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Title :
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
14 Feb 1993
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
1 x 07
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
Sisko worries that the alien ship is probably going to escape since it is faster than a Runabout. Why not fire on it and disable it? Or lock the docking clamps down? Or beam Jadzia off it before it departs?

Gee, Klaestron IV sure does look an awful lot like Angel I, doesn't it?

At one point Peers refers to "the Trillian government". This word will never be used again; from now on the collective name for Trill is Trill. You know, like Sheep!
Body Count :
Factoid :
This was the last Star Trek episode ever written by D.C. Fontana.

This episode is the first ever to mention Raktajino, Klingon coffee. The beverage would be mentioned many times in future episodes.

Anne Haney previously played Rishon Uxbridge in TNG's "The Survivors".


A group of aliens attempt a kidnapping of Jadzia Dax late one night, almost succeeding in getting away from the station before being stopped at the last moment. It transpires that the group are led by Ilon Tandro, a Klaestron who is bearing a valid warrant for Dax's extradition to his planet on charges of treason and murder.

However, the Klaestron extradition treaty is with the Federation, not Bajor, so the Bajorans insist on holding a hearing into the situation. Dax is unusually withdrawn, refusing point-blank to defend herself in any way.

Much of the trial revolves around the fact that the crimes in question were alleged to have been committed by Curzon, the previous host of the Dax symbiote. Jadzia may therefore not be responsible for them, if she can be considered as a new person. In addition to this, Odo goes to the planet to investigate the facts surrounding the crimes.

The accusation is that during a war on the planet Curzon Dax betrayed the Klaestrons to the enemy, leading to the death of Ilon Tandro's own father. However, Odo's investigations reveal the real truth - Curzon's secret messages were not directed to the enemy but to Ilon's mother, who was having an affair with him.

Ultimately Ilon's mother comes to the station to confess to the affair, and the case is dismissed. Ilon angrily rejects his mother and storms off. In the aftermath, she urges Jadzia to "live a long, fresh and wonderful life".


A good deal of this episode revolves around the issue of whether Jadzia Dax is responsible for the actions of Cruzon Dax - that is to say, are they legally the same person, even though they are in a different body now?

What I have to wonder is this. Surely this is a long-settled legal question in the minds of Trill society, right? And even within the Federation. With millions of joined Trill living for century after century, surely there must be many instances in which legal issues go from one host to the next. Not just situations where one host might be held responsible for a crime committed by another, either - there must be many, many such legal issues. Does Jadzia own any property or money that was owned by Cruzon? If Curzon wrote a book, does Jadzia still get the royalties? And so on.

So my question is, why don't those precedents come into play in the Bajoran tribunal? Legal precedents from Trill or Bajor certainly may not be binding on a Bajoran arbiter, but surely it would be instructive? If nothing else, at least one of the sides would have held them up as evidence right? I mean, if Trill society and/or the Federation treats each joining as the birth of a new entity, wouldn't Sisko bring this up in order to bolster his case? And if they treat each joining as just a single ongoing life, then wouldn't Ilon bring that up to bolster his case?

But everyone acts as if this kind of situation has never arisen before and nobody really has a clue. Even the guy sent along by the Trill talks strictly of his own personal experience, and apparently has nothing to say about the legal rules on his planet.
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