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Ahdar Ru'afo

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Ahdar Ru'afo [1]
Species : Son'a

Originally a native of the Ba'ku planet, Ru'afo and others left at some point in the past after a dispute with the rest of his people. The dissidents went on to found the Son'a people; Ru'afo was a military officer for the Son'a, commanding a small destroyer. Living away from the regenerative properties of the Ba'ku planet's ring system caused Ru'afo and his people to undergo severe physical degradation, which they attempted to overcome with various surgical techniques. He participated in the joint project with the Federation which was intended to relocate the Ba'ku without their knowledge so that the ring's effects could be fully harnessed. When Captain Picard interfered with the plan, Ru'afo decided to destroy the Enterprise-E and all of the Ba'ku; he murdered Admiral Dougherty when he refused to go along with this plan. Ru'afo was himself killed by Captain Picard whilst attempting to launch the collector which would harvest the rings. [1]

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F. Murray AbrahamInsurrection


# Series Season Source Comment
1 Star Trek : Insurrection
Film: Star Trek : Insurrection

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