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Prime Timeline
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Non-Prime Timelines
Endgame Kelvin Timeline Mirror Universe Timeless Yesterday's Enterprise

Timeline - 2300S


Year Event
2300 Picture from 2300
McCoy returns to Starfleet.1
  People :  Leonard H. McCoy
2302 Picture from 2302
2 Last Federation contact with planet Angel I prior to 2364.2
  Species :  Angelian
3 The future Federation President Jaresh-Inyo enters politics.3
  People :  Jaresh-Inyo
4 Tuvok undergoes Pon'Farr and abandons his Kolinahr training to marry T'Pel.4
  People :  Tuvok
2305 Picture from 2305
5 Picard is born in LaBarre, France, on Earth.6
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
2307 Picture from 2307
7 Timicin is born on Kaelon II.7
  People :  Doctor Timicin
8 Representatives of the Cardassian union offer assistance to Bajor. Although their presence is seen as benign, this will eventually lead to the Occupation.8
  Species :  Bajorans
9 Federation Starships first explore the Indri system near Caere.9
10 Klingon Bloodwine of this year was considered to be an excellent vintage.10


Year Event
11 The planet Meridian materialises in this universe for a short period.11
12 The Tomed Incident leads to the loss of thousands of lives. This marks the last significant contact between the Federation and the Romulan Empire until 2364.12
  Species :  Romulans, Humans
13 The Treaty of Algeron is signed, redefining the Romulan Neutral Zone and banning the Federation from developing cloaking devices.13
  Species :  Romulans, Humans
14 The Gatherer Penthor-Mul is captured whilst leading a rade on an Acamarian outpost. During his trial Yuta uses the microvirus in her body to cause a heart attack in him, killing him.15
  People :  Yuta
  Species :  Acamarian
16 An element of transporter technology, the multiplex pattern buffer, is invented. The widespread use of these devices ended the phenomenon of transporter psychosis.17
18 A hostage crisis takes place on Mordan IV when a tribal leader is assassinated by a rival tribe. His son, Karnas, kidnaps 63 passengers from a starliner and holds them hostage, demanding that Starfleet provide him weapons.19

The crisis is resolved by Mark Jameson, who negotiates the release of the hostages. Unknown to Starfleet at the time, Jameson secures their release by delivering a supply of advanced weapons to Karnas as requested. In order to keep a balance of power on Mordan IV he also supplies equal weaponry to Karnas' enemies. The planet is plunged into civil war which lasts for the next forty years.19
  People :  Admiral Mark Jameson


Year Event
20 Lisa Cusak is born. She will one day command the Starfleet ship USS Olympia.21
  People :  Captain Lisa Cusak
22 Picard applies to Starfleet Academy for the first time and is rejected.22
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
2323 Picture from 2323
23 Picard is admitted to Starfleet Academy at his second attempt.22
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
2324 Picture from 2324
24 Beverly Crusher is born.24
  People :  Beverly Crusher
25 During his sophmore year at Starfleet Academy, Jean-Luc Picard is assigned to Morikin Seven for training. Whilst there he has his first encounter with the Nausicaans, who had an outpost on one of the outlying asteroids in the system.25
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Nausicaans
23 Picard graduates from Starfleet Academy.6
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
Neelix is born on Rhinax.26
  People :  Neelix
2328 Picture from 2328
27 Lwaxana marries Ian Andrew Troi.27
  People :  Lwaxana Troi
27 Kestra Troi is born.27
  People :  Deanna Troi, Lwaxana Troi, Kestra Troi


Year Event
28 Joseph Sisko meets his future wife Sarah in Jackson Square, New Orleans, in June of this year. They will marry two months later.29
  People :  Joseph Sisko, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Sarah Sisko
  Species :  Prophets
30 Sarah Sisko and Joseph Sisko marry in August.29
  People :  Joseph Sisko, Sarah Sisko, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
  Species :  Humans, Prophets, Pah-wraiths
2332 Picture from 2332Picture from 2332
31 Bemjamin Lafayette Sisko is born in New Orleans on Earth to Sarah Sisko and Joseph Sisko.32
  People :  Sarah Sisko, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Joseph Sisko
  Species :  Prophets
33 Soong marries Juliana O'Donnell on Mavala IV.33
  People :  Doctor Noonien Soong, Juliana O'Donnell
34 Miles O'Brien is born34 in September.35
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
2333 Picture from 2333
25 Picard assumes command of the Constellation class USS Stargazer.25
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
36 Banjamin Lafayett Sisko has his first birthday.29
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Joseph Sisko, Sarah Sisko
31 Two days after Benjamin Sisko's first birthday, his mother Sarah walked out on her family. Joseph Sisko will spend the next three years searching for her.29
  People :  Sarah Sisko, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Joseph Sisko
  Species :  Prophets
2335 Picture from 2335
37 Riker is born in Valdez, Alaska, on Earth.37
  People :  William T. Riker
38 Lore and Data are created.38
  People :  Data, Doctor Noonien Soong, Lore
39 Chakotay is born.26
  People :  Chakotay
40 Geordi LaForge is born.40
  People :  Geordi LaForge
2336 Picture from 2336
41 Deanna is born on Betazed.41
  People :  Deanna Troi, Lwaxana Troi
  Species :  Betazoids
38 Omicron Theta colony is destroyed by the Crystalline entity; Soong and Juliana flee, leaving Data and Lore behind.38
  People :  Data, Doctor Noonien Soong
27 Kestra dies in a swimming accident. Lwaxana suppresses the memory of Kestra for almost thirty five years.27
  People :  Deanna Troi, Lwaxana Troi, Kestra Troi
31 Joseph Sisko finally tracks down his wife, Sarah Sisko, in Australia. However, much to his distress he discovers that she had died a month earlier in a hovercraft accident. He would later remarry, and let Benjamin Sisko believe his new wife was Ben's mother until telling the real story in 2375.29
  People :  Sarah Sisko, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Joseph Sisko
  Species :  Prophets
2337 Picture from 2337
42 Riker's mother dies.42
  People :  William T. Riker
43 Yar is born on the Turkana IV colony planet.43
  People :  Natasha Yar
44 Data is discovered in the remains of the Omicron Theta colony by the Federation Starship USS Tripoli.44
  People :  Data, Doctor Noonien Soong


Year Event
2340 Picture from 2340
45 Worf is born on Qo'noS.45
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
46 Bashir is born.46
  People :  Julian Bashir
47 Jadzia, a future Dax host, is born.47
  People :  Dax
48 In the Gamma Quadrant, the Dominion take over the planet Yadera Prime. The whole way of life on the planet is subsequently changed, prompting Rurigan, one of the local inhabitants, to leave the planet. Subsequently he sets up a holo-generator on an uninhabited planet to recreate a Yaderan town and inhabitants there. Rurigan lives in the town for the next 29 years.49
  Species :  Yadera
40 Data enters Starfleet Academy.40
  People :  Data
43 Yar is orphaned when both parents where killed in a fire fight. She is raised by her sister, Ishara, until the age of fifteen.43
  People :  Natasha Yar, Ishara Yar
24 Beverly enters Starfleet Academy.24
  People :  Beverly Crusher
27 Ian Andrew Troi, dies.27
  People :  Deanna Troi, Lwaxana Troi
50 Kira Nerys is born on Bajor.50
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
  Species :  Bajorans
2344 Picture from 2344
51 The Klingon Narendra III outpost is destroyed by a fleet of four Romulan warbirds. The Enterprise-C sacrifices itself in defence of the outpost. Although the ship fails to save the planet, the act is regarded as a highly honourable one by the Klingons and serves to greatly diffuse the recent high tensions between the two powers. In the aftermath of the battle, an alternate timeline version of Natasha Yar is captured by the Romulans. A Romulan General takes a liking to her, and she agrees to be his consort in return for the lives of the other Enterprise-C survivors being spared.51
  People :  Natasha Yar
  Species :  Romulans, Klingons
2345 Picture from 2345
52 Data graduates from Starfleet Academy.52
  People :  Data
Neelix begins working on an orbital tether on Talax53
  People :  Neelix
54 The alternate timeline version of Tasha Yar gives birth to Sela, the child of the Romulan General holding her captive.55
  People :  Natasha Yar, Sela
2346 Picture from 2346
56 Kira's mother dies in a refugee camp.57
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
58 B'Elanna Torres is born on Earth.58
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
59 The Romulans attack the Khitomer outpost. An infant Worf is rescued from the aftermath by Sergei Rozhenko, a Starfleet officer who subsequently adopts him.59
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Romulans, Klingons
Neelix stops working on an orbital tether on Talax after two years53; he refuses to fulfil his military service during the Haakonian war.60
  People :  Neelix
  Species :  Talaxians, Haakonian
2348 Picture from 2348
61 Beverly Crusher marries Jack Crusher.61
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Jack Crusher
62 Bashir is taken to Adigeon Prime in order to have his DNA re-sequenced.62
  People :  Julian Bashir
63 The government of Acamar makes an attempt to re-integrate the Gatherers into their home society. The attempt fails; another will not be made until 2366.15
  Species :  Acamarian
2349 Picture from 2349Picture from 2349Picture from 2349
64 Wesley Crusher is born.64
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Wesley Crusher
Quark accomplishes the Ferengi Attainment Ceremony. He is apprenticed to a district subnagus; he is later ousted from his apprenticeship after becoming involved with the man's sister.65
  People :  Quark
66 Tuvok returns to Starfleet; he serves on board the USS Wyoming.66
  People :  Tuvok
67 Harry Kim is born.67
  People :  Harry Kim
68 Annika Hansen is born on the Tendara Colony.68
  People :  Seven of Nine
60 Neelix's entire family is killed by the Metreon Cascade.60
  People :  Neelix
69 Curzon Dax and Benjamin Sisko meet for the first time.69
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Dax
38 Data is promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant70
  People :  Data
71 The alternate timeline version of Natasha Yar attempts to escape her captivity along with her four year old daughter, Sela. Distressed at being taken from her father, Sela raises the alarm. Yar is executed for her disobedience. Sela will later claim that everything human in her died one this night.72
  People :  Natasha Yar, Sela


Year Event
42 Riker is abandoned by his father.42
  People :  William T. Riker
73 Chakotay enters Starfleet Academy.74
  People :  Chakotay
Neelix begins a six year stint on a Talaxian garbage scow.75
  People :  Neelix
  Species :  Talaxians
24 Beverly graduates from Starfleet Academy with a medical degree.24
  People :  Beverly Crusher
76 Sisko enters Starfleet Academy.76
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
77 Miles O'Brien enters Starfleet.77
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
78 The Native American group who have been searching for a homeland since leaving Earth in 2170 finally settle on Dorvan V. They will remain undisturbed there for the next twenty years.78
79 Quark reaches the Age of Ascension and leaves Ferenginar. He does not return to the planet for twenty years.79
  People :  Quark
80 B'Elanna's father abandons her after his marriage breaks down.80
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
2352 Picture from 2352
81 Yar leaves Turkana IV.81
  People :  Natasha Yar
Quark works on a Ferengi freighter for eight years as ships cook.82
  People :  Quark
83 Worf kills a Human child during a soccer match.83
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
84 Dukat's daughter, Tora Ziyal, is born to the Bajoran Tora Naprem.84
  People :  Gul Dukat, Tora Ziyal
  Species :  Bajorans
85 Riker enters Starfleet Academy.85
  People :  William T. Riker
40 LaForge enters Starfleet Academy.40
  People :  Geordi LaForge
86 Deanna Troi enters Starfleet Academy, specialising in psychology.86
  People :  Deanna Troi
87 Jack Crusher is killed whilst serving on board the USS Stargazer as a result of orders issued by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.87
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Beverly Crusher, Wesley Crusher, Jack Crusher
88 Janeway played tennis while in high school, the last time prior to 2373 that she would play the game.88
  People :  Kathryn Janeway
89 Chakotay graduates from Starfleet Academy.90
  People :  Chakotay
91 Sisko graduates from Starfleet academy.91
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
92 Whilst Captain of the USS Stargazer, Captain Picard visits the planet Chalnoth.93
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
2355 Picture from 2355
94 Picard participates in the Battle of Maxia against a Ferengi vessel. Picard invents a new tactical ploy to win the battle, later dubbed the "Picard Manoeuvre". Although the enemy is defeated, the badly damaged Stargazer is abandoned and believed lost.94
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Ferengi
In accordance with standard procedure, Captain Picard is court martialled for the loss of the USS Stargazer. Captain Phillipa Lovouis prosecutes.95 During the trial Louvois, who is involved in a romantic relationship with Picard, uses private information from their relationship against him in her cross-examination. She is censured by the court for prosecutorial misconduct.96 Captain Picard is exonerated by the court martial. Louvois subsequently leaves Starfleet, feeling she has been forced out.95
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Captain Phillipa Louvois
97 Magnus and Erin Hansen are granted approval to research the Borg by the Federation Council on Exobiology and Starfleet. They set out in the Raven, a civilian deep space exploratory ship.98
  People :  Seven of Nine, Magnus Hansen, Erin Hansen
  Species :  Borg
99 Yar joins Starfleet Academy.99
  People :  Natasha Yar
100 Jake Sisko born.100
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Jake Sisko
101 Kira joins the Bajoran Resistance.101
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
  Species :  Bajorans
102 After some eight months of trying, Magnus and Erin Hansen locate a Borg cube and begin to track it. They will follow the cube for the next three years.98
  People :  Seven of Nine, Erin Hansen, Magnus Hansen
  Species :  Borg
Neelix works aboard a Trabalian freighter.103
  People :  Neelix
104 Kira helps to liberate the Cardassian slave labour camp Gallitep.104
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
105 Worf joins Starfleet Academy.105
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
106 Riker graduates from Starfleet Academy.106
  People :  William T. Riker
107 Riker is assigned to the Starship Pegasus.107
  People :  William T. Riker
40 LaForge graduates from Starfleet Academy.40
  People :  Geordi LaForge
107 Starship Pegasus believed destroyed during tests of the phase cloak system. Riker assists Captain Pressman to cover up the truth about the loss of the ship.107
  People :  William T. Riker
108 Deanna graduates Starfleet Academy.108
  People :  Deanna Troi
109 The Paradan civil war breaks out. It will last for at least the next twelve years.35
  Species :  Parada
110 The Borg cube the Hansens are tracking discovers and assimilates them. Their daughter, Annika, is placed into a maturation chamber.98
  People :  Seven of Nine, Erin Hansen, Magnus Hansen
  Species :  Borg
111 Kathryn Janeway's father, Admiral Janeway, dies by drowning.111
  People :  Kathryn Janeway
Neelix begins to work on a mining colony.112
  People :  Neelix
1 Riker and Deanna become romantically involved.1
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi
113 Yar graduates from Starfleet Academy113
  People :  Natasha Yar
114 Bashir enters Starfleet Academy Medical School.115
  People :  Julian Bashir
116 Riker is assigned to the planet Betazed.116
  People :  William T. Riker
  Species :  Betazoids
117 The civil war on Mordan IV, which has been raging since 2319, finally comes to an end with Karnas victorious.19
  People :  Admiral Mark Jameson


Year Event
118 An Erewon-class personnel transport named the Santa Maria sets out to transport a group of colonists to the planet Gemulon Five. The ship apparently develops problems with life support whilst on the way, and is forced to make a landing on a nearby planet. Once there the colonists find that a local duonetic field has neutralised all of their technology. They found a makeshift agrarian colony without the aid of technology.119

Unknown to the colonists their leader, a woman named Alixus, planned this scenario all along. The duonetic field is artificially generated by a system she planted on the planet, with the intent of forcing the colonists to live a life in keeping with her anti-technology philosophy. The colony will endure for another ten years until it is discovered by Commander Sisko and Chief O'Brien.119
  People :  Alixus
Quark opens a bar on DS9.120
  People :  Quark
Neelix buys his own ship and begins trading.74
  People :  Neelix
38 Data is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.121
  People :  Data
122 Admiral Mark Jameson, suffering the effects of Iverson's disease, becomes confined to a wheelchair. He will remain dependent on the chair for the next four years.19
  People :  Admiral Mark Jameson
2361 Picture from 2361
116 Riker is assigned to the Starship Potempkin.116
  People :  William T. Riker
116 Deanna and Riker break up.116
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi
123 Worf graduates from Starfleet Academy.123
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
116 A duplicate of Riker is created during a mission to the Nervala IV.116
  People :  William T. Riker
124 Geordi serves on the Starship Victory.124
  People :  Geordi LaForge
125 Beneath the capital city of Mordan IV, a tunnel passage is sealed off. The blockage will prove to be an obstacle to the Starfleet hostage rescue mission which uses the tunnels in 2364.19
126 Dukat places the Cardassian child Rugal into a Bajoran orphanage, hoping the boy will become an embarrassment for his father Kotan Pa'Dar, a political enemy of Dukat's.126
  People :  Gul Dukat
  Species :  Bajorans
127 The Setlik III Massacre takes place. This marks the first time that O'Brien has ever killed another person.128
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
2363 Picture from 2363
129 Odo and Dukat meet for the first time.129
  People :  Odo, Gul Dukat
130 Quark has a brief affair with Natima Lang, who admires him for illegally selling food to Bajorans. They break up when she finds he used her personal access codes to steal money.130
  People :  Quark
  Species :  Bajorans
131 Annika Hansen emerges from a five year spell in a Borg maturation chamber a a fully mature adult.132
  People :  Seven of Nine
  Species :  Borg
133 The USS Enterprise, NCC 1701-D, is launched.133
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Natasha Yar, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, Wesley Crusher
21 The USS Olympia leaves Federation space to conduct a long-duration exploration of the Beta Quadrant. The ship is commanded by Captain Lisa Cusak.21
  People :  Captain Lisa Cusak
2364 Picture from 2364Picture from 2364Picture from 2364Picture from 2364Picture from 2364Picture from 2364Picture from 2364Picture from 2364Picture from 2364Picture from 2364Picture from 2364
1 The USS Enteprise-D is commissioned. Joining the crew for the launch are Counsellor Deanna Troi, Tactical Officer Natasha Yar, Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Data, Lieutenant Worf, Chief O'Brien, and Captain Jean Luc Picard.1
  People :  Deanna Troi, Jean-Luc Picard, Data, Natasha Yar, Miles Edward O'Brien, Worf Rozhenko
1 Admiral McCoy makes an inspection of the Enterprise-D during her maiden voyage.1
  People :  Leonard H. McCoy
1 First Contact is made with the Q continuum when a Q stops the Enterprise and puts the crew on trial for the alleged crimes of humanity. Q agrees that the ship's current Farpoint mission will make a good test of whether humanity is currently worthy of being allowed space exploration.1
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Q
  Species :  Q
1 The Enterprise-D arrives at Deneb IV to inspect the Farpoint station. Beverly Crusher joins the ship as Chief Medical Officer. She brings her son Wesley to the ship with her. Also joining the ship are Commander William Riker and Lieutenant Geordi LaForge. The station is discovered to be a gigantic shape-shifting life-form which the native Bandi have imprisoned on the planet. With the help of the Enterprise crew, the creature is released.1
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Wesley Crusher, William T. Riker, Geordi LaForge
  Species :  Denebian, Space Jellyfish
43 The Enterprise-D arrives at a rendezvous with the USS Tsiolkovsky, which has been observing the collapse of a red giant star, to discover the entire crew dead. It is discovered that an infenction caused the crew to exhibit a loss of inhibition. The infection spreads to the Enterprise and incapacitates most of the crew, causing Lieutenant Yar to have a sexual liasion with Lieutenant Commander Data. The infection is ultimately overcome, though not before the Tsiolkovsky is lost in the collapse of the star.43
  People :  Data, Natasha Yar
134 The Enterprise-D visits Ligon II to bargain for supplies of a vaccine which is urgently needed to cure an outbreak of Anchilles Fever. Despite some difficulties involving local politics, the vaccine is succseefully acquired.134
  People :  Natasha Yar, Lutan
  Species :  Ligonian
135 The first official contact between the Federation and the Ferengi occurs when the Enterprise-D encounters a Ferengi vessel. Contact is also made with a remnant of the long-dead T'Kon Empire on Gamma Tauri IV.135
  Species :  Ferengi
136 The Enterprise-D meets with the USS Fearless to take aboard Kosinski, a Starfleet propulsion specialist who is upgrading Starship engines. Kosinski's exeriments on the ship result in incredible bursts of speed which throw it cast distances across the universe, largely due to the involvement of his assistant, the Traveller. The Traveller is ultimately able to return the Enterprise to the proper place.136
  People :  Kosinski, The Traveller
  Species :  Traveller
137 The Enterprise-D transports some Selay and Antican delegates to the neutral planet Parliment for a conference. Despite some complications, the mission is ultimately successful.137
  Species :  Selay, Antican
138 The Enterprise visits the planet Rubicun III, encountering the Edo species. Complications ensue when a member of the away team violates a local law, but Captain Picard is able to negotiate a solution.138
  People :  Wesley Crusher
  Species :  Edo
94 The Enterprise encounters a Ferengi ship at the Xendi Sabu whose commander, Bok, presents Captain Picard with a gift - the USS Stargazer, which had been believed lost in 2355. The gift proves to be a ruse, part of a plot by Bok to kill Picard. The plot is foiled by the Enterprise-D crew.94
  People :  DaiMon Bok, Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Ferengi
139 An accidental explosion results in mass casualties on the mining colony in the Sigma Three solar system.140
140 The Enterpise-D encounters Q for the second time. Q attempts to corrupt Commander Riker by offering him the powers of a Q. Although tempted, Riker ultimately refuses and Q leaves in defeat.140
  People :  William T. Riker, Q
  Species :  Q
141 The Enterprise-D is visiting the planet Haven when a Tarellians plague ship arrives. The ship eventually agrees to leave the planet, taking with them Wyatt Miller, a doctor and finace to Deanna Troi, who was aboard the ship.141
  People :  Deanna Troi
  Species :  Tarellian
142 The Enterprise meets with a Jarada ship. Despite some difficulties due to a holodeck malfunction, the meeting concludes successfully.142
  Species :  Jarada
38 The Enterprise visits Omicron Theta, the planet on which Lieutenant Commander Data was discovered in 2336. Another Android, Lore, is discovered and assembled on the colony. Lore is discovered to have a psychopathic personality, almost destroying the Enterprise by calling on a Crystalline Entity which destroyed the Omicron Theta colony. Lore is left adrift in space and the Entity driven off.38
  People :  Data, Lore
  Species :  Crystalline entity
143 The Enterprise visits the planet Angel One to investigate the loss of the freighter Odin in 2357. Survivors from the Odin are discovered living on the planet, and although they are regarded as dangerour rebels by the local authorities, Commander Riker is able to convince the leader of the planet to spare them the death penalty and instead exile them to a remote location on the planet.143
  People :  William T. Riker
  Species :  Angelian
144 The Bynar civilisation undergoes a catastrophic crash when a star in their system goes supernova, creating an electromagnetic pulse which disables all of their computer systems.145
  Species :  Bynars
145 The Bynars hijack the Enterprise-D, using the ship's computer to store a backup copy of their home planet's computer systems and return it to their planet. Captain Picard and Commander Riker are able to regain control of the Starship and restor function on the Bynar planet.145
  People :  William T. Riker
  Species :  Bynars
19 The Enterprise responds to a terrorist hostage crisis on Mordan IV, with Starfleet Admiral Mark Jameson acting as mission commander. The hostage crisis proves to be a ruse by the Mordan IV leader, who has a personal grudge against Jameson. Jameson dies due to an alien medication he used to restore his youth for the mission, and the crisis is resolved.19
  People :  Admiral Mark Jameson
  Species :  Mordanian
146 The Enterprise encounters the planet Aldea, long believed to be a myth. The Aldeans abduct several children from the ship, planning to use them as a basis to repopulate their planet. The Enterprise crew determine that the advanced technology of the Aldeans has rendered them extinct, and is able to recover the children and help the Aldeans begin to change their lives to cure the problem.146
  People :  Wesley Crusher
  Species :  Aldean
147 The Enterprise visits the terraforming station on Velara III. Whilst there contact is made with a silicon life form inhabiting the planet, which had been threatened by the terraforming efforts. The crew are able to negotiate a peace with the life form.147
  Species :  Microbrain
22 The Enterprise visits Relva III, where applicants for Starfleet Academy are to undergo final testing for admittance. Wesley Crusher participates, but fails the entrance exam. Whilst there the Enterprise crew is investigated by Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick, on the orders of Admiral Quinn.22
  People :  Wesley Crusher, Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick, Quinn, Jean-Luc Picard
148 Jadzia enters the Trill Initiate program.148
  People :  Dax
  Species :  Trill
105 The Enterprise-D encounters the wreck of the freighter Batris, rescuing the Klingon rebels from the ship. They subsequently attempt to hijack the Enterprise, and are killed in the attempt.105
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Klingons
149 The Enterprise-D visits the planet Minos, home to a massive arms industry. They discover than a powerful automated weapon developed on the planet has destroyed the civilisation there. Although the weapon attacks the Enterprise, they are able to disable it successfully.149
150 The Enterprise-D visits the Delos star system. An encounter with the inhabitants of the two habitable stars in the system, Brekka and Ornara, proves difficult when it is disovered that one planet has been engaged in a prolonged campaign of exploitation of the other. The Enterprise departs, leaving both groups to their problems.150
  Species :  Brekkian, Ornaran
151 Yar is killed at Vagra II by the entity known as Armus, while attempting to rescue crewmembers from a crashed shuttlecraft.151
  People :  Natasha Yar
  Species :  Armus
151 Worf is appointed as Chief Security Officer of the Enterprise-D.151
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
74 B'Elanna joins Starfleet Academy.74
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
152 The Enterprise-D investigates a "time slip" phenomenon, tracking a distress call to the Vandor system, location of the laboratory of Dr. Manheim. Manheim's experiments on time caused the time slips when an accident caused an explosion in his laboratory. The Enterprise crew are able to repair the damage. In the process, Jean-Luc Picard reconnects with an old romantic interest, now Manheim's wife.152
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Jenice Manheim
153 The Enterprise-D is diverted to the planet Dytallix B by a message from Walker Keel. Keel and several other Captains feel that something mysterious is going on at Starfleet command. Investigation shows that Starfleet has been infiltrated by a parasitic alien species. Captain Picard and Commander Riker are able to defeat the aliens.153
  People :  Walker Keel, Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Parasites
154 The Borg make their first attack on the Federation, destroying several outposts near the Romulan border. The Romulans re-establish diplomatic ties with the Federation.154
  Species :  Romulans, Humans, Borg
2365 Picture from 2365Picture from 2365Picture from 2365Picture from 2365Picture from 2365Picture from 2365Picture from 2365Picture from 2365Picture from 2365Picture from 2365
155 The Enterprise-D undergoes some changes to the senior staff; Doctor Beverly Crusher accepts a position as Chief of Starfleet Medical, with Doctor Pulaski replacing her on the Enterprise. Geordi LaForge is promoted to Chief Engineer.155
  People :  Beverly Crusher
155 The Enterprise-D encounters an energy being which, seeking to learn about corporeal life, impregnates Deanna Troi. She gives birth to a son, Ian Andrew, just hours later. Ian sacrifices his life and returns to non-corporeal existence when it is discovered that his presence is causing plasma plagues being transported by the ship to become active.155
  People :  Deanna Troi
156 The Enterprise-D encounters a "hole in space" and becomes trapped inside. The hole is revealed to be a testing ground in which an advanced life form experiments on the crew to observe their reactions to stress. Picard convinces the life form to release the ship by threatening to destroy it.156
  Species :  Nagilum
157 Data, Geordi, and Pulaski decide to test Data's ability to think creatively by creating a mystery in the style of Sherlock Holmes for him to solve. An apparently self-aware version of Professor Moriarty is created as a result. The crew resolve to search for a way to allow Moriarty to leave the holodeck.157
  People :  Data, Doctor Katherine Pulaski, Geordi LaForge
158 The Enterprise-D has an encounter with Thadiun Okona, an independent trader whose ship has become disabled. Despite becoming entangled in some local politics issues which Okona has stirred up, the crew are soon able to go about their business. As a result of his interactions with Okona, Data engages in a failed attempt to understand the concept of humour.158
  People :  Data, Thadiun Okona
  Species :  Straleb
159 The Enterprise transports the famous diplomatic negotiator, Riva, to Solais V, so that he can negotiate and end to the war raging there. The mission suffers a setback when Riva's chorus - a group who assist him with communication - ar killed. With the help of counsellor Troi, Riva determines to continue the negotiations anyway.159
  People :  Deanna Troi, Riva
  Species :  Solari
160 The Enterprise-D proceeds to Graves' World, home of the noted Federation scientist Dr. Ira Graves, in response to a distress call. The terminally ill Graves dies soon afterwards, but in an attempt to continue his existence he transfers his memory and personality to Data before dying. Data becomes increaingly erratic and even violent as a result, but the personality is eventually removed.160
  People :  Doctor Ira Graves, Data
161 The Enterprise discovers the USS Lantree drifting in space with the crew deceased. The cause is discovered to be infection originating with a group of genetically enhanced humans on the nearby Darwin genetic research station. The Enterprise is able to treat Doctor Pulaski when she is infected by the children. The Lantree is subsequently destroyed.161
  People :  Doctor Katherine Pulaski
162 Commander Riker transfers to the Klingon Bird of Prey Pagh as part of Starfleet's officer exchange program. Although a misunderstanding leads to potential conflict between the two ships, Riker is able to defuse the situation successfully.162
  People :  William T. Riker
  Species :  Klingons
95 The Enterprise-D visits Starbase 173. Whilst there Commander Bruce Maddox attempts to transfer Lieutenant Commander Data to his command so that he can experiment on the Android. In a historic ruling, JAG officer Captain Phillipa Louvois states that Data has individual rights which allow him to refuse to undergo the procedure.95
  People :  Data, Captain Phillipa Louvois
163 The Enterprise transports the young woman Salia from Klavdia III to Daled IV, where she will become the planetary ruler. During the trip she becomes close to Wesley Crusher.163
  People :  Wesley Crusher
  Species :  Allasomorph
164 The Enterprise-D responds to an urgent request for assistance from Captain Donald Varley of the USS Yamato, only for the Yamato to explode as the Enterprise arrives. Investigation shows that the Yamato had become infected with an advanced computer virus from an Iconian facility, a remnant of the long vanished Iconian civilisation. Although the Enterprise-D also becomes infected, they are able to remove the infection.164
  People :  Captain Donald Varley
  Species :  Iconian
165 The Enterprise-D discovers the remains of an ancient US spacecraft in orbit of Theta VIII, a planet far from Earth. Investigation shows that an alien spacecraft encountered and destroyed the ship, apparently by accident. They transported the lone survivor to the planet, where they created an environment for him based on a book he was reading. Although briefly trapped in the environment, the Enterprise away team is able to escape.165
166 The Enterprise-D encounters a temporal anomaly resulting in a time-loop. They are able to break free of the anomaly successfully.166
42 Kyle Riker visits the Enterprise-D; father to Will Riker and a former romantic interest of Pulaski, he is there to brief Will concerning a new Starship command he has been offered.42
  People :  William T. Riker, Doctor Katherine Pulaski
167 The Enterprise-D investigates the Selcundi Drema system, where planets appear to have been destroyed by an unknown process. An investigation led by Wesley Crusher - his first command - indicates that this is a result of massive dilithium deposits on the planets. Lieutenant Commander Data establishes communications contact with a native of one of the planets, a young girl, and the crew are able to stabilise her planet and prevent its destruction - in violation of the Prime Directive.167
  People :  Data, Sarjenka, Wesley Crusher
129 Kira kills a Bajoran named Vaatrik while on a mission on Deep Space Nine. Although Odo is ordered to investigate the crime by Gul Dukat, he is not able to discover the guilty party for another five years.129
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Odo, Pallra
  Species :  Bajorans
168 Dukat orders Odo to work as chief of security of Terok Nor.168
  People :  Odo, Gul Dukat
Q hurls the Enterprise-D some seven thousand light years through space to star system J-25. Whilst there the ship encounters the Borg collective, marking the official contact between the Federation and this species. Although Q terminates the encounter, the Borg send a ship towards Federation space.169
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Humans, Borg, Q, Humans
Captain Katherine Janeway completes her first Starship command assignment. Tuvok criticizes Janeway's performance in front of a panel of three Admirals.170
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Tuvok
171 Captain Picard visits the Starbase 515 medical facility for a routine replacement of his artificial heart. Whilst away, the Enterprise-D encounters a group of Pakled who are stealing technology from more advanced races. The Pakled kidnap Geordi LaForge in an attempt to make the Enterprise give up some advanced technology. The Enterprise crew is able to overcome the Pakled.171
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Pakled
172 The Enterprise-D responds to the distress call picked up from the SS Mariposa, which set out in 2123 to found two deep space colonies. Both are found to be in difficulty, but by combining the colonies, the Enterpise crew are able to forge a successful outcome.172
173 The Enterprise-D transports Lwaxana Troi to the Pacifica conference. Her telepathic abilities are able to reveal that the Antedean delegates intend to attack the conference with a bomb.173
  People :  Lwaxana Troi, Deanna Troi
  Species :  Antedean
174 The Enterprise picks up Federation Emmisary K'Ehleyr, who informs them that a Klingon cruiser which has been on a long duration mission with the crew in hibernation is soon to arrive back in Federation space. The crew are able to successfully convince the Klingons not to attack the nearby Federation outposts and begin the process of re-assimilating them into modern Klingon society.174
175 The Enterprise-D hosts Sirna Kolrami, who is to act as a referee for a battle exercise between the Starship and an old Constellation class vessel, the USS Hathaway. The exercise is interrupted when a Ferengi warship intervenes. Lieutenant Commander Data undergoes a crisis of confidence when Kolrami defeats him in a game of Strategema.175
  People :  Sirna Kolrami, Data, William T. Riker
  Species :  Zakdorn
176 Will Riker is infected with a parasite by a plant on Surata IV. Pulaski is able to defeat the parasite by provoking a series of negative memories in the unconscious Riker.176
  People :  William T. Riker, Doctor Katherine Pulaski
2366 Picture from 2366Picture from 2366Picture from 2366Picture from 2366Picture from 2366Picture from 2366Picture from 2366Picture from 2366Picture from 2366Picture from 2366Picture from 2366Picture from 2366
64 Dr. Beverly Crusher returns to the Enterprise-D to replace Doctor Pulaski as Chief Medical Officer.64
  People :  Beverly Crusher
64 Dr. Paul Stubbs comes aboard the Enterprise-D to study the Kavis Alpha neutron star. Wesley Crusher experiments with nanites, resulting in damage to the Enterprise's computer systems when they escape. The crew is able to resolve the problem in time for Dr. Stubbs to perform his experiments.64
  People :  Wesley Crusher, Doctor Paul Stubbs
  Species :  Nanites
177 The Enterprise-D is informed by the Sheliak that they intend to destroy the human colony on Tau Cygna V, as the planet lies within space which has been conceded to them by a Federation treaty. Lieutenant Commander Data is able to convince the colonists to evacuate the planet, whilst Captain Picard is able to convince the Sheliak to hold off on their attack long enough for the evacuation to take place.177
  People :  Data, Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Sheliak
178 The Enterprise-D arrives at Delta Rana IV, finding the planet devastated by an attack. Two individuals, Kevin and Rishon, apparently survived the attack - but further investigation proves that Kevin is a Douwd, and the lone survivor the attack by a species called the Husnock - a species Kevin has utterly destroyed.178
  People :  Kevin Uxbridge, Rishon Uxbridge
  Species :  Douwd, Husnock
179 The Federation duck blind on Mintaka III is disabled by an accident, resulting in cultural contamination of the Mintakan natives. The situation is complicated when the Enterprise intervenes, resulting in further contamination. Captain Picard is eventually able to resolve the situation.179
  Species :  Mintakan
45 Enterprise-D crewmember Marla Aster is killed by a landmine whilst on an away mission. A member of the Koinonian species, who had originally planted the mines, impersonates the woman and attempts to offer herself as a replacement mother to her son, Jeremy Aster. The crew are eventually able to convince the Koinonian that Jeremy should be left to grieve for his mother, and the alien returns to her planet. In the aftermath Worf and Jeremy perform the R'uustai ritual, which makes Jeremy formally Worf's adoptive brother and a permanent part of his family.45
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Jeremy Aster, Lieutenant Marla Aster
  Species :  Koinonian
180 The Enterprise-D investigates the remains of Orelious IX and discovers an intact Promellian battlecruiser. The Starship becomes ensnared in the same booby trap which caught the alien vessel more than a thousand years ago. Geordi LaForge eventually arrives at a method of escape, with the help of a holographic recreation of Leah Brahms, one of the original designers of the Enterprise-D.180
  People :  Geordi LaForge, Doctor Leah Brahms
  Species :  Promellian, Menthar
181 The wreckage of a Romulan scout ship and an injured Romulan survior are discovered on Galornden Core, a planet in Federation space. Lieutenant Commander LaForge is trapped on the planet when the away team beam up; Captain Picard refuses to return the Romulan to his government until his investigation is complete and LaForge found. The Romulan's condition is worsened when Lieutenant Worf refuses to donate blood for his treatment, which ultimately causes the Romulan prisoner to die in Federation custody. Although this heightens tensions with the Romulans, Picard is able to diffuse the situation.181
  People :  Geordi LaForge, Colonel Worf
  Species :  Romulans
182 The Federation hosts negotiations for control of the Barzan wormhole, the only stable wormhole known at this time. Although the Federation is defeated by Devinoni Ral in the negotiations, the wormhole subsequently proves to be stable only at this end, making it effectively useless. In the process of investigating the wormhole, two Ferengi officers are stranded in the Delta Quadrant when the exit shifts. Counsellor Troi enjoys a brief romantic relationship with Ral, which she breaks off when it becomes clear that he is engaging in dishonest tactics to win the negotiations.182
  People :  Deanna Troi, Devinoni Ral, Koll, Doctor Arridor
  Species :  Ferengi, Takarian
58 B'Elanna leaves Starfleet Academy after several rows with her tutors.58
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
15 In the aftermath of the Gatherer raid on a Federation facility, the Enterprise-D seeks to reintegrate the Gatherers with their original home on Acamar. The mission is complicated when the Acamarian leader, Marouk, proves to have a servant in her employ with a vendetta against the Gatherers. The servant, Yuta, is eventually discovered and killed by Commander Riker.15
  People :  William T. Riker, Yuta, Sovereign Marouk
  Species :  Acamarian
12 Romulan Admiral Jarok defects to the Federation, bringing warning that the Romulan Empire has built a secret military base in the neutral zone. Jarok proves to be acting on disinformation given to him by Romulan intelligence to test his loyalty and set a trap for the Enterprise-D. Captain Picard is able to resolve the situation peacefully with a ruse of his own. In the aftermath, Jork commits suicide.12
  People :  Admiral Jarok
  Species :  Romulans
183 The Enterprise-D visits Angosia III, a planet which is applying for Federation membership. Whilst there it is discovered that the Angosian government has been denying basic human rights to a group of former soldiers whose minds and bodies were enhanced to make them into idealised soldiers. Captain Picard leaves the local government to resolve the problem, stating that they will make good membership candidates if they survive the process.183
  People :  Roga Danar, Nayrok
  Species :  Angosian
184 The Enterprise-D visits Rutia IV to deliver medical supplies to the planet, which is in the grip of a terrorist insurgency. Although the Enterprise falls victim to several terroris attack and two officers are abducted, the crew are eventually able to determine the location of the terrorist base and launch a successful attack on it.184
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Kyril Finn, Alexana Devos
  Species :  Rutian
185 The USS Enterprise-D is responding to a distress call from Bre'el IV, where a moon is falling out of orbit towards the surface of the planet. The mission is complicated when Q appears on the Enterprise bridge, stripped of his powers by the continuum for his various trouble-causing actions across the universe. After a brief but eventful stay he manages to convince the continuum to return his powers, correcting the moon's orbit as he leaves.185
  People :  Q, Doctor Garin
  Species :  Q, Bre'el
186 A well known Soccer player called Golanga hurts his knee. It is replaced with a bio-implant, but he is never as good a player afterwards and quits the game.119
187 Alexander is born, son of Worf and K'Ehleyr.188
  People :  Alexander Rozhenko, Colonel Worf, K'Ehleyr
189 The Federation's Krieger Wave research facility is destroyed in an explosion as an Enterprise-D away team beam away from it. Commander Riker is accused of deliberately destroying the station to cover up an attempted rape of the wife of Dr. Apgar, the facility's director. Detailed investigation proves that in fact Dr. Apgar himself was responsible for the destruction of the station, the accidental result of an attempt to murder Commander Riker.189
  People :  Doctor Nel Apgar, Manua Apgar, Chief Investigator Krag, William T. Riker
  Species :  Tanugan
190 Barclay transfers to the USS Enterprise-D from the USS Zhukov.191
  People :  Reginald Barclay
51 The Enterprise-D investigates a temporal anomaly. Although it appears for a moment that a Starship is emerging from the anomaly, the sensor reading vanishes. The ship continues on its way. Guinan suspects that perhaps more has transpired than it appears.51
  People :  Guinan, Natasha Yar, Lieutenant Richard Castillo, Captain Rachel Garrett
192 Data builds a daughter named Lal. Starfleet Admiral Haftel attempts to sieze control of Lal, but the issue becomes moot when she undergoes a catastrophic failure in her positronic brain and dies.192
  People :  Data, Lal, Admiral Haftel
175 Klingon officer, Kurn, arrives on the Enterprise to take over as First Officer under Starfleet's officer exchange program. Kurn proves to be Worf's brother, whose identity has been kept secret since he survived the Khittomer massacre in 2346. Kurn and Worf travel to the Klingon home world in an attempt to clear their father's name after he is blamed for the massacre. Worf ultimately decides to allow his family to take the blame in order to preserve the political unity of the Empire, and accepts Discommendation.193
  People :  Colonel Worf, Kurn, Duras, K'mpec
  Species :  Klingons
93 Captain Picard is briefly abducted from the Enterprise-D and replaced with an alien copy. Picard is eventually able to escape confinement and return to the ship.93
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
84 Dukat sends his Bajoran mistress and their daughter to Lissepia on the Ravinok. The vessel vanishes on route to the planet.84
  People :  Gul Dukat
  Species :  Bajorans
194 Captain Picard visits Raisa for a vacation. His plans are complicated when he meets Vash and Sovak, who are both determined to gain possession of an artifact from the future, the Tox'utat. Matters are even further complicated when a pair of Vorgons from the future arrive to claim the Utat. Picard denies all sides by destroying the device.194
  People :  Vash, Sovak, Jean-Luc Picard, Boratus, Ajur
  Species :  Vorgon, Ferengi
195 The Enterprise-D transports Tam Elbrun, a telepathic Betazoid and former patient of Deanna Troi. Elbrun's mission is to communicate with 'Tin Man', an alien creature which appears to be a living Starship. Elbrun is eventually able to forge a relationship with the creature, and the two depart together.195
  People :  Tam Elbrun, Deanna Troi
  Species :  Gomtuu
191 The Enterprise-D transports a set of tissue samples donated by the Mikulaks to Nahmi Four in hopes of using them to help contain an outbreak of Correllium Fever there. Contaimination from the samples causes several systems failures aboard the ship. The situation is resolved with the help of engineer Lieutenant Barclay, who is able to arrive at a solution despite suffering from severe shyness, social ineptitude, and a mild case of holodiction.191
  People :  Reginald Barclay
  Species :  Mikulak
196 Trader and collector of rare items, Kivas Fajo, stages an elaborate deception in order to kidnap Lieutenant Commander Data to add to his collection. The Enterprise crew are able to see through the deception and recover Data. Fajo is arrested, and his collection broken up and returned to their rightful owners.196
  People :  Kivas Fajo, Data, Varria
  Species :  Zibalian
197 The Enterprise-D transports Ambassador Sarek to take part in the Legarans conference, which he has been working towards since 2273. Sarek's participation is threatened when it is discovered that he is suffering from Bendi syndrome. A mind meld with Captain Picard allows Sarek to complete his mission.197
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Sarek, Spock
  Species :  Vulcans
198 Lwaxana and Deanna Troi are kidnapped by DaiMon Tog, a Ferengi. They are subsequently rescued by Captain Picard, with assistance from Wesley Crusher. Crusher's participation causes him to miss his transport to Starfleet Academy, forcing him to remain on the Enterprise. Captain Picard grants Wesley a field promotion to full Ensign.198
  People :  Deanna Troi, Lwaxana Troi, Wesley Crusher
  Species :  Ferengi
199 Harry Kim enters Starfleet academy.199
  People :  Harry Kim
200 Picard is captured by the Borg and forced to become a member of the collective.200 He manages to relay information to the crew of the Enterprise-D which allows the Borg to be defeated by Riker whilst he is commanding the Enterprise-D in Picard's place.201
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker
  Species :  Borg
202 The Enterprise picks up a badly wounded alien, whom they nickname 'John Doe" as he has no memory of his identity. John proves to be a member of the Zalkonian species, which is in the process of evolving to a non-corporeal state. Despite some interference from a Zalkonian warship, John successfully completes the transformation.202
  People :  'John Doe'
  Species :  Zalkonians
2367 Picture from 2367Picture from 2367Picture from 2367Picture from 2367Picture from 2367Picture from 2367Picture from 2367Picture from 2367Picture from 2367Picture from 2367Picture from 2367
201 The Battle of Wolf 359 occurs. Thirty nine Federation Starships and eleven thousand personnel are lost in the battle. In the aftermath, the Enterprise manages to rescue Captain Picard and use his link to the Borg collective to destroy the ship.201
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, Wesley Crusher, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
  Species :  Borg, Humans
61 Captain Picard visits the family home in La Barre, France. Whilst there he is able to reconcile the long-standing feud with his brother and begin the process of recovering from his experiences with the Borg.61
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Rene Picard, Robert Picard
203 Acting under the compulsion of a homing signal built into his program, Lieutenant Commander Data hijacks the Enterprise-D and takes it to the planet Terlina III, where Professon Noonien Soong is discovered to still be alive. Soong offers Data a chip designed to allow him to experience emotions. Lore also answers the call; the psychotic android steals the chip and kills Soong.203
  People :  Data, Doctor Noonien Soong, Lore
204 The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a disabled Talarian vessel. Amongst the crew they find Jono, a human boy. DNA analysis reveals him to be Jeremiah Rossa, a child abducted from a human colony in 2353 after a Talarian attack. Captain Picard eventually returns Jono to his adopted father, Endar.204
  People :  Jono, Admiral Connaught Rossa, Endar
  Species :  Talarian
205 The Enterprise visits a Starbase 74. Whilst there an experiment run by Wesley Crusher traps his mother Beverly Crusher in a warp bubble. Wesley is able to rescue his mother with the help of The Traveller.205
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Wesley Crusher, The Traveller
  Species :  Traveller
81 The Enterprise-D responds when the Federation freighter Arcos explodes in orbit of Turkana IV, rescuing the survivors from the lawless colony located on the planet. The mission is assisted by Ishara Yar, the sister of Natasha Yar and a member of one of the gangs running the colony. Ishara proves to be attempting to manipulate the situation for her gang's benefit. The Enterprise crew are able to foil the plot.81
  People :  Ishara Yar, Data
188 Chancellor K'mpec and K'Ehleyr meet the Enterprise-D in space. K'mpec is near death, assassinated by poison. K'Ehleyr brings her son, Alexander, with her so that he can meet his father, Worf, for the first time. K'Ehleyr is murdered by Duras soon afterwards during the rituals of succession to the Chancellorship; Worf kills Duras in retaliation. Alexander is sent to live with Worf's parents on Earth.188
  People :  Alexander Rozhenko, K'Ehleyr, Duras, Gowron, K'mpec, Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Klingons
188 With the death of Duras, Gowron is appointed Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.188
  People :  Duras, Gowron
  Species :  Klingons
206 Commander Riker is abducted by an alien child, Barash. Although subjected to a variety of illusions by Barash, Riker is ultimately able to break free.206
  People :  Barash/Jean-Luc/Ethan, William T. Riker
207 Wesley Crusher accompanies Captain Picard and Dirgo on a mission to Pentarus V. The three are marooned on a barren planet when their shuttle crashlands. Ensign Crusher is able to access a local water source through the forcefield and defence system protecting it, keeping Picard alive until rescue arrives. Subsequently, he departs for Starfleet Academy.207
  People :  Wesley Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard, Dirgo
208 Deanna temporarily loses her empathic ability as the Enterprise-D becomes mired in a swarm of 2 Dimensional beings. When the ship breaks free, she regains her empathic sense.208
  People :  Deanna Troi
  Species :  Two-Dimensional Creature
209 Lieutenant Commander Data agrees to record the events of a typical day aboard the Enterprise-D for Commander Maddox. The events of the day include a standoff with the Romulans, a birth in sickbay, and the marriage of Miles O'Brien and Keiko Ishikawa.209
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien, Keiko O'Brien, Data, Commander Bruce Maddox
210 Bashir graduates from Starfleet Academy, second in his class.115
  People :  Julian Bashir
128 Captain Picard is assigned to regain control of the USS Pheonix after the Captain, Ben Maxwell, enters Cardassian space and begins attacking shipping there. Maxwell agrees to return to the Federation to face the consequences of his actions.128
  People :  Captain Benjamin Maxwell, Miles Edward O'Brien, Gul Macet
  Species :  Cardassians
211 The Enterprise-D visits Ventax II, to find the population in the grip of panic over the imminent return of a mythological devil-figure, Ardra. Although Ardra does indeed appear, Picard is able to demonstrate that she is actually a con-artist attempting to fool the planet.211
  People :  Ardra
  Species :  Ventaxian
212 Curzon dies, Jadzia joined to the Dax symbiont.212
  People :  Dax
213 Whilst investigating a nebula the Enterprise apparently falls through a wormhole, rendering the crew briefly unconscious and causing them to skip two days in time. Unknown to all but Lieutenant Commander Data, the ship actually encounters a powerful isolationist species called the Paxans during this time. The crew agree to have their memories of the incident erased by the Paxans, and Data agrees to conceal his own knowledge of the events.213
  People :  Data
  Species :  Paxan
214 Commander Riker is injured in a riot whilst undercover on Malcor III. The accident results in an unplanned first contact with the Federation and the Malcorians. Although Riker is successfully rescued, the Malcorian leader chooses to decline further contact with the Federation. Malcorian minister for science, Mirasta Yale, leaves with the Enterprise.214
  People :  Mirasta Yale, Chancellor Avel Durken, William T. Riker
  Species :  Malcorian
215 The Enterpise-D becomes trapped in a Tyken's rift. Also trapped in the rift is a telepathic alien species who unknowingly block the Enterprise crew from being able to dream, gradually eroding their rationality. Counsellor Troi is able to make telepathic contact with the aliens and working together both ships are able to ecape the rift.215
  People :  Deanna Troi
124 Members of the away team which visited the planet Tarchannen III in 2362 begin to vanish. Investigation shows that the team was infected by an alien species whilst on the planet, and are transforming into members of the alien race. Geordi LaForge and Susanna Leijten, both members of the away team, are saved from the transformation process.124
  People :  Geordi LaForge, Susanna Leijten
  Species :  Tarchannen parasites
216 Whilst the Enterprise-D investigates problems with the Argus Array, they crew encounter a Cytherian probe; Lieutenant Barclay finds that the probe has massively boosted his I.Q. and self confidence, ultiamtely allowing him to transport the ship to the centre of the galaxy. There his I.Q. boost is reversed and the ship spends several days learning about the Cytherians before being returned.216
  People :  Reginald Barclay
  Species :  Cytherian
217 Q recreates the legend of Robin Hood with the Enterprise-D senior officers in the outlaw roles, in order to force Captain Picard to admit that he is in love with Vash.217
  People :  Q, Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, Vash
  Species :  Q
218 Admiral Satie arrives aboard the Enterprise-D to investigate the recent explosion on board. A Klingon travelling on the ship, J'Dan, is quickly revealed as a spy, but Satie becomes convinced that there is a massive conspiracy afoot. Picard is able to convince Admiral Henry to put an end to the increasingly fanatical investigation.218
  People :  Admiral Norah Satie, Admiral Thomas Henry, Jean-Luc Picard, Crewman Simon Tarses, J'Dan
219 The Enterprise-D hosts Timicin, a scientist from the planet Kaelon, who is experimenting with methods to re-ignite a dying star. Whist on board Timicin meets and falls in love with Lwaxana Troi. Unfortunately the relationship proves doomed, as Timicin has reached the age at which members of his society are expected to commit ritual suicide.219
  People :  Lwaxana Troi, Doctor Timicin
  Species :  Kaelon
220 The Enterprise-D transports the Trill Ambassador, Odan, to the planet Peliar Zel where he is to resolve a dispute between the planet's moons. When Odan is fatally injured in an attack on his shuttle, examination reveals that Odan lives in a symbiotic relationship with another species which he carries inside him. As the host body dies, Riker agrees to carry the symbiote for the time needed to complete this mission. Beverly Crusher, who had been in a romantic relationship with Odan, struggles with the changes of host and finally ends the relationship.220
  People :  Ambassador Odan, Beverly Crusher, William T. Riker
  Species :  Trill, Peliar-zelian
221 Geordi LaForge is kidnapped by Romulans whilst on the way to a conference. Brainwashed, he is returned to the Enterprise-D as part of a plot to stir conflict between the Federation and the Klingon Empire over the Klingon colony of Krios. The plot is foiled and Klingon Ambassador Kell's part in it revealed. In the aftermath, Counsellor Troi assists LaForge in recovering from the experience.221
  People :  Ambassador Kell, Geordi LaForge, Deanna Troi
  Species :  Klingons, Romulans
222 The Enterprise explores a nebula, finding it to be filled with pockets of dark matter. The ship is ultimately able to escape, although a crewmember is killed whilst in the nebula. During this period Lieutenant Commander Data and crewmember Jenna D'Sora attempt a brief romantic involvement, which ends unhappily for her.222
  People :  Lieutenant Jenna D'Sora, Data
72 Gowron is confirmed as leader of the Klingon High Council. The Klingon civil war begins when the Duras family challenges Gowron. Worf resigns his Starfleet commission in order to join Gowrons side in the war.72
  People :  Gowron, Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Klingons
223 Leah Brahms visits the Enterprise-D to discuss the modifications made to the ship by Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge. Despite some initial personality clashes, the two become friends whilst dealing with an alien life form which attaches itself to the ship.223
  People :  Geordi LaForge, Doctor Leah Brahms
  Species :  Space Whale
2368 Picture from 2368Picture from 2368Picture from 2368Picture from 2368Picture from 2368Picture from 2368Picture from 2368Picture from 2368Picture from 2368Picture from 2368Picture from 2368Picture from 2368
55 After discovering that the Romulans are assisting the Duras family, Starfleet sends a fleet to the Romulan-Klingon border commanded by Captain Picard. The fleet is successful in preventing Romulan border crossings. Gowron's forces defeat the Duras family, although the sisters Lursa and B'Etor escape.55
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Gowron, Lursa, B'Etor, Sela, Toral, Kurn
  Species :  Romulans, Klingons, Humans
55 Worf's family honour is restored by Gowron in return for his services during the Klingon civil war. He returns to Starfleet.55
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Worf Rozhenko, Kurn
  Species :  Klingons
224 The Enterprise-D meets a Tamarian ship. All efforts to forge a relationship with the Tamarians have previously proved impossible, as their language appears incomprehensible. Captain Picard is able to overcome the language issue and successfully arrive at an understanding with the Tamarians.224
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Captain Dathon
  Species :  Tamarians
225 Ensign Ro Laren joins the crew of the Enterprise in order to take part in a mission to contact a Bajoran terrorist group who recently attacked a Federation colony on Solarion IV and negotiate to prevent further attacks. The mission proves to be a ruse by Starfleet Admiral Kennelly, who is working with the Cardassians in order to eliminate the group. Captain Picard is able to overcome the ruse. In the aftermath, Ensign Ro joins the crew permanently.225
  People :  Ro Laren, Jean-Luc Picard, Admiral Kennelly
  Species :  Bajorans, Cardassians
226 The Crystalline Entity attacks and destroys the Federation colony on Melona IV. The Enterprise-D is able to track down the creature with the help of Dr. Kila Marr, a Federation scientist whose son was killed by the creature on Omicron Theta. Although Captain Picard seeks to establish communication with the Crystalline Entity, Dr. Marr instead destroys it.226
  People :  Doctor Kila Marr
  Species :  Crystalline entity
227 The Enterprise-D is badly damaged by a quantum filament, forcing Deanna Troi to assume temporary command. Miles and Keiko O'Brien's daughter, Molly O'Brien, is delivered in the ten-forward lounge by Worf.227
  People :  Deanna Troi, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Keiko O'Brien, Molly O'Brien
228 The Ktarians attempt to infiltrate and subvert Starfleet by introducing an addictive and mind-altering game to the crew of the USS Enterprise-D. Although initially successful, the visiting Wesley Crusher is able to overcome the effect on the crew with the help of Ensign Lefler and Data.228
  People :  Robin Lefler, Wesley Crusher, Data
  Species :  Ktarians
229 Spock goes to Romulus without authorisation in order to work undercover toward the goal of re-unification. Captain Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data are sent to Romulus in a Klingon Bird of Prey to investigate.229
  People :  Spock, Jean-Luc Picard, Data
  Species :  Romulans, Vulcans
230 Captain Picard is able to make contact with Ambassador Spock on Romulus and, with his help, warn the Federation of a Romulan plot to invade Vulcan. With this warning, the Enterprise-D is able to turn back the invasion force. The success is tempered by the death of Spock's father, Sarek, who has long been suffering from Bendi syndrome.230
  People :  Spock, Sarek, Sela, Jean-Luc Picard, Data
  Species :  Romulans, Vulcans
231 The Enterprise-D attempts to revert environmental devastation caused by an asteroid impact on Penthara IV. Initial efforts only make matters worse, but the ship is eventually able to use an innovative technique to resolve the crisis. Matters are complicated by the presence of Professor Berlinghoff Rasmussen, who claims to be a historian visiting from the future to study the Enterprise's mission.231
  People :  Berlingoff Rasmussen, Hal Moseley
232 Worf's son Alexander returns to the Enterprise-D to live with him.232
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Alexander Rozhenko
232 The Enterprise-D observes Doctor Ja'Dar's attempt to conduct a soliton wave-based warp flight. Although initially successful, the flight ends in near disaster when the soliton wave runs out of control. The ship is ultimately able to dissipate the wave.232
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Alexander Rozhenko
  Species :  Bilanan
233 The USS Vico is wrecked whilst attempting to navigate a black cluster. The only survivor is a young boy named Timothy.233
  People :  Timothy
233 The Enterprise-D investigates the loss of the USS Vico, rescuing one survivor, Timothy, from the wreck. Timothy is able to assist the ship in avoiding the effects of the black cluster which wrecked the Vico.233
  People :  Timothy
234 Garak is exiled to Terok Nor.234
  People :  Elim Garak
235 While transporting Ullian delegates to Kaldra IV, Enterprise-D crew members begin suffering mysterious telepathic assaults. One of the Ullians, Jev, proves to be responsible.235
  People :  Jev, Inad, Tarmin, Deanna Troi
  Species :  Ullian
236 The Enterprise-D tracks a stellar core fragment through the Moab system. In the process, a human colony is discovered on Moab IV. Planted in 2168, the colony is dedicated to using genetic engineering to produce the perfect society. The Enterprise-D is able to assist the colony in surviving the passage of the fragment, but in the process a large group of the colonists request transport away from their environment, wishing to rejoin the rest of the human race. Matters are complicated when Deanna Troi has a brief affair with the colony leader.236
  People :  Deanna Troi, Aaron Conor, Hannah Bates
  Species :  Humans
41 The Enterprise-D crew have their memories wiped by a Satarran, part of a deception aimed at involving them in the Satarran's war with the Lysians. The crew are able to overcome the deception, though not until a Lysian warship is destroyed.41
  Species :  Lysian, Satarran
237 Miles O'Brien's mother dies.35
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
238 The Enterprise visits a moon of Mab-Bu VI. Several crewmembers - Deanna Troi, Data, Miles O'Brien - are possessed by the personalities of prisoners placed on the moon by the Ux-Mal race. The prisoners attempt to possess the rest of the crew, but are thwarted.238
  People :  Deanna Troi, Miles Edward O'Brien, Data
  Species :  Ux-Mal
239 Lieutenant Worf is paralysed when a cargo container falls on him, injuring his spine. He is able to take advantage of a new gentronic prodedure developed by Doctor Toby Russell to repair the damage, despite flaws in the procedure and what Dr. Crusher regards as dubious ethical practices by Dr. Russel.239
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Doctor Toby Russell, Beverly Crusher
240 The Enterprise-D assists the J'Naii in locating a lost shuttlecraft. Commander Riker falls in love with Soren, one of the J'Naii. The relationship violates J'Naii cultural norms, leading to Soren being medically modified to remove her affection for him.240
  People :  Soren, William T. Riker
  Species :  J'Naii
241 The Enterprise-D becomes trapped in a repeating time loop involving a collision with the USS Bozeman, thrown through time from the year 2278. The lope is eventually broken.241
  People :  Captain Morgan Bateson
6 Starfleet Cadets Nicholas Locarno, Wesley Crusher, Sito Jaxa, Joshua Albert, and Jean Hajar attempt to perform the forbidden and highly dangerous Kolvoord Starburst manoeuvre, resulting in the loss of all five of their ships and the death of Joshua Albert. In the aftermath, the Cadets participate in a cover-up of the incident. Nicholas Locarno ultimately confesses and takes full responsibility in order to spare his team-mates. He is expelled from the Academy, whilst the others are made to repeat the academic year.6
  People :  Wesley Crusher, Nicholas Locarno, Sito Jaxa, Cadet Second Class Jean Hajar
242 Lwaxana is engaged to Minister Campio; the engagement is broken when she arrives naked for the wedding.242
  People :  Lwaxana Troi, Minister Campio
243 The Enterprise-D transports Ambassador Briam and Kamala to negotiations aimed at ending the war between the Kriosian and Valtese people - negotiations which include Kamala taking part in an arranged marriage with the Valtese leader, Alrik. Although romantic feelings develop between Picard and Kamala, she decides to procede with the wedding.243
  People :  Chancellor Alrik, Kamala, Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Valtese, Kriosians
244 The Enterprise-D encounters a non-corporeal species whilst investigating the FGC-47 nebula. Although initially hostile due to what they percieve as mistreatment of children by the adults on the ship, the misunderstanding is eventually resolved.244
  People :  Clara Sutter
245 The Enterprise-D investigates a crashed spacecraft, discovering it to be a Borg ship. A single survivor, 3rd of 5, is recovered from the wreck. Nicknamed Hugh by the crew, the drone begins to develop signs of individuality. He chooses to be returned to the collevtive so as to avoid danger to the Enterprise-D crew.245
  People :  Hugh
  Species :  Borg
246 The Enterprise-D assists a disabled Romulan vessel. It is discovered that the ship was testing a new phase cloaking device, which briefly causes Geordi LaForge and Ro to become phased. They are able to recover from the effect.246
  People :  Geordi LaForge, Ro Laren
  Species :  Romulans
The Enterprise-D encounters the Kataanian probe which has been drifting through space for the last thousand years. The probe implants into Captain Picard memories covering a lifetime as a Kataanian citizen, in an attempt to preserve knowledge of their way of life.247
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Kataanians
248 Data's head is discovered in a cave under San Francisco, apparently left there approximately 500 years before. Analysis of artefacts found near the head suggest that they originate from Devidia II in the Marrab sector. Whilst investigating the planet, Data discovers that alien life forms are travelling back in time to Earth in order to prey on the inhabitants. The android is thrown back in time to the nineteenth century. The Enterprise's senior crew follow him back in time.248
  People :  Data
2369 Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369Picture from 2369
249 Data's head is severed from his body as he returns to the present from 19th century Earth. Geordi LaForge attaches the head found under San Francisco to his body successfully. The Enterprise crew is successful in destroying the aliens on Devidia II.249
  People :  Data, Geordi LaForge
17 Barclay rescues the survivors of the USS Yosemite, facing his fear of transporters in the process.17
  People :  Reginald Barclay
250 The Enterprise-D rescues Ambassador Ves Alkar from an attack on the transport ship Dorian and undertakes to transport him to Seronia. The Ambassador uses a telepathic device to transmit his negative emotions into Counsellor Troi, harming her physically and mentally. The crew are able to sever the link, killing the Ambassador.250
  People :  Ambassador Ves Alkar, Deanna Troi
  Species :  Lumerian
251 The Enterprise-D discovers the transport ship Jenolan crashlanded on a Dyson Sphere. Captain Scott is recovered from the ship, having been in stasis since 2294. Captain Scott subsequently sets off in a shuttlecraft for parts unknown.251
  People :  Montgomery Scott
252 The Enterprise-D discover that a species from a subspace universe is abducting and experimenting on members of the crew. They are able to prevent further abductions.252
  Species :  Solanae
87 Amanda Rogers visits the Enterprise-D. Whilst there Q appears on the ship and informs her that she is actually a member of the Q continuum. Despite initial misgivings, Amanda returns to the continuum with Q.87
  People :  Q, Amanda Rogers
  Species :  Q
253 A transporter accident reduces Captain Picard, Guinan, and Ensign Ro to physical childhood. As the crew attempt to deal with the situation, a group of Ferendi are able to capture the ship. Fortunately the crew are able to regain command and return their crewmates back to normal.253
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Guinan, Ro Laren
  Species :  Ferengi
254 A holodeck malfunction briefly traps Lieutenant Worf and Commander Troi in a holodeck with Alexander. They are eventually able to escape.254
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Deanna Troi, Alexander Rozhenko
255 The Enterprise-D visits the particle fountain mining project on Tyrus VIIA to conduct an assessment. Whilst there it becomes clear that the Exocomp repair robots which the project director Dr. Farallon has created may well have achieved sentience.255
  People :  Doctor Farallon
  Species :  Exocomp
256 Admiral Nechayev relieves Captain Picard of his command and assigns him, Lieutenant Worf and Dr. Crusher to a mission to infiltrate Celtris III. Picard is captured on the mission.256
  People :  Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Worf Rozhenko, Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard
257 Captain Jellico, in temporary command of the Enterprise-D, mines the McAllister nebula to force a Cardassian fleet hiding there to surrender. He orders Captain Picard's release. Picard subsequently returns to the Enterprise-D.257
  People :  Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Worf Rozhenko, Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard, Edward Jellico
32 The Cardassians retreat from the Bajoran system, abandoning the Terok Nor ore processing facility in orbit of the planet. The Bajoran Provisional Government asks Starfleet to take over the running of the station.32
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark
  Species :  Bajorans, Cardassians
32 Kira is assigned to Deep Space Nine as second in command.32
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
32 Odo begins working for Starfleet when they take over the station and rename it Deep Space Nine.32
  People :  Odo
32 O'Brien is transferred to Deep Space Nine as Chief of Operations.32
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
32 Sisko is assigned to command Deep Space Nine. He persuades Quark to remain on the station despite the precarious political situation.32
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Quark
32 Bashir is assigned as Chief Medical Officer of Deep Space Nine.32
  People :  Julian Bashir
32 Jadzia is assigned to Deep Space Nine.32 She and Commander Sisko discover the a stable wormhole in the Bajoran system's Denorios belt. The wormhole has existed for at least 10,000 years in a stable state, apparently due to the influence of aliens who live within it. Sisko is successful in convincing the wormhole aliens to allow traffic to use the wormhole.258
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Dax
  Species :  Bajorans
259 Tahna Los, a member of the Bajoran Kohn-Ma terrorist organisation, arrives on Deep Space Nine. His presence proves to be part of a mission to destroy the Bajoran wormhole. The station crew are able to defeat the plan and take Tahna into custody.259
  People :  Tahna Los
  Species :  Bajorans
260 Ibudan, a black market smuggler during the Bajoran occupation, is warned to leave Deep Space Nine by Constable Odo. Shortly afterwards Ibudan is found murdered, apparnty by Odo. Although public opinion on the station turns against the Constable, it is eventually proved that Ibudan cloned a cope of himself and killed him to frame Odo.260
  People :  Odo, Ibudan
261 An old Bajoran booby trap placed on Deep Space Nine during the occupation causes a large portion of the station to exhibit severe aphasia. Major Kira is able to track down the creator of the device and reverse the effect.261
262 The sentient hologram Moriarty, which Lieutenant Commander Data created by accident in 2365, is activated again. He attempt to sieze control of the Enterprise-D in order to force the crew to devote their energies to finding a way to give him permanent form. The crew are able to fool him into thinking he has achieved his goal.262
  People :  Professor James Moriarty
263 Tosk, the first Gamma quadrant alien to come through the Bajoran wormhole, takes refuge on Deep Space Nine. His presence proves to be part of a ritual hunt practices by a Gamma quadrant hunter species. With the help of Chief O'Brien, Tosk is able to escape and continue the hunt.263
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien, Tosk
  Species :  Tosk, Hunters
The Enterprise-D visits a Federation communications relay to discover that the crew has vanished. Investigation reveals that a coalescent life form killed one, causing the other to flee.264
  People :  Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari
  Species :  Coalescent organism, Haliian
265 Deanna is abducted and surgically altered by Romulan dissidents in order to work undercover on a Romulan Warbird and assist with the defection of Vice Proconsul M'Ret.265
  People :  Deanna Troi
25 Captain Picard is badly wounded in a Lenarian attack whilst conducting negotiations. He will later report a near death experience, possibly created by Q.25
  People :  Q, Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Q, Lenarian
115 Vash returns from her travels with Q, stopping off at Deep Space Nine to auction some archological treasures. One of them proves to be the egg of an alien species.115
  People :  Vash
266 Data begins to experience dream states, a sign of development in his positronic brain.266
  People :  Doctor Noonien Soong, Data
267 Worf investigates a rumour that a group of Klingons survived the Khittomer attack and are held captive by the Romulans.266 Although he discovers that the rumour is largely true, his father is not amongst the survivors.267
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Klingons, Romulans
268 The Enterprise-D visits the Remmler array for a routine baryon sweep. Whilst there a group of terrorists attempt to steal a quantity of trilithium resign from the ship's engines. Captain Picard is able to foil the attempt.268
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
269 Captain Picard engages in a romantic relationship with Commander Nella Darren, the head of stellar cartography. The relationship ends when Picard realises that he cannot successfully deal with Darren on a personal and professional bases simultansously. She agrees to request a transfer.269
  People :  Nella Daren, Jean-Luc Picard
270 Professor Galen visits the Enterprise-D. After the visit, Galen is attacked and killed by a Yridian ship. Captain Picard takes up the last investigation Galen was engaged on, discovering an ancient message left by the first Humanoid beings in our galaxy. Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians also engage in the attempt to discover the message.270
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Professor Richard Galen
  Species :  Progenitors, Yridians, Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians
271 Commander Riker is captured whilst on a covert mission to Tilonus Four. Although interrogated with a form of memory manipulation, he is able to escape and return to the Enterprise-D.271
  People :  William T. Riker
  Species :  Tilonian
272 Beverley disobeys orders whilst hosting a scientific conference to asses metaphasic shielding.272
  People :  Beverly Crusher
273 The cloned Kahless becomes Emperor of the Klingon Empire.273
  People :  Kahless the Unforgettable, Gowron
274 Ilon Tandro tries to extradite Jadzia Dax for a crime supposedly committed by Curzon Dax. In a hearing, a Bajoran arbiter rules that Jadzia is not responsible the actions of her previous hosts.274
  People :  Dax, Ilon Tandro
275 Kobliad security officer Ty Kajada arrives on Deep Space Nine in a badly damaged ship. The criminal she was transporting, Rao Vantika, is apparently killed in the accident. Kajada remains unconvinced, and eventually proves that Vantika created a technology to store his consciousness in the brain of Julian Bashir. She ultimately removes and then kills Vantika.275
  People :  Ty Kajada, Rao Vantika, Julian Bashir
  Species :  Kobliad
Neelix has a run-in with the Ubean authorities in which his friend Wixiban is imprisoned.276
  People :  Neelix, Wixiban
100 A Gamma Quadrant species named the Wadi arrive at Deep Space Nine. They prove to be a species obsessively interested in elaborate virtual reality games, which they force some of the Deep Space Nine crew to play.100
  Species :  Wadi
277 The Ferengi Grand Nagus visits Deep Space Nine to announce his retirement, appointing Quark as his successor. This proves to be a test set for his preferred heir, his son Krax. When Krax fails, the Nagus resumes his position.277
  People :  Grand Nagus Zek, Krax, Quark
  Species :  Ferengi
278 Constable Odo travels to the Gamma Quadrant with Croden, a wanted criminal who claims to have knowledge of Odo's origins. Croden proves to be lying in order the engage Odo's help in rescuing his daughter.278
  People :  Odo, Croden, Ah-Kel, Ro-Kel
  Species :  Rakhari, Miradorn
279 Kai Opaka visits the Gamma Quadrant with Captain Sisko, where an automated defence system around a penal moon shoots down her Runabout, resulting in her death. Nanotechnology located on the moon resurrects Opaka, who chooses to stay on the moon to help the warring residents achieve peace.279
  People :  Kai Opaka
  Species :  Bajorans
280 Chief O'Brien is briefly taken to be the successor to the religious leader of a Bajoran village. The mistake is quickly cleared up.280
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
  Species :  Bajorans
281 The Bajoran provisonal government decaudes to a moon to tap it for energy, forcing the relocation of some residents. Major Kira uses force to evacuate the last resident, Mullibok.281
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Mullibok
116 The Enterprise-D visits Nervala IV, the first visit since Commander Riker led a mission there in 2361. It is discovered that a transporter accident whilst he was there created a duplicate who was stranded on the planet. The duplicate, adopting the name Thomas Riker, continues in Starfleet service.116
  People :  William Thomas Riker
282 Deep Space Nine is threatened by a spatial rift. They crew are able to use modified torpedoes to close the rift.282
283 A group of Federation Ambassadors, including Lwaxana Troi, visits Deep Space Nine.283
  People :  Lwaxana Troi
284 A Klingon vessel returning from the Gamma Quadrant explodes, leaving non survivors. The cause proves to be a telepathic field which caused unusual behaviour amongst the crew. Although the same phenomenon invades Deep Space Nine, the crew are able to overcome it.284
104 Gul Darhe'el, commander of the infamous Gallitep labour camp suring the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, is apparently captured aboard Deep Space Nine. However, investigation by Major Kira proves that the man is actually Aamin Marritza, a file clerk at Gallitep who is attempting to impersonate Darhe'el to bring light to the crimes of Cardassia.104
  People :  Aamin Marritza, Major Kira Nerys
  Species :  Bajorans, Cardassians
285 The Enterprise-D is stranded in a frozen moment of time due to an accident whilst assisting a Romulan Warbird in distress. Captain Picard, returning to the ship from a conference, is able to free it.285
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Romulans, Quantum Singularity Life Form
286 Vedek Winn accuses Keiko O'Brien of teaching blasphemy in the Deep Space Nine school. Although considerable controversy results on the station, the situation is resolved.286
  People :  Keiko O'Brien, Winn Adami
  Species :  Bajorans
287 A Borg vessel is detected in Federation space. The ship is discovered to be operating outside the influence of the Borg collective, under the control of the android Lore. Lore manages to disable Data's ethical subroutine and convince him to join forces with the Borg. He also captures several of the senior officers of the Enterprise also.287
  People :  Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Lore, Data
  Species :  Borg
288 Beverley briefly commands the Enterprise-D during the invasion of the Borg under the command of Lore. Destroys the Borg transwarp vessel.288
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Lore
  Species :  Borg


Year Event
2370 Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370Picture from 2370
288 Dr. Beverly Crusher, in command of the Enterprise during the absence of Captain Picard, is successful in destroying the Borg vessel. Lieutenant Commander LaForge manages to reinitiate Data's ethical subroutine; Data disables and then dismantles Lore.288
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard, Geordi LaForge, Data, Lore
288 Data obtains an emotion chip from Lore.288
  People :  Data, Lore
289 The Xenophobic Bajoran rebel group "The Circle" gains popularity on Bajor, seeking to overturn the Bajoran provisional government. Major Kira uncovers evidence that Bajoran hero Li Nalas may still be alive in a Cardassian prison camp and sets out to rescue him.289
  People :  Li Nalas, Major Kira Nerys
  Species :  Bajorans
290 Major Kira is replaced as first officer of DS9 by Li Nalas. Shortly thereafter, a Circle assault force takes possession of Deep Space Nine.290
  People :  Li Nalas
  Species :  Bajorans
291 Captain Sisko leads a covert campaign to disrupt Circle control of Deep Space Nine. Major Kira and Lieutenant Dax discover evidence that the Circle is a front for the Cardassians and present it to the Council of Ministers. Support for the Circle collapses and the organisation falls apart. Li Nalas is killed.291
  People :  Dax, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Li Nalas
  Species :  Bajorans
292 The Enterprise-D meets with a group of Iyaaran representatives. Despite some cultural misunderstandings, the contact is ultimately a success.292
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Byleth, Loquel, Voval
  Species :  Iyaaran
293 A group of mercenaries led by Arctus Baran begin stealing Vulcan artefacts from various sites. Captain Picard is abducted by the group and begins to work for them, seeking to find out their intent. Commander Riker is also abducted.293
  People :  Arctus Baran, Jean-Luc Picard
294 Captain Picard and Commander Riker discover that Arctus Baran's mercenary group is being manipulated by Romulan agent Tallera, who is seeking to gain control of a telepathic weapon. They are able to foil Tallera's plans.294
  People :  Tallera, Arctus Baran, Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker
  Species :  Romulans, Vulcans
295 Kes is born on the Ocampan home world.295
  People :  Kes
  Species :  Ocampa
126 Rugal, a half-Cardassian, half-Bajoran war orphan, is reunited with his father, a Cardassian politician named Kotan Pa'Dar.126
  People :  Kotan Pa'Dar, Rugal
  Species :  Cardassians
168 Verad steals Dax, stays joined for only a few hours before the symbiont is removed and replaced in Jadzia.168
  People :  Dax
296 Geordi's mother is apparently killed when the Starship Hera is reported as lost.296
  People :  Geordi LaForge
297 The Enterprise-D is infested with intephasic organisms when a new warp core is installed. The crew are able to remove the infestations with the assistance of Lieutenant Commander Data.297
  Species :  Interphasic Organism
298 Bashir falls briefly in love with Melora Pazlar, a woman from a low gravity environment.298
  People :  Julian Bashir
27 Excessive telepathic contact with Cairn forces Lwaxana to remember her daughter Kestra's death for the first time27
  People :  Lwaxana Troi
299 The Grank Nagus orders Quark to buy a massive shipment of Tulaberry wine from the Dosi, a species in Gamma Quadrant. The mission proves to be a way to discover more about a group called The Dominion.299
  People :  Quark, Grand Nagus Zek
  Species :  Dosi
129 Quark survives an assassination attempt by a business partner.129
  People :  Quark
The Enterprise-D visits Kesprytt III, a planet containing two civilisations, one of which is applying for Federation Membership. Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher are abducted by the Prytt, although they manage to escape. Commander Riker recommends against membership for the Kes.300
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Beverly Crusher
  Species :  Kesprytt
301 Hekaran scientists, Doctors Rabal and Serova, demonstrate that the use of warp drive is gradually destroying space around the Hekaran corridor.301
  People :  Doctor Rabal, Doctor Serova
  Species :  Hekaran
302 Eccentric genius Professor Gideon Seyetik successfully re-ignites a dead star, sacrificing his life in the process.302
  People :  Professor Gideon Seyetik, Fenna
  Species :  Halanan
303 An accident involving Lieutenant Commander Worf causes the intrusion of parallel realities onto one another. The Enterprise-D is able to resolve the situation.303
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
304 A massive group of Skreean refugees arrive through the Bajoran wormhole, fleeing the Dominion. They want to settle on Bajor, but the Bajoran government forcibly settles them on Draylon II instead.304
  People :  Haneek, Cowl, Gai, Tumak, Vayna
  Species :  Skreean, Bajorans
305 An El-Aurian named Martus Mazur sets up a gambling establishment on Deep Space Nine. He quickly proves to be a con artist, and leaves the station.305
  People :  Martus Mazur
  Species :  El-Aurians
306 The EMH program is developed by Dr Lewis Zimmerman, assisted by Lieutenant Barclay.306
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
307 Bajoran scientist Dr. Mora Pol, who worked with Odo when he was first discovered, arrives on Deep Space Nine. Mora and Odo investigate a planet in the Gamma Quadrant on which DNA similar to Odo's has been discovered. Odo suffers a negative reaction from a gas he is exposed to on the planet, but is successfully treated.307
  People :  Doctor Mora Pol, Odo
  Species :  Founders
306 Barclay Leaves the Enterprise-D306
  People :  Reginald Barclay
33 Data meets his 'mother', Juliana Tainer.33
  People :  Data
271 Lieutenant Worf's brother Nikolai Rozhenko violates the Prime Directive in order to save a tribe of Boraalans when their home planet becomes uninhabitable. Although reluctant, the Enterprise-D crew assist him in relocating the tribe to another planet.308
  People :  Nikolai Rozhenko, Worf Rozhenko, Vorin, Dobara, Kateras, Tarrana
  Species :  Boraalan
309 Beverley's grandmother, Melissa Howard, dies.309
  People :  Beverly Crusher
107 The Enteprise-D discovers the wreck of the USS Pegasus, lost in 2358. The ship proves to have been experimenting with an illegal phase-cloak device, implicating Commander Riker and Admiral Erik Pressman.107
  People :  Admiral Erik Pressman, William T. Riker
310 Chief O'Brien and Doctor Bashir assist the T'Lani and Kellerun species to destroy a cache of biological weapons. The two officers are subject to a murder attempt carried out by the two species, in an attempt to destroy all knowledge of the weapons so that they can never be recreated. Both escape and return to Deep Space Nine.310
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Ambassador Sharat, Ambassador E'Tyshra
  Species :  T'Lani, Kellerun
311 Tom Paris causes the death of several other officers during training. He lies about the accident during the inquest, then subsequently confesses and is expelled from the academy.74
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris
74 Tom Paris joins the Maquis. He is captured on his first mission and jailed.74
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris
312 Ensign Sito Jaxa is killed whilst on a covert mission to assist Cardassian double agent Joret Dal in returning to Cardassian space.312
  People :  Sito Jaxa, Joret Dal
119 Commander Sisko encounter a human colony on a planet where most advanced technology is disrupted by a local duonetic field. The field proves to be artificial, created by the colony leader, Alixus, to force the colonists to live the primitive life she supports. Sisko disables the field to give the colonists a choice in how to live their lives.119
  People :  Alixus, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Joseph, Stephan, Cassandra, Vinod
35 A group within the Paradan government attempt to disrupt peace talks on their planet by creating a duplicate of Chief O'Brien. The attempt fails.35
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
  Species :  Parada
49 Kira becomes romantically involved with Vedek Bareil.49
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
313 Deanna is promoted to Commander.313
  People :  Deanna Troi
314 The Enterprise-D discovers an ancient D'Arsay archive. Systems on the archive affect the Starship's computers and replicator systems, as well as Lieutenant Commander Data. The crew are able to reverse the effects.314
  People :  Data
  Species :  D'Arsay
315 On the Enterprise-D, Lieutenant Daniel Kwan commits suicide. Investigation proves that the suicide was the result of a telepathic influence left behind when Ensign Walter J. Pierce murdered his girlfriend Marla Finn and her lover aboard the ship during construction bfore committing suicide himself.315
  People :  Lieutenant Daniel L. Kwan, Ensign Walter J. Pierce, Deanna Troi
65 Lieutenant Dax carries out an assessment on Trill initiate Arjin. She also discovers an expanding proto-universe, which the Deep Space Nine crew are able to safely relocate.65
  People :  Dax, Arjin
  Species :  Trill
26 Chakotay resigns from Starfleet and joins the Maquis.26
  People :  Chakotay
316 Barclay becomes the first sufferer of Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome. A treatment developed by Beverly Crusher creates the disease, which causes most of the Enterprise-D crew to mutate to animal forms.316
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge
130 Quark encounters the Cardassian Natima Lang on Deep Space Nine, an old romantic interest of his.130
  People :  Quark, Natima Lang
  Species :  Cardassians
317 Klingons Kor, Kang and Koloth arrive on Deep Space Nine to enlist Lieutenant Dax's assistance in tracking down the Albino, a Klingon renegade whom all four have sworn to kill under a Klingon blood oath. Jadzia fulfils her oath, though she does not kill the Albino herself. Kang and Koloth are killed on the mission.317
  People :  Dax, Kang, Koloth, Kor
  Species :  Klingons
78 The Federation agrees a treaty with the Cardassians setting a new border between the two. Several colonies must be relocated as part of the treaty. In the aftermath, many Federation citizens take up arms against the Cardassians as part of 'The Maquis'.78
  People :  Chakotay, B'Elanna Torres, Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Ro Laren
  Species :  Cardassians
78 Wesley ascends to a higher state of being.78
  People :  Wesley Crusher
57 Dukat is briefly captured by the Maquis, but subsequently rescued by Commander Sisko.57
  People :  Gul Dukat
318 A future version of Alexander returns to the present to try and convince his earlier self to appreciate Klingon culture and the warrior ethos.318
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Alexander Rozhenko
319 Starfleet Commander Cal Hudson defects to the Maquis despite repeated efforts by his friend Commander Sisko to convince him to remain in Starfleet.319
  People :  Cal Hudson
320 Daimon Bok threatens to kill Jason Vigo, whom he claims is Captain Picard's son. Investigation proves that Vigo is not in fact any relation to Picard.320
  People :  DaiMon Bok, Jason Vigo, Jean-Luc Picard
321 Garak's cranial implant fails.321
  People :  Elim Garak
199 Harry graduates Starfleet academy.199
  People :  Harry Kim
322 The Enteprise-D computer achieves a limited form of sentience and uses the ship's systems to creates an artificial life form, which it releases into the galaxy.322
  Species :  Emergent life form
323 Bashir and Kira cross over to the mirror universe during an accident inside the Wormhole, the first people from our universe to do so in over a century.323
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Julian Bashir
324 Vedek Winn asks Major Kira to investigate rumours of a prominent Bajoran who turned traitor during the war. The evidence indicates that Vedek Bareil is the guilty party, although in fact he is taking the blame for Kai Opaka. The scandal destroys his chances of being elected Kai, and Vedek Winn gains the position instead.324
  People :  Winn Adami, Vedek Bareil Antos, Major Kira Nerys
  Species :  Bajorans
325 Lieutenant Ro is sent undercover to infiltrate a Maquis cell. Although successful, Ro defects to the Maquis.325
  People :  Ro Laren
326 The Cardassian government arrests Chief O'Brien for working with the Maquis. Despite the difficulties of working within the Cardassian justice system, Commander Sisko is able to exonerate O'Brien. In the process, it is proved that the Cardassians have planted long term operatives in the Federation disguised as humans, who do not even know themselves that they are really Cardassian.326
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien, Raymond Boone, Kovat, Makbar, Gul Evek
  Species :  Cardassians
327 Sisko makes first contact between the Federation and the Dominion when he and Quark are captured by the Jem'Hadar.327
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Quark
  Species :  Jem'Hadar, Humans, Ferengi
327 The Dominion destroy the USS Odyssey.327
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark, Elim Garak, Weyoun
328 Jean-Luc Picard convinces the Q to allow Humanity to continue to exist by demonstrating that we are capable of understanding the so-called limitless possibilities of existence. The experience involves Picard visiting alternate timelines created by Q, which draws the Captain closer to his crew and leads to him joining the regular senior officers poker game for the first time.328
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
2371 Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371Picture from 2371
329 Chakotay's father, Kolopak, dies.330
  People :  Chakotay
331 Veder Bareil Antos begins negotiations with Legate Turrel of the Cardassian Union, with a view to signing a formal peace treaty between Bajor and Cardassia. The negotiations will continue for the next five months.332
  People :  Vedek Bareil Antos
  Species :  Bajorans, Cardassians
333 Kes's father dies.334
  People :  Kes
  Species :  Ocampa
335 Sisko takes command of the USS Defiant in order to defend Deep Space Nine against Dominion. He undertakes a mission into the Gamma Quadrant to investigate thenature and extent of the threat. The Defiant is overwhelmed and captured.335
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Admirall Alynna Nechayev
336 Odo discovers that his species are the Founders of the Dominion. He is able to secure the release of the Defiant and its crew.336
  People :  Odo, Admirall Alynna Nechayev
337 Tuvok is successful in infiltrating a cell of the Maquis while serving as Captain Janeway's chief tactical officer.74
  People :  Tuvok
338 Kes escapes from her home city and is captured by the Kazon.339
  People :  Kes
340 Quark accidentally kills the Klingon Kozak, head of a Klingon House. Since a female cannot head a Klingon house, Quark is subsequently married by Grilka, Kozak's widow, so he can act as the head of her house. Quark subsequently proves to Gowron and the council that the House of Kozak is being economically attacked by a rival, D'Ghor. D'Ghor's honour is stripped from him by Gowron. In the aftermath, Grilka divorces Quark.340
  People :  Quark, Grilka, D'Ghor, Gowron
  Species :  Klingons, Ferengi
341 Lieutenant Dax begins to suffer dramatic mood swings and hallucinations. Investigation proves that this is the result of her suppressed memories regarding Joran Dax, a psychotic previous host. In the process, she discovers that most of the Trill population is cabale of being joined.341
  People :  Crewman Dax
  Species :  Trill
342 A Maquis raider ship under the command of Chakotay is dragged across the galaxy from the Badlands. The crew includes B'Elanna Torres and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok.74
  People :  Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Chakotay
343 The EMH is activated for the first time on Stardate 48315 during Captain Janeway's pre-launch inspection tour of the USS Voyager.343
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
74 The USS Voyager sets out on a mission to discover the fate of Lieutenant Commander Tuvok. The ship is dragged from the Badlands across the galaxy to the Delta Quadrant by the Nacene individual known as the Caretaker. Voyager procedes to investigate the circumstances surrounding the abduction.74
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Tuvok
  Species :  Nacene
339 Voyager encounters the Ocampa and Kazon civilisations. Captain Janeway decides to destroy the Caretaker's array in order to keep the Caretaker's advanced technology out of Kazon hands, stranding Voyager in the Delta Quadrant 70,000 light years from home.339
  People :  Kes, Neelix, Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres
  Species :  Nacene, Kazon, Ocampa
344 The colonists on Cestus III revive the sport of Baseball, setting up a league.79
56 The Cardassians mount an elaborate deception aimed at convincing Legate Ghemor that Major Kira is his daughter, a Cardassian surgically altered to appear Bajoran and with her memories altered to make her an undercover operative who genuinely believed she was Bajoran. Ghemor escapes the trap.56
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Legate Ghemor
  Species :  Cardassians
345 Quark buys a load of scrap from a merchant on Deep Space Nine; the lot proves to have an abandoned baby in it. As the child grows, it is clear that it is an infant Jem'Hadar. Odo attempts to control the child, but as it grows to maturity this proves to be impossible.345
  People :  Odo
  Species :  Jem'Hadar
346 A series of Cardassian defence protocols and booby traps are activated on Deep Space Nine, threatening to destroy the station. The crew are able to successfully overcome the systems.346
347 Lieutenant Dax has a brief romantic involvement with Deral, a scientist from Meridian - a planet whose inhabitants live in a parallel dimension, only shifting into our reality every sixty years. The relationship ends when Deral and his people shift out again after a few days.347
  People :  Crewman Dax, Deral
  Species :  Meridian
58 Investigating a distress call, the USS Voyager becomes trapped inside the event horizon of a quantum singularity. The crew experience time distortions, but are eventually able to break free. B'Elanna Torres provides considerable assistance in the escape, and as a result is appointed Chief Engineer of the ship.58
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
348 The USS Defiant is stolen by Thomas Riker, who is now a member of the Maquis. Dukat and Sisko manage to recapture the vessel in a joint operation.348
  People :  Gul Dukat, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, William Thomas Riker
349 The Bajoran gratitude festival is held on Deep Space Nine. Lwaxana attends the festivities.349
  People :  Lwaxana Troi
  Species :  Bajorans
350 A microscopic singularity passing through the solar system explodes as the Defiant engages it's transporter, Throwing Commander Sisko, Lieutenant Bashir and Lieutenant Commander Dax back in time to the mid 21st century.350 The crew is ultimately able to retrieve their comrades.351
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Julian Bashir, Crewman Dax
352 The USS Voyager passes by a Delta Quadrant planet whose civilisation makes extensive use of polaric energy.352
332 After final negotiations on Deep Space Nine, Kai Winn signs a formal peace treaty between the Bajoran government and the Cardassian union.332

Vedek Bareil dies, despite extensive efforts by Dr. Bashir to save him.332
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Vedek Bareil Antos
353 On Deep Space Nine, Nog completes the Ferengi Attainment Ceremony. This marks the beginning of his legal adulthood. According to Ferengi by-laws, section one oh five, subparagraph ten he begins to seek an apprenticeship from a suitable role model.354
  People :  Nog
354 The Founders make an attempt to decieve Odo into thinking that Major Kira has died. The attempt fails.354
  People :  Odo, Female Shapeshifter
  Species :  Founders
355 Neelix's lungs are stolen by the Vidiians. Although they cannot replace it, they are able to modify one of Kes' lungs to serve as a replacement.355
  People :  Neelix, Kes
  Species :  Vidiians
356 Deep Space Nine hosts the first joint Bajoran/Cardassian/Federation science mission. Although some believe that Bajoran prophecies indicate imminent doom, the mission is successful.356
  Species :  Bajorans, Cardassians
357 Grand Nagus Zek enters the Bajoran wormhole bearing one of the orbs of the Prophets. The wormhole aliens, judging his personality to be unacceptable, eliminate his sense of greed and selfishness.358
  People :  Grand Nagus Zek
  Species :  Ferengi
359 Voyager encounters a nebula which proves to be a gigantic living entity. Although they accidentally damage the creature, they are able to make sufficient repairs to it.359
  Species :  Nucleogenic Cloud Being
67 Voyager discovers a micro-wormhole which leads to the Alpha Quadrant. Although they are able to communicate with a Romulan vessel through the link, the wormhole proves to have a temporal shift - with the other end in 2349.67
  Species :  Romulans
358 Bashir is nominated for a Carrington Award for his research in bimolecular replication. Quark is able to convince the Bajoran Prophets to return Grand Nagus Zek to his normal mode of thinking.358
  People :  Julian Bashir, Grand Nagus Zek, Quark
360 Tom is convicted of murder by the Baneans and sentenced to repeatedly relive the crime via memory implantation. An investigation by Tuvok subsequently proves his innocence.360
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris, Tuvok
  Species :  Banean
361 Investigating an alien burial site, Harry Kim is transported to a distant location - possibly a parallel universe - and becomes involved in an alien civilisation's death rituals. He is able to return to Voyager with the help of one of the natives.361
  People :  Harry Kim
  Species :  Vhnori
362 Chief O'Brien suffers a dose of radiation poisoning. In the aftermath, he begins to exhibit strange jumps in time. This proves to be a result of an interaction between the radiation and the quantum singularity of a cloaked Warbird orbiting the station, part of a Romulan plot to destroy Deep Space Nine and close the wormhole. O'Brien is killed as events unfold, and replaced by another version of himself from a parallel timeline.362
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien, Karina, Bo'rak, Atul, Ruwon, Morka
  Species :  Romulans
363 Tuvok violates Janeway's orders in an attempt to secure long range transporter technology from the Sikarians.363
  People :  Tuvok
  Species :  Sikarians
364 Worf is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Data installs the emotion chip he acquired from Lore. The Amargosa star system is destroyed by Dr. Tolian Soran. The Enterprise-D is destroyed whilst attempting to prevent Dr. Soran from similarly destroying the Veridian system. Captain Kirk is killed attempting to stop Soran.364
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, James T. Kirk
  Species :  El-Aurians
364 In the aftermath of the Enterprise-D's destruction, Worf goes on leave to the planet Boreth. He is eventually recalled and appointed as Strategic operations officer of Deep Space Nine.364
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
365 Geordi undergoes surgery to replace his VISOR with ocular implants.365
  People :  Geordi LaForge
366 Voyager's crew discover evidence that one of them been giving technology to the Kazon. Despite careful concealment, the traitor is revealed to be Seska - a Cardassian agent who infiltrated Chakotay's Maquis cell masquerading as a Bajoran.366
  People :  Seska
  Species :  Cardassians
367 Doctor Bashir is approached by Altovar, a Lethean attempting to buy bio-mimetic gel. When he refuses, Altovar attacks him telepathically. Bashir is able to overcome the attack.367
  People :  Julian Bashir, Altovar
  Species :  Lethean
368 Voyager accidentally captures a photonic life form which disrupts the ship's holodeck. The EMH is able to resolve the situation, releasing the being.368
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
  Species :  Photonic being
369 The Mirror universe version of Chief O'Brien abducts Commander Sisko, in order to force him to convince the Mirror Jennifer Sisko not to complete a new sensor array for the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance. Sisko is able to succeed in this task and return to his own universe.369
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Miles Edward O'Brien (Mirror), Jennifer Sisko (Mirror)
370 Returning to Voyager from a trip to a nebula, Commander Chakotay is drained of neural energy. He is ultimately able to return to his body.370
  People :  Chakotay
371 A bomb destroys Garak's tailor shop on Deep Space Nine. During the investigation, it becomes clear that a conspiracy involving the Romaulans and Cardassians is in progress, with the intent of attacking the Founder's homeworld in the Gamma Quadrant.371
  People :  Odo, Elim Garak, Enabran Tain
  Species :  Founders, Romulans, Cardassians
372 The Vidiians use their advanced medical technology to split B'Elanna Torres into her separate Klingon and Human components. Voyager's crew are able to return her back to normal.372
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
373 Garak briefly rejoins the Obsidian Order for the joint Cardassian/Romulan attack on the Founder's home world. The attack proves to be a trap, and the entire fleet is annhilated by the Jem'Fadar. Garak and Odo are able to escape.373
  People :  Odo, Elim Garak, Enabran Tain
  Species :  Founders, Cardassians, Romulans
60 Voyager encounters Doctor Jetrel, a Hakkonian scientist who led the effort to develop the Metreon Cascade during the war with the Talaxians. Despite bitterness on the part of Neelix, he is ultimately able to forgive Jetrel for his actions.60
  People :  Neelix, Doctor Ma'Bor Jetrel
  Species :  Haakonian
374 Commander Sisko builds a solar sail craft and sets out on a mission to recreate the early Bakoran flights with his son Jake. Thanks to a tachyon anomaly, he is able to pilot the craft all the way to Cardassian space, proving that legends of such flights in the past are in fact possible.374
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Jake Sisko
  Species :  Bajorans, Cardassians
375 Tuvok undertakes to train some of Voyager's Maquis crewmembers in Starfleet practices and protocols.375
  People :  Tuvok
79 Quark is served with a Writ of Accountability by the FCA for improper supervision of a family member after his mother Ishka begins earning a profit in business. He and Rom return to Ferenginar to convince her to return the money. On Deep Space Nine, Commnader Sisko meets Kasidy Yates for the first time.79
  People :  Quark, Rom, Ishka, Brunt, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Kasidy Yates
  Species :  Ferengi
306 Voyager's EMH experiences some memory issues when the ship's holodecks malfunction.306
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
376 The First Minister of the Bajoran Provisional Government dies. Kai Winn is appointed as his replacement. When Winn almost causes a minor civil war over some soil reclamantors, Major Kira's old friend Shaakar decides to stand for the First Minister position in order to draw publicity to her actions. Winn decides to step down from the position.376
  People :  Shakaar Edon, Major Kira Nerys, Winn Adami
  Species :  Bajorans
295 Voyager encounters a swarm of spacegoing life forms. Although the life forms perceive the ship as a potential mate and rival, the crew are able to dissuade them and escape. Meanwhile, Kes goes through a phantom version of the Ocampan Elogium.295
  People :  Kes
  Species :  Ocampa
377 Voyager encounters a spatial distortion ring.377
378 Dax performs the zhian'tara ritual, meeting her previous hosts. Although both Curzon and Joran prove somewhat troublesome, she is ultimately able to handle them effectively.378
  People :  Crewman Dax
  Species :  Trill
379 Sisko is promoted to Captain.379
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
379 Odo is forced to kill a Founder when it attempts to provoke a war between he Federation and the Tzenkethi.379
  People :  Odo
380 Following a radio signal to a nearby planet, Voyager discovers a group of humans abducted from 20th century Earth. Amongst them is a personal hero of Captain Janeway, Amelia Earhart. Although tempted to remain on the planet, which hosts what is now a thriving civilisation, the entire crew elects to continue their journey home.380
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Amelia Earhart
21 The USS Olympia begins to return from its mission of exploration in the Beta Quadrant. As it turns back, the ship picks up some strange energy readings in a nearby star system. They divert to investigate, discovering an energy barrier surrounding a nearby planet. The ship scans the planet with active scanners, which triggers a quantum reaction that destroys the ship. Only the Captain, Lisa Cusak, survives.21

Cusak manages to attract the attention of the USS Defiant over subspace radio, and the Defiant rushes to save her. Unfortunately, the energy barrier around the planet time-shifts the communication some three years into the future, a fact not evident until the Defiant arrives at the planet in 2374. Unfortunately Cusak is long dead by this time.21
  People :  Captain Lisa Cusak
2372 Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372Picture from 2372
330 Chakotay takes a shuttle to perform the pakra, a ritual commemorating the anniversary of my father's death. He becomes involved in the initiation of a young Kazon male, who is sent to capture his shuttle in order to earn his name. Chakotay and the Kazon become friends, and the boy helps Chakotay escape whilst Chakotay helps him earn his name : Kar.330
  People :  Chakotay, Kar
  Species :  Kazon
199 Ensign Kim is briefly transported to an alternate timeline version of Earth in which he was never assigned to the USS Voyager. He is told by one of the people there than an alien race is responsible, one which lives in "a temporal inversion fold of the space-time matrix". Kim's shuttle collided with their timestream, causing an alteration of reality. At his request, he is given the information neede to successfully return to his proper time and place.199
  People :  Harry Kim
82 Dukat becomes the military advisor to the Detapa Council, a group of civilians who overturned the military government of Cardassia and became its new leaders.82
  People :  Gul Dukat
82 Sisko violates orders and interferes in the Klingon-Cardassian war; a Klingon fleet attacks Deep Space Nine in retaliation. The attacks fails, but results in the subsequent Klingon-Federation conflict.82
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Gowron, General Martok
381 The Bajoran wormhole undergoes a subspace inversion, an event which happens only once every fifty years. Captain Sisko narrowly escapes death when an accident occurs aboard the Defiant.381
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Jake Sisko
382 Chief O'Brien and Lieutenant Bashir conduct a bio-survey of the planet Merik III in the Gamma Quadrant. On the way back to the wormhole they crashland on another planet and are captured by a group of rebel Jem'Hadar led by Goran'Agar. The Jem'Hadar attempt to force Bashir to find a way to free them from dependence on Ketracel white. He fails, leading to the death of the group.382
  People :  Julian Bashir, Miles Edward O'Brien, Goran'Agar
  Species :  Jem'Hadar
383 Lieutenant Tom Paris and Neelix are briefly stranded on an alien planet. Finding it to be the hatching ground for a reptillian alien species, they are able to care for one of the hatched young before returning to Voyager.383
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris, Neelix
384 Voyager's crew begin to experience a series of hallucinations, the result of a telepathic attack by a Bothan. Kes is able to defeat the attack, although the Bothan escapes.384
  People :  Kes
  Species :  Botha
84 Major Kira and Gul Dukat locate the crash site of the Ravinok, a vessel which crashed in 2366. Dukat is reunited with his half Bajoran daughter, Tora Ziyal. He is subsequently disowned by his family and loses his role as the Detapa Council's military advisor.84
  People :  Gul Dukat, Major Kira Nerys, Tora Ziyal
385 Voyager encounters a species in the Delta Quadrant which visisted Earth some thousands of years ago. Despite initial suspicions, Chakotay manages to make peaceful contact.385
  People :  Chakotay
  Species :  Sky Spirit
386 Voyager encounters Suspiria, a member of the Caretaker's species, living in the Delta Quadrant with a group of Ocampa. Although iniitally hostile, the Captain Janeway manage to make peaceful contact with them.386
  People :  Kes, Yeoman Tankris, Tanis, Suspiria
  Species :  Nacene, Ocampa
387 Jadzia Dax meets Lenara Khan, a Trill whose former host was married to one of Dax's former hosts. Lenara is working on a project to generate the first artificial wormhole, which is partially successful. The two develop a romantic interest during the course of the project, but Lenara declines to develop it due to the Trill reassociation taboo.387
  People :  Dax, Doctor Lenara Kahn
  Species :  Trill
388 A Kazon raid on Voyager is successful in stealing transporter technology. Chakotay sets out alone in a shuttle to deal with Seska.388
  People :  Seska, Chakotay
  Species :  Kazon
389 Captain Janeway leads a covert away team to the Mokra homeworld to purchase a quantity of tellerium. Several members of the away team are captured by the brutal dictatorship which rules the planet, but Captain Janeway is able to free them with the help of a native.389
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Caylem, Augris, Darod
  Species :  Mokra
390 The Defiant meets with a Karemma trading ship. The meeting is disrupted when several Jem'Hadar warships attack. The Defiant is ultimately triumphant.390
  Species :  Jem'Hadar, Karemma
391 Voyager encounters two warring robot races and is drawn into the conflict when Lieutenant Commander Torres is forced to assist one side. The ship is able to extricate itself from the conflict and escape.391
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
  Species :  Pralor, Cravic
392 Quark is given his own ship by cousin Gaila; he loses it soon after in a temporal accident.392
  People :  Quark
393 Voyager encounters Quinn, a member of the Q continuum who is seeking to end his life. Captain Janeway holds an inquiry and decides that Quinn has the right to do so if he wishes. Quinn commits suicide shortly afterwards.393
  People :  Quinn, Q
  Species :  Q
394 Kor, Worf and Dax embark on a quest to find the legendary Sword of Kahless. They are able to locate the sword, but after falling out over ownership they set it adrift in space for others to find later on.394
  People :  Kor, Worf Rozhenko, Dax
  Species :  Klingons
395 Captain Janeway seeks an alliance with some Kazon sects, in an attempt to stave off their constant attacks on Voyager. The attempt fails, and Janeway enlists the help of a Trabe convoy. The Trabe betray Voyager, and the attempt at an alliance fails.395
  Species :  Kazon, Trabe
396 Several members of the Deep Space Nine crew become trapped in a holodeck simulation belonging to Dr. Bashir. They are soon freed unharmed by the experience.396
  People :  Julian Bashir
103 Thomas Eugene Paris becomes the first known Human being to achieve Warp 10 and travel at infinite speed. Unfortunately, there are some serious side effects.103
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris
170 Tuvok mind melds with Ensign Suder in an attempt to cure him of his violent tendencies.170
  People :  Tuvok
397 The Bajoran wormhole begins opening and closing without apprent cause, possibly the result of cloaked Dominion ships passing through. Tensions are further heightened when a bomb explodes at the conference held on Earth between the Federation and Romulan Empire. Footage of the blast shows a Founder present in the room. The Defiant is summoned to Earth by Admiral Leyton, who is seeking to institute much more severe security measures on the planet.397
  People :  Admiral Leyton
  Species :  Founders
398 Captain Sisko begins to syuspect that Admiral Leyton is engaged in a plot to take military control of Earth. Investigation proves his suspicions correct, and Leyton is arrested.398
  People :  Admiral Leyton
399 Voyager encounters a robotic Cardassian weapon which the Maquis captured and then used in the Badlands. The weapon was drawn through to the Delta Quadrant and is now roaming, searching for a target. After considerable effort, B'Elanna manages to disable the weapon.399
  People :  B'Elanna Torres, First Minister Kellan
  Species :  Rakosan
400 First Minister of Bajor, Edon Shakaar, visits Deep Space Nine. Kira becomes romantically involved with him whilst he is on the station.400
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Shakaar Edon
401 Neelix begins broadcasting "A Briefing With Neelix", a news and current affairs program on Voyagers communications network.401
  People :  Neelix
402 The EMH has a brief relationship with Danara Pel.402
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
403 Dukat gains control of a Klingon Bird of Prey with the help of Kira and launches a terrorist campaign against the Klingons.403
  People :  Gul Dukat, Major Kira Nerys
404 Kim dies and is replaced by a duplicate.404
  People :  Harry Kim
405 The Klingons begin to lay a minefield around the Bajoran system; Captain Sisko destroys the field. Worf's brother Kurn comes to Deep Space Nine to participate in a ritual suicide, considering himself to have lost his honour.405
  People :  Kurn, Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Klingons, Bajorans
406 Tuvok crashes on a moon of Drayan II.406
  People :  Tuvok
407 The employees of Quark's Bar form a labour union and go on strike to protest Quark's unfair labor practices.407
  People :  Rom, Quark, Leeta, Brunt
  Species :  Ferengi
408 Voyager encounters the Kohl, a civilisation which went into a cirtual reality environment to avoid an environmental catastrophe on their planet. They are able to free the few remaining Kohl from the simulation, which has turned deadly.408
  Species :  Kohl
409 Keiko conceives her second child.409
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
410 Neelix and Tuvok are merged in a transporter accident, creating a new being which the crew dub Tuvix; despite Tuvix expressing a desire to live, they are subsequently forcibly separated by Captain Janeway.410
  People :  Neelix, Tuvok, Kathryn Janeway
411 Worf is placed in command the Defiant for a convoy escort mission. When Klingons warships attack the convoy he destroys what appears to be a transport ship full of civilians. The investigation reveals that this was a ruse by the Klingons to create bad publicity for the Federation.411
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Ch'Pok, T'Lara
  Species :  Klingons
334 Chakotay and Janeway become infected with a terminal illness whilst on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. The only way to stop the disease progressing is to remain on the planet permanently, so both officers are left behind and command of Voyager is transferred to Lieutenant Commander Tuvok. After some time the Voyager crew contact the Vidiians and get hold of a treatment for the illness, allowing Janeway and Chakotay to return to the ship.334
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay
  Species :  Vidiians
412 Voyager is briefly captured by the Kazon. The large majority of the crew are stranded on a primitive planet.412
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
  Species :  Kazon
413 O'Brien is convicted of spying on the Argrathi; he receives a memory implant equivalent to spending twenty years in jail.413
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
414 The Mirror Jennifer Sisko takes Jake to her universe, enticing Captain Sisko to follow. There he assists the Terrans in completing a copy of the Defiant in time to engage a Klingon force attacking Deep Space Nine.414
  People :  Jennifer Sisko (Mirror), Jake Sisko, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
415 Lwaxana marries Jeyal. She subsequently dissolves the marriage and marries Odo.415
  People :  Lwaxana Troi
416 Starfleet officer Michael Eddington is discovered to be a Maquis operative when he hijacks a convoy of industrial replicators bound for Cardassia, escaping into the Badlands with them. Kassidy Yates is discovered to have been engaged in smuggling operations for the Maquis, and is sent to prison.416
  People :  Michael Eddington, Kasidy Yates, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
417 Weyoun serves as a Field Supervisor for the Jem'Hadar attempting to resolve the Iconian Gateway scandal. He is killed by his Jem'Hadar First at the end of the mission.417
  People :  Weyoun
418 Lieutenant Commander Dax, Doctor Bashir, and Major Kira carry out a bio-survey mission in the Gamma Quadrant. Whilst there they pick up a distress signal and divert to Boranis III, a planet on the edge of Dominion space. The population are found to be suffering from a disease inflicted by the Dominion. Bashir spends some time on the planet trying to find a cure for the disease, which is known as the "Teplan Blight". He is unable to do so, but does find a way to make children born on the planet immune to the Blight.418
  People :  Julian Bashir
  Species :  Boranian
419 Captain Picard is assigned command of the Enterprise-E. He takes many of his Enterprise-D crew with him.419
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge
420 Miles and Keiko's child is transferred to Kira's womb after a Runabout accident.420
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Miles Edward O'Brien
420 Quark sells his remains after he is falsely informed that he is dying of Dorek Syndrome. His business licence is revoked after he fails to fulfil the contract.420
  People :  Quark
421 Odo's shape shifting powers are removed by the Founders for killing another of his kind.421
  People :  Odo
2373 Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373Picture from 2373
422 Fearing that Gowron may have been replaced by a Changeling, Starfleet sends the Defiant on a mission to infiltrate the Klingon command centre Ty'Gokor. Gowron proves to be innocent, but his advisor General Martok is revealed to be the Changeling. The Changeling is killed and Gowron, realising that he has been manipulated into war with the Federation, declares a cease fire.422
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Gowron, General Martok
  Species :  Klingons
423 Voyager is re-captured from the Kazon by Paris and a small group of Talaxians. Both Seska and Ensign Suder are killed during the operation.423
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes, Ensign Suder, Seska
  Species :  Kazon, Talaxians
424 Conducting a mineral survey of Torga IV, a planet in the Gamma Quadrant, Captain Sisko discovers a crashed Jem'Hadar warship. Despite opposition from a group of Jem'Hadar led by the Vorta, Kilana, he manages to recover the ship and return it to Starfleet for analysis. In the process, one a Changeling hiding aboard the vessel dies.424
  People :  Kilana
  Species :  Vorta, Jem'Hadar, Founders
425 Captain Janeway accepts an invitation from the Nechani to take shore leave on their planet. Whilst there Kes is injured when she accidentally walks into a sacred area of a religious site. She is ultimately healed.425
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Kes
  Species :  Nechani
426 The USS Voyager finds evidence of a wormhole having recently appeared and disappeared in a nearby solar system. Investigating, they discover a pair of Ferengi on a nearby planet, stranded there in 2366 when they passed through the Barzan wormhole. The Ferengi are using their advanced technology to exploit the iron-age Takarian natives. Voyager's crew manages to return the two Ferengi through the wormhole, but is unable to utilise it themselves.426
  People :  Koll, Doctor Arridor
  Species :  Ferengi, Takarian
427 Quark woos and becomes involved with Grilka again when she visits DS9, with some assistance in Klingon customs from Worf and Dax. Worf and Dax also become romantically involved with one another.427
  People :  Quark, Grilka, Worf Rozhenko, Dax
66 The USS Voyager investigates a gaseous anomaly which contains sirillium. Lieutenant Tuvok suffers from the effects of a repressed memory whilst the ship approaches the anomaly. Captain Janeway explores his memories via a Vulcan mind meld, and the EMH discovers that he is suffering from a form of memory virus which feeds on neural peptides. The virus is destroyed.66
  People :  Tuvok, Kathryn Janeway
  Species :  Memory Virus
428 Jake Sisko becomes involved in combat operations against the Klingons on Ajilon Prime when Doctor Bashir diverts there whilst on the way back to Deep Space Nine. In the aftermath, Jake will write an article on his experiences there, including an unflinching look at what he considers to be his cowardly reaction to danger.428
  People :  Jake Sisko
  Species :  Klingons
429 Tom and Harry are briefly imprisoned by the Akritiri.429
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim
430 Whilst visiting the Fire Caves of Bajor, Keiko O'Brien's body is possessed by a Pah-wraith. She attempts to force Chief O'Brien to attack the Prophets in the Bajoran wormhole, but although the plan comes close to success, O'Brien is able to defeat the Pah-wraith and force it from her body.430
  People :  Keiko O'Brien, Miles Edward O'Brien
  Species :  Pah-wraiths, Prophets
88 Voyager is thrown back in time to 199688; the ship prevents a temporal explosion which would otherwise have destroyed the Earth.431
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
432 Voyager picks up some Enaran colonists from the Fima system to return them to their home on Enara Prime. One of the Enarans, Jora Mirell, uses her telepathic abilities to show Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres memories of a genocidal policy which the Enarans carried out against a segment of their population known as the Regressives.432
  People :  B'Elanna Torres, Jessen, Jor Brel, Jora Mirell, Jareth
  Species :  Enaran
433 Klingon agent Arne Darvin uses the Bajoran Orb of Time to throw the Defiant into the year 2267. There he attempt to kill Captain Kirk with a bomb. The Defiant crew are able to capture Darvin and foil his scheme.433
  People :  Arne Darvin
434 Voyager trespasses on Swarm space to avoid a lengthy detour on their journey home.434
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
83 Worf, Dax, Bashir, Leeta, and Quark take a vacation on Risa. Whilst there, Bashir and Leeta end their relationship. Worf decides to support a fundamentalist group who are attempting to shock Federation citizens out of what they see as a hedonistic self-involved lifestyle. He quickly turns against the group when their actions go too far.83
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Dax, Leeta, Julian Bashir, Quark
  Species :  Risans
435 Dax, Garak, Odo and Sisko are returning from a conference to Deep Space 9 when their Runabout passes through a plasma field. The field causes Odo to involuntarily bind all four into a version of the great link, in which they experience an event that took place on Deep Space Nine in 2366, during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. They are eventually able to break free of the link.435
  People :  Dax, Odo, Elim Garak, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
436 Odo crashes on an inhospitable planet with Quark, the result of an assassination attempt on Quark by the Orion Syndicate. They are forced to climb a nearby mountain to call for help. Despite considerable hardship and personal disagreement, they are able to send a distress signal and are soon rescued.436
  People :  Odo, Quark
437 The USS Voyager rescues some aliens from a stricken vessel, only to have them prove to be the Ilari Warlord, Tieran. Tieran transfers his consciousness into Kes via a device implanted in his body; Kes/Tieran then escapes Voyager and return to the Ilari home planet to attempt to take control of the government. Tieran is ultimately defeated and his consciousness destroyed.437
  People :  Kes, Tieran, Adin, Demmas, Resh, Nori, Ameron
  Species :  Ilari
437 Kes ends her romantic relationship with Neelix.438
  People :  Kes, Neelix
439 Bajor is accepted for entry into the Federation. One the eve of the ceremony, Captain Sisko locates the ancient Bajoran lost city of B'hala. Visions from the Bajoran prophets convince him that Bajor must reject Federation membership, and on his advice they choose to suspend their application.439
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
  Species :  Bajorans
440 The progressive faction wins the Q civil war with Voyager's help. Q mates with a female Q, helping to end the rifts which caused the war by producing a baby Q.440
  People :  Q, Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram
  Species :  Q
441 Silaran Prin murders several of the Shakaar resistance cell, seeking revenge for the severe disfigurement he recieved as a result of a bomb planted by them. Prin captures Major Kira, planning to deliver Kira's baby before killing her, thus avoiding harming an innocent. Kira is able to attack and kill Prin.441
  People :  Silaran Prin, Major Kira Nerys
442 Janeway destroys a macro virus infestation on board Voyager.442
  People :  Kathryn Janeway
276 Neelix meets Wixiban, an old friend, at the Nekrit supply depot. He becomes involved in some less than legal business dealings on the station and is sentenced to two weeks on deuterium maintenance duty for stealing a cylinder of warp plasma.276
  People :  Neelix
443 Ensign Jetal dies when Harry Kim is given medical priority. Memories of Ensign Jetal are deleted by Janeway.444
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram, Harry Kim
445 Odo receives a sick infant Changeling from Quark and attempts to teach it to shapeshift, The infant ultimately dies, but Odo is able to absorb it into his body, restoring his shapeshifting abilities. Meanwhile, Major Kira gives birth to the O'Briens' baby.445
  People :  Odo, Major Kira Nerys, Miles Edward O'Brien, Keiko O'Brien
446 The USS Voyager investigates an inversion nebula. The nebula is found to be maintained by an alien named Marayna, who taps into Voyager's holographic systems to relieve her lonliness. Both Tuvok and Harry Kim find themselves attravted to Marayna.446
  People :  Tuvok, Harry Kim, Marayna
447 Captain Sisko engages in an obsessive pursuit of Michael Eddington, ultimately poisoning a Maquis planet and threatening to do the same to all other Maquis planets in the Demilitarised zone, in order to force Eddington to surrender.447
  People :  Michael Eddington, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
111 Janeway experiences her own apparent death repeatedly when she is attacked by a non corporeal alien.111
  People :  Kathryn Janeway
448 Bashir is replaced by a Changeling infiltrator whilst attending a burns conference on Meezan IV; he spends several months in a Dominion internment camp before escaping.448
  People :  Julian Bashir
448 Enabren Tain dies.448
  People :  Elim Garak
449 Dukat becomes the head of the Cardassian government after assisting the Dominion in their take-over of the planet.449
  People :  Gul Dukat
62 Bashir admits that he was genetically engineered as a child; his father is sentenced to two years in prison as a result.62
  People :  Julian Bashir
450 Chakotay encounters a group of ex-Borg; experiences a limited version of the Borg collective.450
  People :  Chakotay
451 Odo falls for Arissa, a woman apparently on the run from the Orion syndicate. Arissa proves to be an undercover agent working for the Idanian government who has had her memories altered so as to pass telepathic scans. She ends the relationship with Odo when her memories are restored.451
  People :  Arissa, Odo
  Species :  Idanian
452 Quark briefly works as an arms dealer with Hagath and Gaila.452
  People :  Quark
453 Voyager's EMH experiments with modifications to his personality, resulting in some negative effects on his behaviour.453
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
454 The fifth Weyoun clone served as Chief Dominion Liaison to the Cardassian government.454
  People :  Weyoun
53 The USS Voyager undertakes to defend the planet Nezu from a series of asteroid impacts. A garbled message is picked up from a Doctor Vatm, a scientist on the planet who claims that the asteroids are artificial. Tuvok and Neelix attempt to recover Doctor Vatm, but he is poisoned as they attempt to return to the ship using an orbital tether. Tuvok and Neelix are able to return to Voyager with information which allows the ship to successfully defend the planet.53
  People :  Neelix, Tuvok, Doctor Vatm, Sklar, Lillias, Hanjuan, Goth
  Species :  Nezu, Etanian
455 Voyager encounters a Taresian ship whose crew claim that Harry Kim is in fact a member of their species. Although DNA analysis indicates that this is true, it is discovered that Ensign Kim's DNA was actually implanted by a virus on stardate 50698. Voyager is able to recover Kim and reverse the infection.455
  People :  Harry Kim, Eliann, Captain Alben, Lyris, Rinna, Malia, Taymon
  Species :  Taresian, Nasari
456 Quark regains his Ferengi Business licence in exchange for helping to break up the relationship between Ishka and Grand Nagus Zek..456
  People :  Quark
457 Worf and Dax agree to serve on the Rotarran, General Martok's Bird of Prey. Although Martok is suffering from the effects of his captivity under the Dominion, Worf is able to help him overcome this difficulty and succeed in his mission.457
  People :  General Martok, Worf Rozhenko, Dax
458 Kira ends her involvement in Shakaar after a visit to Kendra Shrine.458
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
459 The Klingons pick up an encrypted message which is apparently from a remnant of the Maquis. The message indicates that cloaked missiles have been launched against Cardassia. Michael Eddington agrees to assist Captain Sisko in destroying the missiles. However this proves to be a ruse - there are no missiles, and the plan was to force Sisko to help Eddington locate and rescue Maquis survivors. Eddington is killed in the process.459
  People :  Michael Eddington
460 The EMH creates a holographic family in an attempt to experience normal family life. His daughter, Belle, is killed in an accident shortly afterwards.460
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
461 The USS Voyager encounters the Voth civilisation. Although initially hostile, the Voth eventually agree to allow the ship to continue on its way.461
  People :  Gegen
  Species :  Voth
112 Ensign Vorik undergoes the Vulcan pon farr, driving him to attack B'Elanna Torres. She subsequently experiences a version of pon farr herself. Voyager encounters the first signs that they are approaching Borg space.112
  People :  Vorik, B'Elanna Torres
462 The second Borg invasion of the Federation. The cube is defeated by a Federation fleet including the USS Defiant and the USS Enterprise-E. The Enterprise-E subsequently travels back in time to 2063 in order to prevent the Borg from creating an alternate timeline in which the Federation is never created.365
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, Reginald Barclay, Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Borg, Humans
463 Chief O'Brien leads a teacm to Empok Nor, an abandoned Cardassian station of the same type as Deep Space Nine, in order to cannibalise it for spare parts. Whilst there, O'Brien's engineering crew is attacked by Cardassian agents who had been in hibernation on the station. Garak, under the influence of a Cardassian device which affects his mind, also attempts to kill O'Brien. The Chief is able to incapacitate Garak and defeat the Cardassian agents.463
  People :  Elim Garak, Miles Edward O'Brien
  Species :  Cardassians
464 On Stardate 50912 the EMH's optical sensors reconfigured to allow sight in the microwave range of the EM spectrum.464
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
465 The USS Defiant discovers the wreck of the USS Columbia, NX-02, abandoned on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant. Efforts to salvage the wreck are abandoned with the arrival of Dominion attack ships, and postponed indefinitely as the Dominion War begins.465
466 After considerable effort, Jake Sisko manages to obtain a baseball card as a present for his father.466
  People :  Jake Sisko, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
467 Voyager's crew enjoy a holodeck simulation based on a scenario in which the Maquis stage a revolt on the ship. The simulation proves to have been created by Tuvok as a security training tool shortly after the Maquis first came aboard. A bug planted in the program by Seska attempts to use the scenario to attack the real Voyager, but is unsuccessful.467
  People :  Seska
468 Kes undergoes a series of time jumps, a result of contamination by Chroniton radiation. The EMH is able to remove the radiation from her body.468
  People :  Kes
469 Janeway begins spending time in the Leonardo da Vinci holoprogram.469
  People :  Kathryn Janeway
469 Voyager encounters the Borg and Species 8472.469
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
  Species :  Borg, 8472, Humans
470 Worf becomes engaged to Lieutenant Commander Dax.470
  People :  Dax, Worf Rozhenko
470 The Dominion War begins. Dukat regains control of Deep Space Nine when the Dominion capture the station.470
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark, Elim Garak, Weyoun
2374 Picture from 2374Picture from 2374Picture from 2374Picture from 2374Picture from 2374Picture from 2374Picture from 2374Picture from 2374Picture from 2374Picture from 2374Picture from 2374
471 Seven of Nine is chosen to be the Borg representative to the crew of the USS Voyager. She is removed from the collective consciousness while undertaking this task.471
  People :  Seven of Nine
471 Voyager defeats a force of 8472 vessels; end of the Borg/8472 war.471
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
  Species :  Borg, 8472
68 Kes becomes non corporeal; she hurls Voyager 9,500 light years closer to Federation space.68
  People :  Kes
472 Tom and B'Elanna become romantically involved.472
  People :  B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris
473 Captain Sisko launches a raid into Dominion-held territory, destroying a Ketracel White production facility and limiting supplies of the drug used to control the Jem'Hadar.473
  Species :  Jem'Hadar
474 Chakotay is brainwashed by the Vori into becoming a soldier in their war against the Kradin.474
  People :  Chakotay
475 Captain Sisko and his crew crashland on a planet after their ship is damaged on a covert mission behind enemy lines. They manage to overcome a band of Jem'Hadar who are also on the planet, thanks to their Vorta leader betraying them.475
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Keevan, Remata'Klan, Limara'Son
  Species :  Jem'Hadar, Vorta
476 Alexander Rozhenko is assigned to the Klingon warship Rotarran.476
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Alexander Rozhenko
476 Worf serves as First officer of the Rotarran under General Martok.476
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
477 Sisko becomes an adjutant on Starbase 375. Jadzia Dax becomes commander of the Defiant.477
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark, Elim Garak, Weyoun
478 Starfleet gathers a force at Starbase 375 in preparation for an operation to retake Deep Space Nine.478
479 Harry becomes attracted to Seven of Nine, an attraction she does not return.479
  People :  Harry Kim
480 Starfleet launches an operation to recapture Deep Space Nine. Captain Sisko leads a large Federation force, but this is bogged down battling a Dominion fleet. The Defiant breaks through and reaches Deep Space Nine just as the minefield is destroyed; Sisko convinces the Prophets to prevent Dominion reinforcements from coming through the wormhole. A joint Federation/Klingon force recaptures the station.480
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark, Elim Garak, Weyoun
  Species :  Prophets
480 As Dominion forces leave, Damar murders Ziyal. Distraught at losing both the station and his daughter, Dukat becomes mentally unbalanced and is captured by Federation forces.480
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark, Elim Garak, Weyoun
481 Seven of Nine finds the SS Raven in Bomar space.481
  People :  Seven of Nine
482 Voyager's crew undergoes involuntary medical testing by an alien species.482
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
483 Alexander is transferred to the IKS Ya'Vang.483
  People :  Alexander Rozhenko
483 Worf and Dax marry.483
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Dax
484 Voyager encounters the Krenim, a species who use temporal technology in weapons applications. The encounter passes peacefully.484
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
The Mirror Universe version of Vedek Bareil arrives on DS9, intending to steal the Bajoran Orb of Prophecy and Change. He ultimately decides not to steal the Orb, and returns tot he Mirror Universe empty handed.485
  People :  Bareil Antos (Mirror)
486 Bashir begins to help a group of genetically engineered people.486
  People :  Julian Bashir
487 B'Elanna is accused of inciting violence with her thoughts on the Mari home world. Fortunately Tuvok is able to prove her innocence.487
  People :  Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres
488 Quark's mother, Ishka is captured by the Dominion. He assembles a team and is able to successfully rescue Ishka and capture the Vorta agent, Yelgrun. The Vorta prisoner Keevan is killed during the mission.488
  People :  Yelgrun, Quark, Rom, Keevan
489 A group of raider ships attack Voyager,s tealing the main computer system. Captain Janeway is able to recover the computer, with the help of a holographic version of Leonardo Da Vinci.489
487 Dukat escapes from Federation custody when the ship transporting him is destroyed by the Dominion.490
  People :  Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres
491 Morn is apparently killed in an ion storm. He proves to have been involved in the infamous Lissepian Mother's Day heist, faking his own death after absconding with all the profits from the robbery. Although his criminal partners attempt to find and steal the profits from teh venture, they are all arrested and Morn escapes with the money.491
  People :  Morn
492 Neelix is killed during an away mission; he is revived by Borg technology.492
  People :  Neelix
493 Chakotay helps Voyager escape from captivity by the Dream Species.493
  People :  Chakotay
494 The Dominion fields a new type of Jem'Hadar, specifically designed for the war in the Alpha Quadrant.494
  Species :  Jem'Hadar, Jem'Hadar
495 Voyager's EMH relays messages from the ship to Starfleet via an alien communications array. A message to Janeway informs her that her fiance Mark Johnson has married a co-worker. Voyager finds that the Maquis have been wiped out.495
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
496 O'Brien goes undercover on Farius Prime to penetrate the Orion Syndicate for Starfleet Intelligence.496
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
497 Worf and Dax are sent to retrieve a Federation intelligence agent working in on the planet Soukara, in Cardassian space. During the mission Dax is injured, and Worf chooses to abandon the mission and return her to the station for medical treatment. As a result the agent they were sent to rescue is killed. A permanent note is entered on Word's service record.497
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Dax
498 Kira uses the Orb of Time to travel to 2346 and meet her mother.498
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
499 Voyager rescues a critically ill Hirogen hunter who wishes to finish his hunt against a member of Species 8472. Seven of Nine assist the Hirogen in capturing his pey, against Captain Janewway's orders.499
  People :  Seven of Nine
  Species :  8472, Hirogen
500 False memories prompt Seven of Nine to accuse an Entharan trader of assault.500
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
501 Bashir is kidnapped by Section 31 for the first time.501
  People :  Julian Bashir
502 The USS Voyager is captured by the Hirogen. They force the crew to create large holodecks abouard the ship, where the crew must re-enact various violent episodes from history - and attempt to substitute holographic violence for the Hirogen's traditional hunting culture.502
  Species :  Hirogen
503 The Voyager crew are able to escape from Hirogen control and recapture the ship from the Hirogen. In the aftermath, Captain Janeway gives the Hirogen holographic technology in hopes that they can fulfil their obsession with hunting using holograms rather than live prey.503
  Species :  Hirogen
504 Dominion forces invade the planet Betazed; the planet's loss is regarded as a disaster for the Allied forces.504
  Species :  Founders, Jem'Hadar, Vorta, Betazoids
504 The Romulans join the war against the Dominion.504
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark, Elim Garak, Weyoun
  Species :  Romulans
505 Kira becomes romantically involved with Odo.505
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Odo
506 Tom helps Steth repair his ship, which is powered by a co-axial warp core.506
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris
507 Voyager attempts to stabilize some Omega molecules.507
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
508 An archeological dig on Bajor uncovers a tablet which describes an event called "The Reckoning", a battle between the Prophets and the Pah Wraiths. The battle subsequently takes place on Deep Space Nine, but is interrupted by Kai Winn.508
  Species :  Pah-wraiths, Prophets
509 Chakotay falls in love with a Ramuran woman, Kellin; she leaves him after being recaptured by her people.509
  People :  Chakotay
510 Jake Sisko and Cadet Nog are travelling in the Runabout Shenandoah when a Dominion warship attacks. They are saved and picked up by the USS Valiant, a Defiant class ship which has been fighting behind enemy lines since the outbreak fo the Dominion war. The Valiant, which is crewed by a Cadet squad, is subsequently destroyed attacking a new Dominion battleship. Jake and Nog are able to escape the ship in the final moments before its destruction.510
  People :  Jake Sisko, Nog
511 Voyager passes through a region of space inhabited by the Kyrian and Vaskan species, two races which are engaging in an armed conflict. Voyager is tnagentially involved, but quickly leaves the area. In the centuries to come the Kyrians will come to blame Voyager and the Vaskans for beginning the conflict. Their history depicts Voyager as a heavily armed warship crewed by sadists and murderers. A copy of Voyager's EMH program which was left behind will help them acquire a more accurate view of history.511
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
  Species :  Kyrian, Vaskan
512 Voyager's crew are replicated by the Deuterium/metal lifeform on the Demon planet.512
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
  Species :  Demons
513 Grand Nagus Zek is deposed for allowing women to wear clothes and make a profit, throwing the Ferengi alliance into chaos. Quark must impersonate his own mother in order to help the Nagus regain power.513
  People :  Grand Nagus Zek, Quark
  Species :  Ferengi
514 Miles and Keiko O'Brien's daughter Molly falls into a time portal. O'Brien is able to reverse the effects.514
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien, Keiko O'Brien
515 Seven of Nine pilots Voyager through a Motarra class nebula while the crew is in stasis.515
  People :  Seven of Nine
21 The Defiant picks up a distress call from a Starfleet officer, Lisa Cusak, marooned on a barely-habitable planet. The ship rushes to the rescue, but on arrival finds that they have been receiving signals through a time distortion, and Cusak has been dead for three years and two months.21
  People :  Captain Lisa Cusak
516 Voyager encounters Arturis, an alien with a gift for languages. He offers to translate the scrambled message Voyager recieved from Starfleet via the Hirogen array. The message reports the location of a new Starfleet vessel with a "slipstream" drive which has been sent on autopilot to the Delta Quadrant. With this USS Dauntless, Voyager's crew can get back home within a few months. However, the ship proves to be a trap created by Arturis, intended to deliver Voyager's crew to the Borg - revenge for the assimilation of Arturis's people by the Borg after Janeway helped them in their war with Species 8472.516
  People :  Arturis
  Species :  Borg Species 116
517 The first Allied offensive captures the Chin'Toka system from the Dominion.517
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark, Elim Garak, Weyoun
517 Jadzia Dax is killed by Gul Dukat, who seals the entrance to the Wormhole. The Dax symbiont develops life-threatening complications whilst on its way home to Trill; to save its life it is transplanted into the only available host, Ezri Teegan.517
  People :  Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
  Species :  Trill
2375 Picture from 2375Picture from 2375Picture from 2375Picture from 2375Picture from 2375Picture from 2375Picture from 2375Picture from 2375Picture from 2375Picture from 2375Picture from 2375Picture from 2375
29 Kira is promoted to Colonel.29
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
518 Tom begins playing the Captain Proton holoprogram.518
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris
518 Voyager crosses a 2,500 light year wide gulf in space - possibly the gap between two galactic arms. Janeway goes through a bout of depression and isolates herself from the crew.518
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
519 A transporter accident aboard Voyager allows some of Seven of Nine's nanoprobes to infect the EMH's mobile emitter. The result is "One", a Borg drone equipped with 29th century technology. One ultimately sacrifices himself in order to save Voyager's crew from the Borg.519
  People :  Seven of Nine
  Species :  Borg
520 B'Elanna begins to use dangerous holoprograms without safties in order to alleviate her depression over the fate of the Maquis.520
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
520 The Delta Flyer is built.520
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris
521 Janeway forges a peace treaty with Species 8472.521
  People :  Kathryn Janeway
  Species :  8472, Humans
522 The Delta Flyer crashes, trapping Ensign Wildman on board. Voyager's crew are able to recover her whilst Neelix cares for her daughter, Naomi.522
  People :  Ensign Samantha Wildman, Naomi Wildman
517 Dukat becomes a follower of the pah-wraiths.517
  People :  Gul Dukat
523 Voyager is almost destroyed during an attempt to reach home via Quantum Slipstream drive.523
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
524 Sisko discovers the Orb of the Emissary and uses it to re-open the Bajoran Wormhole.524
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
  Species :  Bajorans
525 Tom is reduced in rank to Ensign and sentenced to thirty days in the brig for his actions at the space ocean.525
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris, Kathryn Janeway
  Species :  Monean
526 Garak assists the Cardassian resistance movement.526
  People :  Elim Garak
526 Ezri is given the rank of Lieutenant and appointed a Counsellor on Deep Space Nine.526
  People :  Dax
527 An injured alien life form attaches itself to B'Elanna. Voyager's EMH creates a hologram of Dr Crell Moset, a noted Cardassian xenobiology expert, in order to assist with her treatment. Ethical concerns are raised when it is realised that Moset is a war criminal. Once B'Elanna is successfully treated, the Moset program is deleted.527
  People :  B'Elanna Torres, Dr Crell Moset, Emergency Medical Hologram
528 Seven of Nine develops a version of multiple personality disorder when assimilated personalities are reactivated by a damaged Borg vinculum.528
  People :  Seven of Nine
529 The USS T'Kumbra, a Vulcan crewed Nebula class starship, stops at Deep Space Nine. Whilst there the ship's baseball team engage the hastily formed "Deep Space Niners" in a baseball game. Although the Niners are heavily defeated, they are delighted with their performance - much to Captain Solok's displeasure.529
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Captain Solok
530 Dr Bashir performs a procedure on Sarina Douglas which cured her neurological condition, allowing her to lead a normal life. Although she enjoys a brief love affair with Bashir, Douglas subsequently leaves to pursue an internship at the Corgal research center.530
  People :  Julian Bashir, Sarina Douglas
531 Voyager traverses the territory of the Devore, a species with a pathological hatred of all telepaths. The ship is able to transport a group of refugee telepaths to safety, engaging in an elaborate ruse to fool the Devore agent in charge of escorting the ship.531
  People :  Kashyk
  Species :  Devore
10 The fifth Weyoun is killed in a suspicious transporter accident.10
  People :  Weyoun
10 The sixth Weyoun clone, considered defective by his creators, attempts to defect to Odo. The Seventh is assigned the task of tracking him down and destroying him, and is ultimately successful.10
  People :  Weyoun
532 Kor is assigned as third in command of the Rotarian, General Martok's ship. Despite his legendary reputation, Kor proves to be far beyond his best. Nevertheless he is able to make a glorious last stand against a fleet of Dominion attack ships, allowing the other ships of Martok's fleet to escape Dominion space.532
  People :  Kor, General Martok
444 The EMH recovers his memories of Ensign Jetal and is nearly driven insane.444
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
533 The Defiant visits AR-558 to deliver reinforcements. The senior officers remain on the planet to help defend a Dominion communications array which the Federation has captured. Despite a difficult tactical situation, they are able to fend off Jem'Hadar attacks and hold the array. During the battle, Cadet Nog loses his leg when he is shot with a Dominion weapon.533
  People :  Nog
534 Colonel Kira is abducted from Deep Space Nine by a Pah-Wraith cult led by Gul Dukat on Empok Nor. She is able to escape.534
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Gul Dukat
535 Worf visits the Enterprise-E. Whilst he is there, the ship travels to the Briar Patch where the crew expose the plot by Admiral Dougherty and the Son'a to forcibly relocate the Ba'ku.535
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Ba'ku, Son'a
536 Voyager becomes temporarily stranded when it encounters a "subspace sandbar". Whilst stranded the ship encounters a group of photonics life forms who confuse one of Voyager's holodeck programs for real life forms. The crew are able to resolve the situation and escape the sandbar.536
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris
537 Nog struggles to come to terms with the loss of his leg at the siege of AR-558.537
  People :  Nog
538 Chief O'Brien goes missing whilst on a mission to penetrate the Orion Syndicate, prompting Ezri to return to her home planet to find him.538
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien, Dax
539 Tuvok and Tom are stranded on a planet which experiences accelerated time.539
  People :  Tuvok, Thomas Eugene Paris
540 Ezri captures the Vulcan murderer responsible for two deaths on Deep Space Nine.540
  People :  Dax
541 Odo meets Laas, another of the infant Changelings sent out into the galaxy.541
  People :  Odo
542 An Easter Egg element in the Vic Fontaine holosuite program prompts the Deep Space Nine senior crew to stage a robbery on the casino in order to return the program to normal.542
  People :  Vic Fontaine
295 Voyager encounters a gigantic space going life form which is capable of devouring whole vessels after lulling their crew into a state of blissful euphoria via telepathy. Seven of Nine is able to save the ship thanks to the help of Qatai, an alien who hunts the creature.543
  People :  Qatai, Seven of Nine
544 The Breen become Dominion allies.544
  Species :  Breen
545 Worf is reported Missing in Action during the Dominion war. Ezri steals a Runabout and manages to find his escape pod, but the two are captured by the Breen.545 They are subsequently freed by Legate Damar.544
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
544 Sisko marries Kasidy Yates.544
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
546 The seventh Weyoun clone is killed by Worf.546
  People :  Weyoun, Worf Rozhenko
547 Chakotay helps to communicate with a species occupying chaotic space.547
  People :  Chakotay
548 The Chin'toka system is retaken by Dominion and Breen forces. The USS Defiant is destroyed during the battle.548
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark
  Species :  Breen
548 A Breen fleet launches an attack against Earth, destroying Starfleet Headquarters and badly damaging the San Francisco area. The Breen suffer heavy losses in the attack.548
  Species :  Breen
549 Seven of Nine is offered a position in the Think Tank.549
  People :  Seven of Nine
550 Seven of Nine is almost re-assimilated by the Borg during an attempt to steal a transwarp coil.550
  People :  Seven of Nine
551 Odo begins to display signs of a terminal illness; he is later cured by Doctor Bashir.551
  People :  Odo
75 Voyager prevents a catastrophe by piloting a Malon freighter into a star before it can explode.75
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
  Species :  Malon
552 Worf kills Gowron in personal combat.552
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Gowron
553 Seven of Nine begins to investigate Human dating protocols.553
  People :  Seven of Nine
554 Harry leads his first away mission - almost destroying Voyager in the process.554
  People :  Harry Kim
555 Voyager encounters the USS Equinox.555
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
556 The Cardassian population rises up against the Dominion. The Dominion destroy a city of 2 million people in retaliation.557
557 Bashir and Ezri become romantically involved.557
  People :  Julian Bashir, Dax
558 The Cardassian fleet switches sides, helping the Allies to inflict a major defeat on the Dominion and Breen forces. As allied forces approach Cardassia, Odo links with the female Founder and convinces her to end the Dominion war. Garak chooses to remain on the devastated Cardassia to assist in rebuilding efforts.557
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark
  Species :  Breen
558 The eighth and last Weyoun is killed by Garak.558
  People :  Weyoun, Elim Garak
558 Dukat attempts to release the pah-wraiths from captivity with the help of Kai Winn, and is trapped in the fire caves with them for all eternity by Sisko. Sisko ascends to a higher state of being, choosing to live with the Bajoran Prophets within the wormhole.558
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Gul Dukat
  Species :  Bajorans, Pah-wraiths, Prophets
558 In the aftermath of the Dominion war, Kira is appointed commander of Deep Space Nine; Worf becomes Ambassador to the Klingon Empire; O'Brien accepts a teaching post at Starfleet Academy; Odo returns to the Great link, ending his relationship with Kira; Rom becomes the Ferengi Grand Nagus.558
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark
  Species :  Ferengi
2376 Picture from 2376Picture from 2376Picture from 2376Picture from 2376Picture from 2376
559 Seven of Nine encounters some ex-Borg drones whom she once re-assimilated into the collective after an accident released them.559
  People :  Seven of Nine
560 B'Elanna has a near death experience in which she experiences the Barge of the Dead.560
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
561 The EMH experiments with daydreaming.561
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
562 Tom rebuilds an old shuttle, Alice, and is nearly killed by the ship's neural interface.562
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris
563 Tuvok is seriously injured when he is attacked by the Ba'Neth, a mysterious species long thought by the Kessat to be mythical. Voyager is able to discover a Ba'Neth outpost and gain information which allows Tuvok to recover successfully.563
  People :  Tuvok
564 Voyager encounters the underspace corridor network which allows extremely high speed travel across a large portion of the galaxy. Seven of Nine reawakens one of the remnants of the Vaadwaur species, who have lain dormant for 892 years in stasis pods after being destroyed by an alliance including the Turei. Vaadwaur ships attempt to capture Voyager, and although they are defeated many of the Vaadwaur escape into the corridor network.564
  People :  Seven of Nine
  Species :  Vaadwaur
565 Seven of Nine recovers the body of John Kelly, lost in a graviton ellipse since 2032.565
  People :  Seven of Nine
566 Voyager uses an alien catapult device to advance several years in its journey towards Earth.566
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
567 Barclay works on the Pathfinder project; he successfully creates a method of contacting USS Voyager on a regular basis.567
  People :  Reginald Barclay
568 Tom creates the Fair Haven holoprogram.568
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris
568 Janeway begins a relationship with a holographic man from the Fair Haven program.568
  People :  Kathryn Janeway
569 Voyager encounters a planet which exists in a highly accelerated time frame compared to the rest of the galaxy. The ship has a large though unintentional effect on the planets culture.569
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
570 The EMH becomes a major singer on the Qomar home world.570
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
571 Seven of Nine is kidnapped by Penk, a Tsunkatse organizer.571
  People :  Tuvok
572 Ensign Lindsay Ballard returns briefly to Voyager, having escaped the Kobali who were holding her captive. She returns to the Kobali after it becomes clear that she can no longer consider herself Human.572
  People :  Harry Kim
  Species :  Kobali
573 B'Elanna becomes the inspiration for a playwright when she crash-lands on a primitive planet.573
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
574 Kes returns to Voyager and travels back in time in an attempt to destroy the ship; she is ultimately convinced by Captain Janeway to return to her home world.574
  People :  Kes
575 The EMH is transported back to the Alpha Quadrant to treat his creator, Lewis Zimmerman.575
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
576 Voyager assists the Borg Unimatrix Zero drones.576
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Thomas Eugene Paris
2377 Picture from 2377Picture from 2377Picture from 2377
577 Seven of Nine's cortical node breaks down; Icheb donates his.577
  People :  Seven of Nine
578 B'Elanna and Tom marry.578
  People :  B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris
579 Many of Voyager's crew fall under the influence of an old mind control program implanted by a Bajoran Vedek.579
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
  Species :  Bajorans
580 Harry is assigned as Captain of the Nightingale, his first command.580
  People :  Harry Kim
581 The EMH briefly defects to a group of holograms being hunted by the Hirogen.581
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
80 B'Elanna becomes pregnant.80
  People :  B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris
582 B'Elanna convinces a nomadic Klingon sect to settle on a Delta Quadrant planet after decades of wandering.582
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
583 Voyager is briefly stranded in The Void, a closed subspace region with no natural resources; Janeway creates an alliance of ships in order to break free.583
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
584 Many of Voyager's crew are kidnapped by the Quarren and have their memory wiped so they can serve as workers on the Quarren homeworld.584
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
584 The EMH acts as the ship's Emergency Command Hologram for the first time, assisting in the rescue of Voyager's crew from the Quarren home world.584
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
585 Q makes a visit to Voyager and forces Captain Janeway to assist in the raising of his son, Q2.585
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Q
586 The EMH writes the holonovel "Let Photons Be Free", a major success in the Alpha Quadrant.586
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
587 Voyager finds the Friendship One probe. The Starship is able to repair much of the damage done to the planet the probe landed on.587
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
588 Neelix leaves Voyager, becoming a Federation ambassador to the Delta Quadrant.588
  People :  Neelix
589 Chakotay falls in love with Seven of Nine.589
  People :  Chakotay
589 Tuvok develops early symptoms of a degenerative neurological condition.589
  People :  Tuvok
589 Seven of Nine begins dating Commander Chakotay.589
  People :  Seven of Nine, Chakotay
590 Voyager reaches Earth.590
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
591 Captain Janeway is promoted to Admiral.592
  People :  Kathryn Janeway
2379 Picture from 2379
592 Shinzon assassinates the Romulan senate and siezes control of the Empire.592
  Species :  Romulans
592 Riker marries Commander Deanna Troi. He accepts the captaincy of the USS Titan, leaving the Enterprise-E.592
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi
592 The Enterprise-E travels to Romulus to meet Praetor Shinzon. Shinzon attempts to destroy the Enterprise-E as part of a plot to launch a war against the Federation. Data is killed592
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi LaForge, Worf Rozhenko, Reginald Barclay
593 The USS Titan, under the command of Captain Riker, visits the planet Romulus in the aftermath of Shinzon's attempted coup. During the mission the Titan is swept to the Small Magellanic Cloud after being swept into the spatial rift created by the destruction of Shinzon's Thalaron weapon. There they encounter the Neyel594, a species of genetically enhanced Humans discovered by Captain Sulu in 2298.595
  People :  William T. Riker
  Species :  Neyel, Romulans, Remans


Year Event
596 Stranded in the Small Magellanic Cloud, Captain Riker must deal with the genetically enhanced Neyel and a large, immensely dangerous spatial anomaly.597
  People :  William T. Riker
  Species :  Neyel
598 The USS Titan penetrates the Gum Nebula region, discovering it to be the home of an entire ecosystem of spacegoing life forms. Included amongst them are the Crystalline Entities, Space Jellyfish, a Proplydian, Spinners, Starpeelers, and Sailseeds. In addition, the ship encounters the Pa'haquel, an avianoid species who lead an alliance aimed at combating the spacegoing life forms in order to defend populated planets against them. The Titan crew is able to broker an agreement between the Pa'haquel and the Space Jellyfish in which they will work co-operatively to reduce the level of violence involved in these activities.598
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi
  Species :  Space Jellyfish, Crystalline entity, Spinners, Proplydian
2381 Picture from 2381Picture from 2381
599 Captain Picard and Dr. Beverly Crusher begin a romantic relationship, and subsequently marry.599
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard
600 The USS Titan visits the planet Orisha, home planet of the Orishan civilisation. Orisha is located near a temporal anomaly whose presence has shaped the history of the Orishans.600
  People :  William T. Riker
465 The USS Aventine suffers heavy casualties whilst defending the Acamar system from attack. With one third of the crew killed, including the Captain and First Officer, Second Officer Ezri Dax takes command. Dax is subsequently promoted to Captain and placed in permanent command.465
  People :  Dax
465 The Borg launch an all-out assault against the Alpha Quadrant, with the intent of annihilating the Federation and other major powers completely. The Borg travel to the Federation by a new unknown means, differing from transwarp, wormholes, slipstream, etc. Sensor readings of the method indicate a similarity to readings taken on the NX-02.465
  People :  Dax, Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Borg, Humans, Klingons, Demons
465 The Aventine journies to the Delta Quadrant to visit the crash site of the NX-02 in order to explore any possible connection with the new method of travel being employed by the Borg. The ship is forced to return after a short investigation of the wreck.465
  People :  Dax, Jean-Luc Picard
601 A fleet of Borg cubes enters the Alpha Quadrant, obliterating a huge fleet of Federation, Klingon, Romulan and other allies. The Borg begin to sweep across the Quadrant, destroying everything in their path.601
  People :  Dax, Jean-Luc Picard
602 The Caeliar decide to intervene in the Borg conflict when it is discovered that the Borg were originally created by a dying Caeliar millennia earlier. The Caeliar remove the nanoprobes from all Borg, freeing every member of the collective and effectively rendering the Borg species extinct.602
  People :  Dax, Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Borg
603 The USS Titan resumes her exploratory mission under the command of Captain Riker. The ship visits Droplet, the fourth planet of the UFC 86783 system. Whilst there they make contact with the Squales, an intelligent aquatic species. During the mission the planet undergoes an asteroid impact, causing an environmental catastrophe. Fortunately Titan's crew are able to correct the damage.604
  People :  William T. Riker, William T. Riker
604 Deanna Riker-Troi gives birth to a daughter, Natasha Miana Riker-Troi.604
  People :  William T. Riker, Deanna Troi
605 Romulus is destroyed in a supernova explosion, despite the efforts of Ambassador Spock to prevent it. The Romulan Nero, enraged by what he views as Spock's betrayal, attempts to destroy Spock's ship. As a result both Nero and Spock are thrown into the past, creating an alternate timeline.606

● - Shows the canon status of the year for this event

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 1 Encounter at Farpoint
2 TNG 1 Angel One Contact took place 62 years ago
3 DS9 4 Paradise Lost Inyo said he had been a politician for 70 years.
4 VOY 1 Ex Post Facto 67 years before the episode
5 Star Trek Chronology Page 93
6 TNG 5 The First Duty
7 TNG 4 Half a Life He was 60 in the episode
8 DS9 1 Emissary 60 years ago
9 TNG 6 The Chase 60 years ago
10 DS9 7 Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
11 DS9 3 Meridian 60 years before the episode
12 TNG 3 The Defector
13 ENT 4 These Are The Voyages... Troi states the date
14 TNG 3 The Vengeance Factor Crusher reports that this happened 53 years ago
15 TNG 3 The Vengeance Factor
16 TNG 6 Realm of Fear OBrien said this happened over 50 years ago; this is 51 years before the episode
17 TNG 6 Realm of Fear
18 TNG 1 Too Short a Season Forty five years before the episode
19 TNG 1 Too Short a Season
20 DS9 6 The Sound of Her Voice Bashir said she was 51 at time of death, which was three years and two months before the episode in 2374.
21 DS9 6 The Sound of Her Voice
22 TNG 1 Coming of Age
23 Star Trek Chronology Page 95
24 TNG 5 Conundrum Date listed on her personnel record readout
25 TNG 6 Tapestry
26 Various Voyager episodes
27 TNG 7 Dark Page
28 DS9 7 Image in the Sand Joseph gives the specific date
29 DS9 7 Image in the Sand
30 DS9 7 Image in the Sand Two months after they met, as per Joseph's description
31 DS9 7 Image in the Sand Joseph gives the reference
32 DS9 1 Emissary
33 TNG 7 Inheritance
34 DS9 2 Rivals Dax says O'Brien is 'not a day over thirty eight'
35 DS9 2 Whispers
36 DS9 7 Image in the Sand Joseph gives the reference. This could possibly be in May or later, presuming that Sarah became pregnant after the marriage in July. Although there's really no reason she might not become pregnant earlier than this.
37 TNG 2 The Icarus Factor Riker was abandoned by his father 15 years earlier at the age of 15
38 TNG 1 Datalore
39 Star Trek Chronology Page 98
40 TNG 5 Conundrum Date listed on his personnel record readout
41 TNG 5 Conundrum
42 TNG 2 The Icarus Factor
43 TNG 1 The Naked Now
44 TNG 1 Datalore Data said he was found 26 years earlier
45 TNG 3 The Bonding
46 DS9 3 Distant Voices He celebrated his 30th birthday in 2371
47 DS9 1 Emissary Jadzia said she was 28
48 DS9 2 Shadowplay Stated to have happened almost thirty years ago
49 DS9 2 Shadowplay
50 DS9 2 The Maquis, Part 2 Kira says she lived under the Cardassians for 26 years; the occupation ended in 2369
51 TNG 3 Yesterday's Enterprise
52 TNG 5 Conundrum Assuming a 4 year course, note that this is inconsistent with Data's statement that he graduated 'class of 78' in Encounter at Farpoint
53 VOY 3 Rise
54 TNG 3 Yesterday's Enterprise Sela states this happened one year after Yar's capture
55 TNG 5 Redemption, Part 2
56 DS9 3 Second Skin
57 DS9 2 The Maquis, Part 1
58 VOY 1 Parallax
59 TNG 3 Sins of the Father 20 years prior to the episode
60 VOY 1 Jetrel
61 TNG 4 Family
62 DS9 5 Doctor Bashir, I Presume?
63 TNG 3 The Vengeance Factor Sovereign Marouk says the last such attempt happened 18 years ago
64 TNG 3 Evolution
65 DS9 2 Playing God
66 VOY 3 Flashback
67 VOY 1 Eye of the Needle
68 VOY 4 The Gift
69 DS9 1 Dax Dax says she has known Sisko for 20 years
70 TNG 1 Datalore He states that he spent 3 years as an Ensign
71 TNG 4 Redemption, Part 1 Selar says this happened when she was four years old.
72 TNG 4 Redemption, Part 1
73 Star Trek Chronology Page 108
74 VOY 1 Caretaker
75 VOY 5 Juggernaut
76 DS9 1 Emissary This is four years before his graduation. Note this is inconsistent with Defiant in which Sisko says he has been in Starfleet for 20 years, i.e. since 2351. Presumably Sisko rounded the number slightly.
77 DS9 4 Rules of Engagement O'Brien says he has been in Starfleet for 22 years.
78 TNG 7 Journey's End
79 DS9 3 Family Business
80 VOY 7 Lineage
81 TNG 4 Legacy
82 DS9 4 The Way of the Warrior
83 DS9 5 Let He Who Is Without Sin...
84 DS9 4 Indiscretion
85 TNG 6 Chain of Command, Part 1 Jellico notes that Riker graduated in the class of 57; this is 4 years earlier
86 Speculative Assumes she joined the accadamy at age 18
87 TNG 6 True-Q
88 VOY 3 Future's End, Part 1
89 Star Trek Chronology second edition, page 281, assuming a four year acadaemy course
90 Star Trek Chronology second edition, page 281, assuming a four year acadamey course
91 DS9 1 Emissary Sisko notes that he met his future wife 15 years ago whilst waiting for his first posting
92 TNG 3 Allegiance 'Picard says he visited the planet 12 years prior to the episode, which is set in 2366
93 TNG 3 Allegiance
94 TNG 1 The Battle
95 TNG 2 The Measure of a Man
96 Star Trek - The Lost Years 7 : The Buried Age
97 VOY 5 Dark Frontier, Part 1 Stardate of 32611.4 given for this event, which equates to 2355
98 VOY 5 Dark Frontier, Part 1
99 Speculative Assuming it takes 3 years to assimilate into Federation society
100 DS9 1 Move Along Home
101 DS9 2 The Circle Odo notes that Kira had been breaking rules for 14.5 years
102 VOY 5 Dark Frontier, Part 1 Stardate given as 32623.5, which equates to 2355. Note this is only 12.1 units after they set out, which should be just a few days, but the dialogue states it to be 8 months later
103 VOY 2 Threshold
104 DS9 1 Duet
105 TNG 1 Heart of Glory
106 TNG 6 Chain of Command, Part 1 Jellico notes that Riker graduated in the class of 57
107 TNG 7 The Pegasus
108 Speculative assumes an 8 year medical degree
109 DS9 2 Whispers Stated to be twelve years before the episode.
110 VOY 5 Dark Frontier, Part 1 Seven said they tracked the cube for three years
111 VOY 3 Coda
112 VOY 3 Blood Fever
113 Speculative Assuming a four year academy course
114 Star Trek Chronology
115 DS9 1 Q-Less
116 TNG 6 Second Chances
117 TNG 1 Too Short a Season Based on forty years of civil war which began forty five years before the episode
118 DS9 2 Paradise Said to be over ten years before the episode
119 DS9 2 Paradise
120 Various Deep Space Nine episodes
121 TNG 1 Datalore He states that he spent '10 or 12' years in the Lieutenant grades. This presumes 11
122 TNG 1 Too Short a Season Four years before the episode in 2364
123 TNG 5 Conundrum Four years after he enlisted
124 TNG 4 Identity Crisis
125 TNG 1 Too Short a Season Two years before the episode
126 DS9 2 Cardassians
127 TNG 6 Realm of Fear O'Brien says he has been using Transporters for 22 years. In
128 TNG 4 The Wounded
129 DS9 2 Necessary Evil
130 DS9 2 Profit and Loss
131 VOY 6 Collective Five years after her assimilation
132 VOY 6 Collective
133 TNG 7 All Good Things The episode makes it clear that the ship is launched very shortly before the Farpoint mission
134 TNG 1 Code of Honor
135 TNG 1 The Last Outpost
136 TNG 1 Where No One Has Gone Before
137 TNG 1 Lonely Among Us
138 TNG 1 Justice
139 TNG 1 Hide and Q Just prior to the episode
140 TNG 1 Hide and Q
141 TNG 1 Haven
142 TNG 1 The Big Goodbye
143 TNG 1 Angel One
144 TNG 1 11001001 Shortly before the episode
145 TNG 1 11001001
146 TNG 1 When the Bough Breaks
147 TNG 1 Home Soil
148 DS9 3 Equilibrium Jadzia says she spent three years as an initiate; the episode Dax establishes her joining as taking place two years before 2369
149 TNG 1 The Arsenal of Freedom
150 TNG 1 Symbiosis
151 TNG 1 Skin of Evil
152 TNG 1 We'll Always Have Paris
153 TNG 1 Conspiracy
154 TNG 1 The Neutral Zone Note that this episode is the foundation of most Star Trek dates - Data states the year as 2364, and it is from this datapoint that the bulk of dates in Star Trek are calculated
155 TNG 2 The Child
156 TNG 2 Where Silence Has Lease
157 TNG 2 Elementary, Dear Data
158 TNG 2 The Outrageous Okona
159 TNG 2 Loud as a Whisper
160 TNG 2 The Schizoid Man
161 TNG 2 Unnatural Selection
162 TNG 2 A Matter of Honor
163 TNG 2 The Dauphin
164 TNG 2 Contagion
165 TNG 2 The Royale
166 TNG 2 Time Squared
167 TNG 2 Pen Pals
168 DS9 2 Invasive Procedures
169 TNG 2 Q Who
170 VOY 2 Meld
171 TNG 2 Samaritan Snare
172 TNG 2 Up The Long Ladder
173 TNG 2 Manhunt
174 TNG 2 The Emissary
175 TNG 2 Peak Performance
176 TNG 2 Shades of Gray
177 TNG 3 The Ensigns of Command
178 TNG 3 The Survivors
179 TNG 3 Who Watches The Watchers?
180 TNG 3 Booby Trap
181 TNG 3 The Enemy
182 TNG 3 The Price
183 TNG 3 The Hunted
184 TNG 3 The High Ground
185 TNG 3 Deja Q
186 DS9 2 Paradise As close as possible to being exactly four years before Stardate 47573.1
187 Speculative About half way between his conception on Stardate 42901.3 and his appearance on Stardate 44246.3.
188 TNG 4 Reunion
189 TNG 3 A Matter of Perspective
190 TNG 3 Hollow Pursuits Somewhat speculative - a few months before Hollow Pursuits, long enough for Barclay to acquire his reputation.
191 TNG 3 Hollow Pursuits
192 TNG 3 The Offspring
193 TNG 3 Sins of the Father
194 TNG 3 Captain's Holiday
195 TNG 3 Tin Man
196 TNG 3 The Most Toys
197 TNG 3 Sarek
198 TNG 3 Menage a Troi
199 VOY 2 Non Sequitur
200 TNG 3 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
201 TNG 4 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
202 TNG 3 Transfigurations
203 TNG 4 Brothers
204 TNG 4 Suddenly Human
205 TNG 4 Remember Me
206 TNG 4 Future Imperfect
207 TNG 4 Final Mission
208 TNG 4 The Loss
209 TNG 4 Data's Day
210 Star Trek Chronology Page 157
211 TNG 4 Devil's Due
212 DS9 1 Dax Odo noted that Curzon died two years ago.
213 TNG 4 Clues
214 TNG 4 First Contact
215 TNG 4 Night Terrors
216 TNG 4 The N'th Degree
217 TNG 4 Qpid
218 TNG 4 The Drumhead
219 TNG 4 Half a Life
220 TNG 4 The Host
221 TNG 4 The Mind's Eye
222 TNG 4 In Theory
223 TNG 4 Galaxy's Child
224 TNG 5 Darmok
225 TNG 5 Ensign Ro
226 TNG 5 Silicon Avatar
227 TNG 5 Disaster
228 TNG 5 The Game
229 TNG 5 Unification, Part 1
230 TNG 5 Unification, Part 2
231 TNG 5 A Matter of Time
232 TNG 5 New Ground
233 TNG 5 Hero Worship
234 DS9 2 The Wire Stated as being two years earlier than the episode
235 TNG 5 Violations
236 TNG 5 The Masterpiece Society
237 DS9 2 Whispers Stated to be two years before the episode. Presumed to happen just before Stardate 45581.2, as this puts it exactly two years before
238 TNG 5 Power Play
239 TNG 5 Ethics
240 TNG 5 The Outcast
241 TNG 5 Cause and Effect
242 TNG 5 Cost of Living
243 TNG 5 The Perfect Mate
244 TNG 5 Imaginary Friend
245 TNG 5 I, Borg
246 TNG 5 The Next Phase
247 TNG 5 The Inner Light
248 TNG 5 Time's Arrow, Part 1
249 TNG 6 Time's Arrow, Part 2
250 TNG 6 Man of the People
251 TNG 6 Relics
252 TNG 6 Schisms
253 TNG 6 Rascals
254 TNG 6 A Fistful of Datas
255 TNG 6 The Quality of Life
256 TNG 6 Chain of Command, Part 1
257 TNG 6 Chain of Command, Part 2
259 DS9 1 Past Prologue
260 DS9 1 A Man Alone
261 DS9 1 Babel
262 TNG 6 Ship in a Bottle
263 DS9 1 Captive Pursuit
264 TNG 6 Aquiel
265 TNG 6 Face of the Enemy
266 TNG 6 Birthright, Part 1
267 TNG 6 Birthright, Part 2
268 TNG 6 Starship Mine
269 TNG 6 Lessons
270 TNG 6 The Chase
271 TNG 6 Frame of Mind
272 TNG 6 Suspicions
273 TNG 6 Rightful Heir
274 DS9 1 Dax
275 DS9 1 The Passenger
276 VOY 3 Fair Trade
277 DS9 1 The Nagus
278 DS9 1 Vortex
279 DS9 1 Battle Lines
280 DS9 1 The Storyteller
281 DS9 1 Progress
282 DS9 1 If Wishes Were Horses
283 DS9 1 The Forsaken
284 DS9 1 Dramatis Personae
285 TNG 6 Timescape
286 DS9 1 In the Hands of the Prophets
287 TNG 6 Descent, Part 1
288 TNG 7 Descent, Part 2
289 DS9 2 The Homecoming
290 DS9 2 The Circle
291 DS9 2 The Siege
292 TNG 7 Liaisons
293 TNG 7 Gambit, Part 1
294 TNG 7 Gambit, Part 2
295 VOY 2 Elogium
296 TNG 7 Interface
297 TNG 7 Phantasms
298 DS9 2 Melora
299 DS9 2 Rules of Acquisition
300 TNG 7 Attached
301 TNG 7 Force of Nature
302 DS9 2 Second Sight
303 TNG 7 Parallels
304 DS9 2 Sanctuary
305 DS9 2 Rivals
306 VOY 2 Projections
307 DS9 2 The Alternate
308 TNG 7 Homeward
309 TNG 7 Sub Rosa
310 DS9 2 Armageddon Game
311 Speculative Assuming a year before he joins voyager.
312 TNG 7 Lower Decks
313 TNG 7 Thine Own Self
314 TNG 7 Masks
315 TNG 7 Eye of the Beholder
316 TNG 7 Genesis
317 DS9 2 Blood Oath
318 TNG 7 Firstborn
319 DS9 2 The Maquis, Part 2
320 TNG 7 Bloodlines
321 DS9 2 The Wire
322 TNG 7 Emergence
323 DS9 2 Crossover
324 DS9 2 The Collaborator
325 TNG 7 Preemptive Strike
326 DS9 2 Tribunal
327 DS9 2 The Jem'Hadar
328 TNG 7 All Good Things
329 VOY 2 Initiations Chakotay celebrated the anniversary on Stardate 49005.3; this presumes it was the first anniversary
330 VOY 2 Initiations
331 DS9 3 Life Support The negotiations were said to have been going for five months. This should equate to some 400 stardate units, putting it around 48080
332 DS9 3 Life Support
333 VOY 2 Resolutions exact date uncertain - after Kes was one year old
334 VOY 2 Resolutions
335 DS9 3 The Search, Part 1
336 DS9 3 The Search, Part 2
337 VOY 1 Caretaker Exact date uncertain; this is about five weeks before Caretaker
338 exact date is uncertain; this is about a month before Caretaker, but it could be longer
340 DS9 3 The House of Quark
341 DS9 3 Equilibrium
342 VOY 1 Caretaker Janeway said she hadn't heard from Tubok in over six days
343 VOY 5 Relativity
344 DS9 3 Family Business Six months before the episode
345 DS9 3 The Abandoned
346 DS9 3 Civil Defense
347 DS9 3 Meridian
348 DS9 3 Defiant
349 DS9 3 Fascination
350 DS9 3 Past Tense, Part 1
351 DS9 3 Past Tense, Part 2
352 VOY 1 Time and Again
353 DS9 3 Heart of Stone The day before the episode
354 DS9 3 Heart of Stone
355 VOY 1 Phage
356 DS9 3 Destiny
357 DS9 3 Prophet Motive Exact date uncertain; some weeks before the episode
358 DS9 3 Prophet Motive
359 VOY 1 The Cloud
360 VOY 1 Ex Post Facto
361 VOY 1 Emanations
362 DS9 3 Visionary
363 VOY 1 Prime Factors
364 Star Trek : Generations
365 Star Trek : First Contact
366 VOY 1 State of Flux
367 DS9 3 Distant Voices
368 VOY 1 Heroes and Demons
369 DS9 3 Through the Looking Glass
370 VOY 1 Cathexis
371 DS9 3 Improbable Cause
372 VOY 1 Faces
373 DS9 3 The Die is Cast
374 DS9 3 Explorers
375 VOY 1 Learning Curve
376 DS9 3 Shakaar
377 VOY 2 Twisted
378 DS9 3 Facets
379 DS9 3 The Adversary
380 VOY 2 The 37's
381 DS9 4 The Visitor
382 DS9 4 Hippocratic Oath
383 VOY 2 Parturition
384 VOY 2 Persistence of Vision
385 VOY 2 Tattoo
386 VOY 2 Cold Fire
387 DS9 4 Rejoined
388 VOY 2 Maneuvers
389 VOY 2 Resistance
390 DS9 4 Starship Down
391 VOY 2 Prototype
392 DS9 4 Little Green Men
393 VOY 2 Death Wish
394 DS9 4 The Sword of Kahless
395 VOY 2 Alliances
396 DS9 4 Our Man Bashir
397 DS9 4 Homefront
398 DS9 4 Paradise Lost
399 VOY 2 Dreadnought
400 DS9 4 Crossfire
401 VOY 2 Investigations
402 VOY 2 Lifesigns
403 DS9 4 Return to Grace
404 VOY 2 Deadlock
405 DS9 4 The Sons of Mogh
406 VOY 2 Innocence
407 DS9 4 Bar Association
408 VOY 2 The Thaw
409 DS9 4 Accession Two months before the episode since Ke