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Deep Space Station K-7

Size Comp
Universe : Prime Timeline
Class Name : Deep Space Station K-7
Type : Deep space storage and trading facility
Unit Run : 85 built in total. 3 have been lost in all. 43 have been retired from service.
Commissioned : 2233 - 2261, class remains in service
Dimensions : Diameter : 815 m
Height : 200 m [1]
Decks : 50
Mass : 451,000 metric tons
Crew : 250, plus up to 800 temporary visitors
Armament : 4 x Type VI phaser banks, total output 5,000 TeraWatts
Defence Systems : Standard shield system, total capacity 81,000 TeraJoules
Light Monotanium Single hull.
Low level Structural Integrity Field
Docking Facilities : Three docking pylons capable of accomodating one vessel each. Internal docking bay capable of holding up to small craft [2]
Deep Space Station K-7 : Not capable of independent movement; attitude control and/or orbital adjustment only.
Strength Indices :
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 100
Torpedo Firepower : -
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 90
Shield Strength : 30
Hull Armour : 0.31
Speed : -
Combat Manoeuvrability : -
Overall Strength Index : 43
Diplomatic Capability : No dedicated diplomatic facilities
Expected Hull Life : 120
Refit Cycle : Minor : 2 year
Standard : 2 years
Major : 50 years


Once a common sight within the Federation, these staions are now reaching the end of their operational life and being phased out of service. Designed as interstellar border trading posts to encourage increased trade with other species, the stations more than accomplished their goal; over 92% of the stations deployed have more than paid for themselves over their lives, while over half have returned more than double the initial investment.

The design of the stations was fairly conventional, with a central core made up of of various cargo, engineering and support areas, surmounted by an eleven deck crew accomodation and recreation area. The base of the core was a large hangar designed to house and maintain visiting small cargo craft as well as the stations own small complement of shuttlecraft. Projecting outwards fromt he core are three long arms, each tipped with a section containing more cargo bays and a docking port for larger ships, as well as a five deck section containing accomodation and recreation areas for visitors.

The stations generally had an uneventful life, but one or two have been involved in important events - Space Station K-7 was heavily involved in the Federation's colonisation and development of Shermans planet, above the strenuous - and only occasionally legal - objections of the Klingon Empire. [3] This station was also the site of a time-travelling attempt to assasinate James T. Kirk by a Klingon citizen, an attempt prevented by the crew of the USS Defiant. [4]

Although many of the stations have been retired, the Federation has decided to keep the remainder in service for the duration of the Dominion war in order to use them as supply depots for the Starfleet. These 'old faithfuls' are thus being pressed into vital service one more time. Once the war is over, the remaining stations will be decommissioned over a five year period.

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 Speculative Scaled to the Enterprise in 'The Trouble with Tribbles / Trials and Tribbilations'. Also scaled to the deck heights in those sections which have window rows.
2 Visible on the shooting model
3 TOS 2 The Trouble With Tribbles
4 DS9 5 Trials and Tribble-ations
Source : Speculative
Comment : Scaled to the Enterprise in 'The Trouble with Tribbles / Trials and Tribbilations'. Also scaled to the deck heights in those sections which have window rows.
Source : Visible on the shooting model
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : The Trouble With Tribbles
Series : DS9 Season 5
Episode : Trials and Tribble-ations


Seen in the episodes "The Trouble With Tribbles" and "Trials and Tribbilations", K-7 was described by Sisko in the latter as "Deep space station K-7", putting it in the same category as his own Deep Space 9.

"Trials..." indicates that most of the station is unmanned storage compartments; both episodes show what appears to be a civilian in command of the station, and no Starfleet personnel appear to be present apart from those from the Enterprise and Defiant. This indicates to me that K-7 may fall into the same sort of category as DS9, i.e. a station not owned specifically by Starfleet but operating under its control or authorisation.

Some have suggested that the "K" of K-7 indicates that the station is one of at least seven situated near Klingon space, and that there would be a R-1 near Romulan space, T-1 near the Tholians, etc. This is quite a nice theory, although we have seen the stations near the Romulan neutral zone named on a map and they were designated "Outpost" rather than "R". Then again, perhaps the first-letter designation only applies to civilian facilities?

Clearly, there is a lot as yet unknown about this station. Alas, it's not likely that we will get to see K-7 or its ilk again.

Most of the figures for K-7 are invented by me, and are intended to be in line with civilian ownership or control.

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