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Deanna Troi

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Deanna Troi [1]
Species : Betazoids / Humans

Half Human and Half Betazoid, Deanna Troi is empathic rather than telepathic. [1] She has served in Starfleet for twenty years, attaining the rank of Commander. [2] Troi is one of the foremost experts on the psychology of long duration starship missions in Starfleet, and her expertise was recognised when she was posted to the Federation flagship in 2364 [1]. She served with distinction in the role of Counselor, but initially had little to to do with the ship's operational aspects. In 2368 the Enterprise suffered a serious accident when it struck a quantum filament, and Troi was forced to take command of the damaged ship. Although she handled the situation successfully [3], the experience made her question her limited knowledge of operational matters. In 2370 Troi decided to expand her role on board the ship by taking the Commander's test in 2370. Although she found the technical areas difficult to master, she was eventually successful and was duly promoted to Commander. [2]

During the battle in which the Enterprise-D was lost, Troi replaced an injured crewman at the helm station; she subsequently undocked the ship's saucer section when the warp core began to overload. The explosion knocked the main helm controls offline and threw the saucer section into Viridian III's atmosphere. Troi and Lieutenant Commander Data managed to control the re-entry and landing sufficiently minimise casualties. [4]

Like most of the crew of the Enterprise, Troi was subsequently posted to the new Enterprise-E. During that ships mission into the past to ensure the success of Zefram Cochrane's warp flight, Troi headed the ground control crew of the Phoenix. [5] She continued as ship's Counselor on the Enterprise-E for six years before accepting a position on board the USS Titan, alongside her new husband Commander Will Riker, who was assigned to the captaincy of the ship. Shortly before the transfer Troi visited Romulus with the Enterprise-E, where she attracted the unwelcome telepathic attentions of the new Praetor, Shinzon. Troi was able to turn the tables on Shinzon during his battle with the Enterprise-E, using the telepathic link to locate his cloaked ship for the Enterprise to target. She also took the helm of the Enterprise for its ramming of the Scimitar. [6]

After her wedding Troi continued to serve aboard the Titan with her husband.

Riker and Troi had two children, Thaddeus and Kestra. Thaddeus, known as Thad, was named after Thaddius Riker, a soldier in the Union Army during the American Civil War, a distant ancestor of Will. Kestra was named after Deanna's sister, who tragically drowned at the age of seven. [7]

When Thad was infected with Mendaxic Neurosclerosis, a silicon virus, doctors said that the only cure was to culture the affected cells in an active positronic matrix. The problem was that the Federation ban on synthetic life meant that there were no active positronic matrices in existence any more. In a last ditch attempt to help him, Troi and her family moved to the planet Nepanthe, which was known for its regenerative properties. Thad came to think of the planet as his own homeworld. Ultimately the plan was unsuccessful and Thad passed away. Deanna and her family remained on the planet after his passing. [7]

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Associated with

Crew of the Enterprise 1701-D/1701-E
Associated with Star Trek : Picard

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TNGMarina Sirtis
VOY6Marina SirtisPathfinder
VOY6Marina SirtisLife Line
VOY7Marina SirtisInside Man
ENT4Marina SirtisThese Are The Voyages...
STP1Marina SirtisNepenthe
STP3Marina SirtisSeventeen Seconds
STP3Marina SirtisNo Win Scenario
STP3Marina SirtisThe Bounty
STP3Marina SirtisSurrender
STP3Marina SirtisVõx
STP3Marina SirtisThe Last Generation
LD1Marina SirtisNo Small Parts
Marina SirtisGenerations
Marina SirtisFirst Contact
Marina SirtisInsurrection
Marina SirtisNemesis


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