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Storm Front

Universe : Storm Front
Location of Event : Earth [1]
Year : 1944 [1]
Nature of Event : Alternate timeline [1]

The NX-01's year long mission to halt the Xindi's efforts to destroy Earth came to a climax in 2154, when Captain Archer led a small team aboard the Xindi weapon as it arrived in Earth orbit. Archer was successful in destroying the weapon, but was feared lost in the resultant explosion. The Enterprise was returned to Earth only to find that they had arrived in 1944 [2] - and worse, they were in an alternate history in which Nazi Germany had successfully invaded the United States of America.

Archer, meanwhile, was alive on the planet's surface. He rapidly discovered one of the reasons for the alternate timeline - members of an alien species called the Na'kuhl were assisting the Germans in their efforts, promising advanced weaponry. Archer escaped from German hands when the US resistance attacked the convoy which was transporting him. [3]

On Enterprise, a badly injured and dying Daniels appeared to inform the crew that he had transported the ship into the past so that they could repair the timeline. Daniels claimed that many of the factions in the Temporal Cold War had began to openly fight against one another, altering history in an attempt to gain an advantage. The Suliban Silik was also discovered aboard the ship, having apparently stowed away at some point. He was able to steal a shuttle and escape to the surface. Commander Tucker and Ensign Mayweather travelled to the surface to recover the pod, but were forced to destroy it when the Germans arrived on the scene. [3] Archer, meanwhile, had met friendly contacts with the US resistance and managed to gather information on the alien's presence before returning to the ship along with his local contact. [3]

When the Na'kuhl leader, Vosk, realised that his new captives were from the future he returned them to Archer as a sign of good faith and asked for a deal - his people were stranded in the past and had agreed to help the Germans in return for the materials needed to build a new temporal conduit. If Archer would agree to use his much more advanced technology to help, Vosk promised to repair the damage to the timeline before leaving. Archer declined the offer, prompting a brief fire fight between Enterprise and a Na'kuhl surface plasma cannon. [4]

Meanwhile Archer had realised that the Trip Tucker who had returned to Enterprise was in fact Silik, the Suliban having replaced Trip whilst he was still in captivity. Silik had come to the past to infiltrate Vosk's compound in order to steal their temporal conduit technology for his own leader in the future. Silik agreed to assist Archer in getting back into the compound to rescue Commander Tucker before Enterprise destroyed it. Trip was indeed rescued, although Silik was killed in the process. The Enterprise, having sustained damage to the targeting systems from the Na'kuhl plasma cannon, came down into close proximity with New York city to destroy the compound. The ship was attacked by Stuka dive bombers fitted with plasma weaponry, but managed to win through and destroy the compound moments before Vosk and his people could escape. [4]

The destruction of the temporal conduit restored the timeline to its original state, and marked the effective end of the Temporal Cold War. Enterprise was returned to 2154, apparently arriving a short time after the destruction of the Xindi weapon. The ship was treated to a grand welcome by a large fleet of both Human and Vulcan ships. [4]

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