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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Ishka [1]
Species : Ferengi

Mother of Quark and Rom, Ishka was affectionately known as Moogie by the pair. She was a very modern Ferengi, who refused to go naked in spite of the customs of that race. She also participated in business [2] , even advising the Grand Nagus on commerce whilst they were involved in a romantic relationship. [3]

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Associated with

Associated with Deep Space Nine

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
DS93Andrea MartinFamily Business
DS95Cecily AdamsFerengi Love Songs
DS96Cecily AdamsThe Magnificent Ferengi
DS96Andrea MartinProfit and Lace
DS97Cecily AdamsThe Dogs of War


# Series Season Source Comment
1 Various Deep Space Nine episodes
2 DS9 3 Family Business
3 DS9 5 Ferengi Love Songs
Series : DS9 Season
Episode : Various Deep Space Nine episodes
Series : DS9 Season 3
Episode : Family Business
Series : DS9 Season 5
Episode : Ferengi Love Songs

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