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Lieutenant Rizzo / Narissa

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Lieutenant Rizzo / Narissa [1]
Species : Romulans

Narissa was a Romulan female, sister of Narek. [1] Their parents were killed while they were both young and their aunt, Ramdha, took over their care. Eventually both Ramda and Narissa joined the Zhat Vash and experienced the Admonition, while Ramdha lost her mind during the experience, Narissa was the only one to survive unharmed. Narissa's first mission was to orchestrate the attack on Mars. [2] She often referred to Andriods as Abominations. [1]

Subsequently, Narissa was altered to look Human and was embedded in Starfleet security as Lieutenant Rizzo, under the command of Commodore Oh. [1] She was involved in the plot to capture Dahj Asha, but botched the assignment which led to Dahj being killed before they could identify her origins. [1] After her failure she reverted to her Romulan appearance and travelled to The Artifact to take charge of the mission to find Soji's origin. [3]

Once Narek succeeded in tracing Soji's origin, both he and Narissa were annoyed when Picard and Soji escaped the Cube. Narissa interrogated Hugh but was unable to get him to disclose their location and as Hugh was a Federation citizen she was unable to kill him. Later she overheared Hugh plotting to take over the Cube and used it as an excuse to kill him. Elnor came to his rescue and fought off the Romulans and almost managed to kill Narissa, however, in the last moment Narissa killed Hugh with a knife before beaming away to safety. [4]

Narissa instructed the Romulan guards to search for Elnor. When he was discoverd in Hugh's office Narissa assembled a team and went to try and kill him. Fortunately for Elnor he had activated a Fenris Ranger beacon and Seven of Nine came to his rescue. Seven and Elnor then hid within the Cube and started reactivating systems to fight the Romulans, including activating the remaining Borg. Narissa fought back by opening the Cube to space and blowing all Borg out into space. [2]

All remaining Romulans evacuated the Cube but Narissa is captured by ex-Borg and kept on board. She was thus on the ship when Seven takes it to Capellius to assist Picard. [2] When the Borg Cube was crashed on Cappelius by the orbital defence orchids, Narissa survived and started repairing the weapons systems. She managed to get the tracking systems working and started using them to track Picard's ship once it took off. As she was about to fire on it, Seven of Nine entered and the two started fighting. Narissa was initially winning the fight but Seven got the upper hand and managed to kill Narissa by pushing her off a tall balcony. [5]

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Associated with

Associated with Star Trek : Picard

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
STP1Peyton ListMaps and Legends
STP1Peyton ListThe End is the Beginning
STP1Peyton ListAbsolute Candor
STP1Peyton ListThe Impossible Box
STP1Peyton ListNepenthe
STP1Peyton ListBroken Pieces
STP1Peyton ListEt in Arcadia Ego, Part 2


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Series : STP Season 1
Episode : Maps and Legends
Series : STP Season 1
Episode : Broken Pieces
Series : STP Season 1
Episode : The End is the Beginning
Series : STP Season 1
Episode : Nepenthe
Series : STP Season 1
Episode : Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2

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