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Gul Evek

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Gul Evek [1]
Species :

A Cardassian Gul, Evek was in charge of assesing the Dorvan V colony during the handover process when it was ceded to the Cardassians in 2370. [2] His ship was attacked by the Maquis later in the year, and only survived thanks to the assistance of the Enterprise-D. [3] Evek had several more dealings with the Maquis, especially in the area around Deep Space Nine. [4] He arrested Chief O'Brien, suspecting him to be a member of the group, but the Chief was ultimately proved innocent. [5] In 2371 Evek's ship was damaged whilst he was chasing Chakotay's Raider through the plasma storms of the Badlands. [6]

Colour key

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Associated with

Associated with The Next Generation
Associated with Deep Space Nine

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TNG7Richard PoeJourney's End
TNG7Richard PoePreemptive Strike
DS92Richard PoePlaying God
DS92Richard PoeThe Maquis, Part 1
DS92Richard PoeThe Maquis, Part 2
DS92Richard PoeTribunal
VOY1Richard PoeCaretaker


# Series Season Source Comment
1 Various Next Generation episodes
2 TNG 7 Journey's End
3 TNG 7 Preemptive Strike
4 DS9 2 The Maquis, Part 1
5 DS9 2 Tribunal
6 VOY 1 Caretaker
Series : TNG Season (Disc )
Episode : Various Next Generation episodes
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Episode : Caretaker

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