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Geordi La Forge

Quote Episode
"You know, I've always thought technology could solve almost any problem. It enhances the quality of our lives, lets us travel across the galaxy, even gave me my vision. But sometimes you just have to turn it all off." - Geordi to holo-Leah; on the solution to their problem
TNG : Booby Trap
Bochra : "And they let you live?"
Geordi : "Of course they let me live! What kind of question is that?"
(On Geordi's parents reaction to his being born blind.)
  People :  Centurion Bochra, Geordi La Forge
TNG : The Enemy
Geordi : "Maybe I'm not make myself clear, Guinan. Barclay, well, he's always late. The man's nervous. Nobody wants to be around this guy."
Guinan : "If I felt that nobody wanted to be around me, I'd probably be late and nervous too."
Geordi : "Guinan, that's not the point!"
Guinan : "Are you sure?"
  People :  Geordi La Forge, Guinan
TNG : Hollow Pursuits
"What can I say? To us it's a slime pit, but to them it's home." - Geordi to Wesley; on the Legaran environment
TNG : Sarek
"There's theory and then there's application. They don't always jibe." - Geordi to Brahms
TNG : Galaxy's Child
"Computer, remove La Forge." - Geordie; talking about removing himself from a recreation.
TNG : Identity Crisis
Taibak : "Who is that man sitting over there?"
Geordie : "That's Chief O'Brien."
Taibak : "How long has he served with you?"
Geordie : "Almost four years."
Taibak : "I want you to kill him."
Geordie : "OK."
  People :  Taibak, Geordi La Forge
TNG : The Mind's Eye
"That man's in a lot of trouble." - Geordi to O'Brien; regarding Lwaxana's interest in Timicin
TNG : Half a Life
"Who gave them the right to decide whether or not I should be here? Whether or not I might have something to contribute?" - Geordi to Hannah; regarding the settlement's decision to remove all disabilities from their offspring
TNG : The Masterpiece Society
"But my uniform, my VISOR... are you saying I'm some blind ghost with clothes?" - Geordi; commenting on Ro's assertion that they are dead
TNG : The Next Phase
Geordi : "He's not what I expected, Captain. He's got feelings. He's homesick. I don't know. It just doesn't seem right using him this way."
Picard : "Centuries ago, when laboratory animals were used for experiments, scientists would sometimes become attached to the creatures. This would a problem if the experiment involved killing them. I would suggest that you unattach yourself from the Borg, Mister La Forge."
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Geordi La Forge
TNG : I, Borg
Aquiel : "Geordi?"
Geordi : "I can see you. Oh, and I can feel you."
  People :  Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari, Geordi La Forge
TNG : Aquiel
Picard : "Geordi? I'm very sorry that you didn't find your mother."
Geordi : "Thank you, sir. You know, it's funny. When I was down there, it was so real. I felt like I had a chance to say goodbye."
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Geordi La Forge
TNG : Interface
Data : "Why is Spot under the bed?"
LaForge : "Probably because she knows if I catch her, I'm going to kill her."
  People :  Data, Geordi La Forge
TNG : Force of Nature
"Half the time, I didn't know if she was going to lick me or scratch my face off." - Geordi to Data; discussing data's cat
TNG : Force of Nature
Geordi : "How about a phaser? A low stun setting at just the right moment might do the trick..."
Data : "Geordi, I cannot stun my cat."
  People :  Geordi La Forge, Data
TNG : Force of Nature
"Hey, hey, don't you spit at me!" - Geordie to Spot
TNG : Force of Nature
Kira : "Why is it when you smile I want to leave the room?"
Dukat : "I suppose it's because of my overwhelming charm."
  People :  Gul Dukat
DS9 : Return to Grace
"Ziyal, what your father wants from me is forgiveness. That's one thing I can never give him." - Kira to Ziyal
DS9 : Return to Grace

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