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Gamma Tauri IV

Planets List
Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Gamma Tauri IV1

Fourth planet of the Gamma Tauri system. The Ferengi stole a T-9 energy converter from Gamma Tauri IV in 2364.1

The planet was colonised in 2363. In 2366, the USS Lovell spent an extended period on colony support at the planet. During the same year Jeanne Vinueza took over as the Colony Leader on the planet. One of her first actions was to reject protectorate status from the Federation, claiming independence for the colony. In foregoing Starfleet protection she hoped that the planet would not attract the attentions of the Klingons in the increasing climate of hostility with the Federation.2

Gamma Tauri IV was an agricultural colony. It lacked any deposits of dilithium. The planet had a single landmass, an irregular crescent shape that stretched almost two-thirds of the planet's circumference, covering latitudes from the subarctic to subantarctic. It totalled more than a third of the entire planet's surface area.2

In 2266 the Shedai launched a massive attack on the Federation colony on Gamma Tauri IV, killing thirteen thousand people. In response Commodore Reyes ordered the Starship Endeavour to enact Starfleet General Order 24. The ship bombarded the surface, exterminating every living thing, blasting away its atmosphere, cooking its oceans, and leaving it as nothing but a red-hot ball of glass.2

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