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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Hemmer [1]
Species : Andorians

Hemmer was a male Aenar who worked as chief engineer on the USS Enterprise in 2258. [1] Prior to serving on the Enterprise he had served on the USS Angelou. [2] Like most Aenar, he was completely blind and compensated for this with his other senses. He would often refer to himself as a genius. [2] Growing up he wanted to become a botanist and had a great passion for plants. [3]

He met Cadet Nyota Uhura for the first time during an informal gathering in Captain Pike's quarters. She had noticed his blindness and offered to help him with the food. Hemmer and Spock pretended that Hemmer had been offended by this offer but soon let the joke slip. [1]

During the Enterprise's mission to Hetemit IX, Hemmer assisted Chief Kyle in transporting the landing party from the planet, when conditions rendered the transport difficult. [2]

During the mission to Finibus III the Enterprise was attacked by the Gorn, leaving Hemmer and Uhura trapped in the main cargo bay. Injured, Hemmer was unable to repair the reactor of the air filter himself, however, he was able to talk Uhura through the process. [3]

When the Enterprise visited the Jonisian Nebula, an alien consciousness that lived there brought a book to life within the ship, using the crew unknowningly to play out the characters. Hemmer's telepathic abilities allowed him to resist the scenario. He found Doctor M'Benga, who was the only other person to be conscious of what was happening. Together they worked out that the nebula must be a lifeform, similar to a Boltzmann brain. It was using the ship to entertain Doctor M'Benga's daughter Rukiya, who had been stored in the medical transporter buffer as a form of stasis to prevent her fatal condition from worsening. Hemmer and M'Benga eventually convinced the lifeform to release the ship. [4]

During an away mission to Valeo Beta V, to recover the USS Peregrine and its crew, Hemmer was able to restore the ship's systems, but not before he was infected with Gorn eggs. Seeing no way of removing the infection and wanting to save the rest of the landing team he said goodbye to Spock and encouraged Uhura to remain in starfleet before he deliberately walked through the force field, exiting the ship and falling to his death in a ravine. This also killed the last of the Gorn on the planet, allowing the landing party to leave. [5]

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Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
SNW2Bruce HorakLost in Translation
SNW1Bruce Horak


# Series Season Source Comment
1 SNW 1 Children of the Comet
2 SNW 1 Ghosts of Illyria
3 SNW 1 Memento Mori
4 SNW 1 The Elysian Kingdom
5 SNW 1 All Those Who Wander
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : Children of the Comet
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : Ghosts of Illyria
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : Memento Mori
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : The Elysian Kingdom
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : All Those Who Wander

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