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People image
Joran, one of the previous Dax hosts.1
People image
Curzon Dax, a few moments before the Dax symbiont was removed from him.2
People image
Jadzia in 2371.3
People image
This image shows the pattern of spots characteristic of Beta-Trills.4
People image
This is Ezri, the latest host of the Dax Symbiont.5
People image
Yedrin Dax. This was a future Dax host which existed in an alternate timeline.6
People image
Odo, having adopted the personality of Curzon Dax in the zhian'tara rite.7
People image
A picture of Verad Dax8
People image
The Dax Symbiont being removed from Jadzia.8

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 DS9 7 Field of Fire
2 DS9 1 Emissary
3 DS9 3 The Search, Part 1
4 DS9 5 Let He Who Is Without Sin...
5 DS9 7 Image in the Sand
6 DS9 5 Children of Time
7 DS9 3 Facets
8 DS9 2 Invasive Procedures
Series : DS9 Season 7 (Disc 4)
Episode : Field of Fire
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Episode : Emissary
Series : DS9 Season 3 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Search, Part 1
Series : DS9 Season 5 (Disc 2)
Episode : Let He Who Is Without Sin...
Series : DS9 Season 7 (Disc 1)
Episode : Image in the Sand
Series : DS9 Season 5 (Disc 6)
Episode : Children of Time
Series : DS9 Season 3 (Disc 7)
Episode : Facets
Series : DS9 Season 2 (Disc 1)
Episode : Invasive Procedures

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