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Ro Laren

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Ro Laren [1]
Species : Bajorans

Ro Laren was born on Bajor on the 17th of January 2340 to Ro Gale and Ro Talia. [2] She had a typical Bajoran upbringing, scavenging for food in one of the refugee camps her people were forced into by the Cardassian occupation. At an early age she was forced to watch as the Cardassians tortured her father to death. She was determined not to continue living in the camps, regarding the people who accepted them as having accepted defeat at Cardassian hands – something she vowed she would never do. [1] She joined Starfleet 2358, graduating in 2362. [3] She served aboard the USS Wellington, where she participated in a disastrous mission which led to several deaths. Ro was blamed for the tragedy, and imprisoned in the Garon II stockade. [1]

Whilst there Ro was offered a chance for release by Admiral Kennelly, on the condition that she participate in a mission to investigate Bajoran terrorist activity by the Enterprise-D. Unknown to Captain Picard, Kennelly was trying to expose the Bajoran terrorists so that the Cardassians could murder them all. Ro confessed her role in the plot to Picard, who exposed the Admiral. Afterwards Picard offered Ro a chance to serve aboard the Enterprise-D, which she accepted. [1]

She flourished on the Enterprise-D, though her abrasive personality frequently caused considerable friction – most especially with Commander Riker, her immediate superior. Despite this, when the two lost their memories as a result of the Satarran weapon they developed a romantic attachment to one another. Riker was highly embarrassed by this afterwards, much to the amusement of Ro and Deanna Troi. [4]

Ro underwent something of a spiritual crisis on stardate 45092.4, when she and Geordi La Forge were both placed into a phased state by a transporter accident in the vicinity of a Romulan phase cloak device. Unable to interact with normal matter or to be seen by anybody else, Ro came to believe that she had died and was existing in some form of spirit state. Although the truth was eventually revealed, Ro commented that she had come to re-evaluate some of her spiritual beliefs in light of the experience. [2]

She had another benchmark experience on stardate 46235.7, when another transporter accident regressed her apparent physical age by some twenty years. She was highly resistant to being a child again, remembering the difficulties of her original childhood. However, under the influence of Guinan Ro did eventually manage to accept her new state and allowed herself to experience some of the freedoms and joys of childhood before being returned to normal. [5]

Ro enrolled in Starfleet’s advanced tactical training course, where she began to hear of the existence of the Maquis – a group of Federation terrorists fighting against the Cardassian presence in the de-militarised zone between Cardassia and the Federation. Ro had a great deal of sympathy for the Maquis, and her loyalties were divided when she graduated from advanced training and was assigned to infiltrate the Maquis and lead them into a trap. She felt a great sense of loyalty to Captain Picard because of the role he had played in rehabilitating her after her earlier incarceration, but ultimately she could not betray the Maquis and left to join them. [6]

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Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Associated with

Crew of the Enterprise 1701-D/1701-E
Associated with Deep Space Nine

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TNG5Michelle ForbesEnsign Ro
TNG5Michelle ForbesDisaster
TNG5Michelle ForbesConundrum
TNG5Michelle ForbesPower Play
TNG5Michelle ForbesCause and Effect
TNG5Michelle ForbesThe Next Phase
TNG6Michelle ForbesRascals
TNG6Megan ParlenRascals
TNG7Michelle ForbesPreemptive Strike


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 5 Ensign Ro
2 TNG 5 The Next Phase
3 TNG 5 The Next Phase Conundrum claims she graduated in 2364, a 6 year stint. Since the same source claims her home world is Bajora rather than Bajor, I have gone with the Next Phase date
4 TNG 5 Conundrum
5 TNG 6 Rascals
6 TNG 7 Preemptive Strike
Series : TNG Season 5
Episode : Ensign Ro
Series : TNG Season 5
Episode : The Next Phase
Series : TNG Season 5
Episode : The Next Phase
Comment : Conundrum claims she graduated in 2364, a 6 year stint. Since the same source claims her home world is Bajora rather than Bajor, I have gone with the Next Phase date
Series : TNG Season 5
Episode : Conundrum
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Rascals
Series : TNG Season 7
Episode : Preemptive Strike

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