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Hikaru Sulu

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Hikaru Sulu [1]
Species : Humans

A member of the most famous crew in Starfleet history, Sulu served on board the original Constitution class USS Enterprise [2] for a total of twenty one years. [3] He joined the ship as a physicist [1], but later transferred to the helm position. [4] Sulu proved to have an exceptional talent for this job, and was renowned as being one of the best combat pilots in the fleet. Off duty Sulu's interests included botany [5] and fencing; he considered himself something of a swashbuckler and was a keen swordsman. [6] His interest in ancient weaponry also extended to firearms, and he was able to acquire a 1900s police special revolver which on the amusement park planet visited by the Enterprise in 2266. [7]

After completing his time on the Enterprise-A, Sulu was promoted to Captain of the USS Excelsior. He spend three years charting gaseous anomalies, a relatively routine mission which was livened up when the ship encountered the shockwave from the Praxis explosion whilst on the way home. Sulu and the Excelsior subsequently played an important part in the success of the Khitomer peace conference, [8] evading a Klingon vessel captained by Captain Kang during an attempt to rescue Kirk from the Rura Pente prison [9] before eventually meeting up with his old captain at Khittomer and assisting in the destruction of General Chang's modified Bird of Prey. [8]

Sulu had a daughter, Demora, [10] in 2271. [3] She later followed in her fathers footsteps when she joined Starfleet Academy [10] in 2289. She graduated in 2293, [3] becoming a helm officer on the USS Enterprise-B where she served on the mission in which Captain Kirk was believed to have been killed. [10]

Sulu eventually became one of the most famous Captains in Starfleet history, and today his portrait hangs in Starfleet Headquarters. [9]

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Associated with

Crew of the Enterprise 1701/1701-A

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TOSGeorge Takei
VOY3George TakeiFlashback
TASGeorge Takei
George TakeiThe Motion Picture
George TakeiThe Wrath of Khan
George TakeiThe Search for Spock
George TakeiThe Voyage Home
George TakeiThe Final Frontier
George TakeiThe Undiscovered Country


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