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Kashimuro Nozawa

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Kashimuro Nozawa1
Species : Humans

A member of Voyager's crew, Nozawa worked in various capacities on the ship. In 2371 he was a part of security, and escorted the Vidiians who visited the ship after stealing one of Neelix's lungs.2 Torres was once embarrased to walk in on Nozawa in a state of undress as a result of a spatial distortion which had reconfigured the ship's corridors.3 By 2373 he was to be found operating the ship's transporter systems; when the EMH damaged his personality by adding extra character traits, he used a phaser on Nozawa to facilitate his escape from the ship.4 When two Voth scientists visited the ship they commented on the unpleasant odour Humans produced after encountering Nozawa in a corridor.5

In 2374 Nozawa assisted Seven of Nine in beaming aboard a sample of deuterium from a Demon class planet; he was injured when the transport failed catastrophically, though Seven was able to evacuate him safely from the room.6 In 2377 Nozawa was abducted by the Quarren and brainwashed into believing that he was a part of their workforce. He had the employment number 85827

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Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
VOY1John TempoyaPhage
VOY2John TempoyaTwisted
VOY3John TempoyaDarkling
VOY3John TempoyaDistant Origin
VOY4John TempoyaDemon
VOY7John TempoyaWorkforce, Part 1
VOY7John TempoyaWorkforce, Part 2


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