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Montgomery Scott

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Montgomery Scott [1]
Species : Humans

A native of Scotland on Earth, [2] Montgomery Scott displayed a talent for engineering from his earliest days. As a child he enjoyed constructing scale models of engineering systems of all kinds; as a teenager he secured a job assisting in the servicing of shuttlecraft for a transport company. In 2240 he entered Starfleet Academy, [3] specialising in starship engineering.

Graduating in 2244, [3] Scott rapidly began to rise through the ranks. He became Chief Engineer of the Enterprise in 2266; [3] it was here that his abilities really began to show themselves. 'Scotty', as he became known, showed a genius for seat-of-the-pants improvisation, often under the most difficult of circumstances. [2] Perhaps the highest tribute to Scotty's ability is that during the 28 years that he was Chief Engineer of the Enterprise, no matter what level of battle damage the ship suffered she never once failed to make it home under her own power. It is little wonder that Montgomery Scott acquired the nickname of 'the miracle worker' among his crewmates. [4]

In 2294, [3] Scotty retired from Starfleet. [5] He bought a boat, and was looking forward to retirement. [6] Shortly after his retirement he was pressed into service one last time when he attended the launch of the Enterprise-B along with Captain Kirk and Commander Checkov. Scott briefly acted as a bridge officer on the ship when it responded to a distress call from some El Aurian refugee transports. Although Captain Kirk was apparently killed during this mission, many of the refugees where rescued thanks in large part to Scott's idea to use the main deflector to simulate an antimatter burst. [7]

Shortly after retirement, Scott decided to move to the Norpin V colony. He secured passage on board the USS Jenolan, but while on route the ship was brought violently out of warp when it encountered the gravitational well of a Dyson Sphere; the ship crashed on the sphere, killing most of the crew. Scott, ever resourceful, rigged a transporter to hold him in stasis until rescue could arrive. Unfortunately, the Jenolan was not discovered for another eighty years. Nevertheless, Scotty was still stored safely within the pattern buffer of the transporter.

Scotty at first found it difficult to fit in to the twenty fourth century; he regarded himself as being out of place, and something of a burden on others. However, his actions in assisting the USS Enterprise to escape from the Dyson Sphere convinced him that he still had a contribution to make. When Captain Picard 'loaned' him a shuttlecraft, Scotty once again set out into the unknown. [5]

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Associated with

Crew of the Enterprise 1701/1701-A

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TOSJames Doohan
TNG6James DoohanRelics
TASJames Doohan
PRO1James DoohanFirst Con-tact
James DoohanThe Motion Picture
James DoohanThe Wrath of Khan
James DoohanThe Search for Spock
James DoohanThe Voyage Home
James DoohanThe Final Frontier
James DoohanThe Undiscovered Country
James DoohanGenerations


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