoner. [1]
  People :  Number One / Una Chin-Riley
 [1] General Order One is renamed "The Prime Directive". [1]
 [2] Hemmer joins the USS Enterprise as chief engineer. [2]
  People :  Hemmer
 [2] The USS Enterprise encounters a species calling themselves Shepherds, who follow a comet that they believe to be an "Arbiter of Life". Unfortunately the comet is due to hit a planet housing a pre-warp civilisation. The Enterprise crew manage to trick the Shepherds and divert the comet, in the process it releases a large quantity of water vapour improving conditions on the planet. [2]
  Species :  Shepherds
 [3] The Enterprise visits Hetemit IX in order to ascertain the fate of the Illyrian colonists. [3]
  Species :  Illyrian
 [4] K'Tyll and T'Pring apprehended the Vulcan V'tosh ka'tur criminal Barjan T'Or [4]
  People :  T'Pring, K'Tyll, Barjan T'Or
 [5] The Enterprise visits Finibus III to provide an atmospheric filter to clean up their atmosphere. When they arrive they find the colony has been attacked and the colonists are missing. They are then attacked by the Gorn and a battle ensues. They only survive by tricking the Gorn into believing that they have been destroyed. [5]
 [4] The R'ongovian form an alliance with the Federation. [4]
  People :  Captain Christopher Pike, Captain Vasso L'Gaelia, Brax
  Species :  R'ongovian
 [6] Christopher Pike returns the Majalan system for the first time in over ten years. [6]
  People :  Captain Christopher Pike
  Species :  Majalan
 [7] An attempt to rescue Sybok from a Vulcan rehabilitation centre fails and he remains an inmate. [7]
  People :  Sybok, Fran, Remy, Aspen / Captain Angel
  Species :  Vulcans
 [8] The USS Enterprise encounters an entity spontaneously created by the Jonisian Nebula. The encounter leads to a cure for Doctor M'Benga's daughter, but she must remain in the nebula for it to work. Nobody but Dr M'Benga remembers the events surounding the mission. [8]
  People :  Doctor Joseph M'Benga, Rukiya M'Benga
  Species :  Nebula Consciousness
 [9] Ensign Duke is promoted to Lieutenant. [9]
  People :  Ensign/Lieutenant Duke
 [9] Lieutenant Duke is killed by a infant Gorn. [9]
  People :  Ensign/Lieutenant Duke
 [9] Hemmer kills himself after being infected with Gorn eggs. [9]
  People :  Hemmer
 [10] Pike meets a future version of himself, who informs him that attempting to change his future and prevent the accident that kills several cadets and serious injures him would result in catastrophic changes for the future of the Federation. Future Pike has worked with the Klingon's to provide a time crystal which will allow Prime Pike to witness the events that would cause the changes. Pike agrees and uses the crystal to view the events. [10]
  People :  Captain Christopher Pike
  Species :  Klingons

Kelvin Timeline

Year Event
Picture from 2258  [11] The planet Vulcan is destroyed by Nero. Nero's ship is subsequently destroyed by the Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk. Captain Pike is promoted to Admiral. Kirk graduates and becomes Captain of the Enterprise. [12]
  People :  James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy, Nyota Uhura, Hikaru Sulu, Christopher Pike, Pavel Chekov, Scotty, Keenser
 [12] Montgomery Scott becomes the new Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise. [12]
  People :  Scotty
 [12] Keenser joins the USS Enterprise as an engineer. [12]
  People :  Keenser
  Species :  Roylan

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

● - Shows the canon status and reference of the year for this event


# Series Season Source Comment
1 SNW 1 Strange New Worlds
2 SNW 1 Children of the Comet
3 SNW 1 Ghosts of Illyria
4 SNW 1 Spock Amok
5 SNW 1 Memento Mori
6 SNW 1 Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach
7 SNW 1 The Serene Squall
8 SNW 1 The Elysian Kingdom
9 SNW 1 All Those Who Wander
10 SNW 1 A Quality of Mercy
11 Star Trek XI Stated in the movie as being 25 years after Nero arrives in the past
12 Star Trek XI
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : Strange New Worlds
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : Children of the Comet
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : Ghosts of Illyria
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : Spock Amok
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : Memento Mori
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : The Serene Squall
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : The Elysian Kingdom
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : All Those Who Wander
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : A Quality of Mercy
Film: Star Trek XI
Comment : Stated in the movie as being 25 years after Nero arrives in the past
Film: Star Trek XI

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