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Dead Stop

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Title :
Dead Stop
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
9 Oct 2002
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
2 x 04
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
Trip states in this episode that a really powerful and sophisticated computer would probably be very large. But look back on the history of computers, and you will see that in fact the more sophisticated they are the smaller they get.
Great Moment :
Lots of nice continuity in this episode; the ship and Reed's leg are still damaged from last week's mine, Hoshi mentions the fifteen bodies she saw on an alien ship last year, they even mentioned the scratch Trip inflicted with the inspection pod in the pilot episode!

Last season I several times berated the writers for messing up speed and distance calculations. In this episode Travis declares that Enterprise can only do Warp 2, maybe 2.1, and Archer replies that they are therefore a decade away from Jupiter station. Warp 2.1 would be about 9 times lightspeed, while the ship's usual warp 4.5 is just over 90 times lightspeed. Since the ship has been underway for about a year, Archer's estimate is just about spot on. Well done writers!
Body Count :
Zero. Archer has even managed to go three straight episodes without getting beaten up now!
Factoid :
The Tellarites mentioned in this episode are the pig-faced people from the original series. Nice to see another TOS species featuring in Enterprise.

The Enterprise computer is the most advanced in the fleet, and is three decks tall.

I believe this episode may contain the first canonical statement that replicators can't produce living organic matter.


Sending out a distress call, for help with their hull damage, Enterprise gets a garbled message about a nearby repair facility. Arriving there they find an incredibly advanced automated space station which offers to repair every bit of damage to both the ship and Reed for a mere 200 litres of warp plasma. In fact it almost seems like an offer too good to be true, and Archer begins to wonder if there might be a catch...
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