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Elizabeth Cutler

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Elizabeth Cutler1
Species : Humans

Cutler was a member of the NX-01s crew in the early 2150s. She participated in the exploration of Archer IV, chosen to do so by T'Pol as a result of her knowledge of insect life, which was abundant on the planet. Whilst on the planet Cutler fell victim to the effects of the pollen there, which caused paranoia and delusions.1

She also trained as a medic; she accompanied Dr. Phlox to Valakis to assist him in the treatment of the illness affecting the population there. She disliked the way that the Valakians treated the less sophisticated Menk who also lived on the planet.2 In 2152 Cutler filled in as Chief Medical Officer whilst Phlox entered his yearly period of hibernation. Her limited abilities as a doctor led her to awaken Phlox in order to treat an injury sustained by Ensign Mayweather.3 Cutler continued aboard the ship during the mission into the Delphic Expanse, suffering a broken arm as a result of a spatial anomaly which the ship encountered.4

Cutler was surprisingly cosmopolitan for a Human of the mid 22nd century, seeking friendship with both Commander T'Pol and Dr. Phlox aboard the Enterprise. She tried Plomeek soup, which she described as "interesting", in an attempt to find something to talk about with T'Pol. However, T'Pol rebuffed her attempts at forging a relationship with typical Vulcan unemotionalism.1

With Dr. Phlox Cutler exhibited some signs of romantic attraction, accompanying him to the regular movie night and seeking excuses to spend time with him. She was given pause when Phlox revealed that he already had several wives, though neither one outright dismissed the possibility of romance between them because of this.2

Colour key

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Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
ENT1Kellie WaymireStrange New World
ENT1Kellie WaymireDear Doctor
ENT1Kellie WaymireTwo Days and Two Nights
ENT2Kellie WaymireDead Stop


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