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Negh'var Class

Size Comp
Universe : Prime Timeline
Affiliation : Klingons
Class Name : Negh'var Class
Type : Battleship
Unit Run :
IKS Negh'Var [1] - Active
plus 8 others built in total. 3 have been lost in all.
Commissioned : 2368 - present
Dimensions : Length : 682.32 m [2]
Beam : 470.09 m [3]
Height : 136.65 m [3]
Decks : 39
Mass : 4,310,000 [4] metric tons
Crew : 2,500 [4]
Armament : 2 x Mark 18 pulse disruptor cannon
18 x Mark 12 disruptor cannon [3], total output 205,000 TeraWatts
8 x Triple Fire photon torpedo tube with 2,200 rounds
Defence Systems : Auto modulated shield system, total capacity 2,160,000 TeraJoules
Heavy Duranium / Tritanium Double hull plus 25 cm High density armour.
High level Structural Integrity Field
Warp Speeds
(TNG scale) :
Normal Cruise : 8
Maximum Cruise : 9.25
Maximum Rated : 9.6 [3] for 12 hours.
Strength Indices :
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 4,100
Torpedo Firepower : 960
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 1,260
Shield Strength : 800
Hull Armour : 2,900
Speed : 1,000
Combat Manoeuvrability : 870
Overall Strength Index : 1,951
Diplomatic Capability : Approximately equivalent to Starfleet Grade 3
Expected Hull Life : 125
Refit Cycle : Minor : 2 year
Standard : 2 years
Major : 25 years


Built during the 2360's, the Negh'Var was designed for unparalleled protection and firepower; her sheer size was intended to allow her to carry an armament powerful enough to overwhelm any opponent, present or future. She emerged from the shipyards as the largest vessel ever built by the Klingon Navy, at over twenty two hundred feet long.

The main armament of the Negh'Var comprises a pair of huge disruptor cannon, [1] the largest such weapons ever built. Although they are the most powerful mobile weapons on any alpha quadrant ship, the weapons are able to fire over a very limited arc. Since the Negh'Var herself is not exactly a manoeuvrable ship, the intention of these weapons seems to be to deal with the heavy shielding associated with large space installations, fixed defensive systems and planetary arrays. [1] Engaging other vessels falls to the 18 Mark 12 disruptor cannon distributed across the hull; while these are only a fraction as powerful as the Mark 18 weapons, they are at least equal in firepower to the Starfleet Type X phaser array and hence among the most powerful in service.

The Negh'Var is equally well equipped for defensive operations. The shield systems are based on those used in the defence platforms protecting the Klingon home world, and the hull itself is constructed of a high density armour plate. As with recent Federation designs, the structural integrity field is rated at more than triple the normal standard, allowing it to considerably reinforce the armoured hull and provide a powerful backup protection.

Although its primary role is in destroying fixed defences and enemy vessels, the Negh'Var apparently has a considerable secondary role in landing and supporting troops. Some ten thousand can be carried on board, and the ship has over thirty personnel transporters and large numbers of landing craft to carry them. She can carry supplies for up to ten days of surface fighting, and if necessary can support the ground forces by both orbital bombardment and warhead transporting.

Launched in 2371, the Negh'Var is currently serving as the Flagship of the Klingon fleet. Her first combat action was during the Klingon-Cardassian war, [1] where she was responsible for destroying six Cardassian vessels, twenty three defence platforms and overwhelming the planetary shields on eight Cardassian worlds. She thereafter fought an action at Deep Space Nine, where she was able to breach the stations shields for long enough to land several hundred troops. [1] She has since seen considerable success during the Dominion war, adding to her fearsome reputation.

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Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 DS9 4 The Way of the Warrior
2 Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual Stated on page 162. We sometimes ignore this source, but a posting to the DS9 Newsgroup by David Stipes, DS9's Visual Effects Supervisor, gave 2,250 feet so we went with the DS9 TM figure since the two were in such good agreement. Note that the Mirror universe version of the Negh'Var seen in 'Shattered Mirror' appeared to be a good deal larger than this. The alternate version is most likely a different design related to the Negh'Var class in the same way as the various Klingon Birg of Prey types of our universe.
3 Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
4 Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual Page 162
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : The Way of the Warrior
Book : Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
Comment : Stated on page 162. We sometimes ignore this source, but a posting to the DS9 Newsgroup by David Stipes, DS9's Visual Effects Supervisor, gave 2,250 feet so we went with the DS9 TM figure since the two were in such good agreement. Note that the Mirror universe version of the Negh'Var seen in 'Shattered Mirror' appeared to be a good deal larger than this. The alternate version is most likely a different design related to the Negh'Var class in the same way as the various Klingon Birg of Prey types of our universe.
Book : Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
Book : Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
Comment : Page 162


The Negh'Var is probably one of the most confusing classes in Trek - we've seen no less than three different versions of the beast!

It first appeared in "All Good Things" in the false future created by Q, when two Klingon vessels destroyed the USS Pasteur before being given a pasting by the refitted Enterprise-D. These ships were not given class designations, and it's perfectly possible that they would have had their own class name since they were significantly different from the ship subsequently identified as a Negh'Var. We should also bear in mind that the "All Good Things" future was not a real one, but was rather a fantasy created by Q.

The first ship positively known to be a Negh'Var class vessel was the ship seen in "Way of the Warrior". Sisko identified it as the Negh'Var, and said it was the "new Klingon flagship". The ship appeared to be significantly larger than the Vor'Cha class vessels which accompanied it, and was armed with two HUGE disruptor cannon. From this I've guessed that the Negh'Vars main job is to batter down heavy shielding - which is exactly what she did at Deep Space Nine.

We next saw a ship that looked very like the Negh'Var in 'Shattered Mirror', but there was one crucial difference - this version of the Negh'Var looked to be about two or three miles long! I tend to class this ship as being a scale up of the Negh'Var class itself, in much the same way that there are Bird of Prey classes at different scalings. Lots of people call this ship a 'Voodien' class (don't know if I spelled that right), although where that comes from I don't know. It's quite possible that the ship was intended to be the same as the Negh'Var, and the special effects guys just messed it up - Trek is notorious for scaling ships poorly against one another.

So far as we know there is only one Negh'Var, but I've suggested that there are others on the way - it seemed logical, given the situation with the Dominion, that the Klingons would be turning warships out just as fast as they could.
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