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Kessik IV

Planets List
Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Kessik IV1

The fourth planet in its system and site of a Federation colony, Kessik IV was the home world of B'Elanna Torres. She and her mother Miral were the only Klingons on the planet during her childhood.1 Her father John Torres visited Kessik IV in 2378. He was surprised at the changes that had been made to their old house there.2

Kessik IV was originally colonised in 2264 by the crew of the mining ship Epimetheus. They chose the planet because it contained significant deposits of dilithium. In 2265, Commodore Diego Reyes and Ambassador Jetanien attempted to use the principle of eminent domain in order to seize the dilithium mines, but the Starfleet JAG office dismissed the request.3

Orion gangster Ganz had Cervantes Quinn deliver an illicit cargo to Kessik IV, with an understanding that the recipients would kill him when he delivered. Quinn landed in Anzarosh, a town which served as Kessik IV’s spaceport. It was, in his opinion, a shabby place, and one of the most depressing locations he had ever visited. Quinn managed to evade the trap and return to Starbase Vanguard, which somewhat impressed Ganz.3

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