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A Man Alone

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Title :
A Man Alone
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
17 Jan 1993
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
1 x 03
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
When the Bajoran mob trash Odo's office, somebody scrawls "Shifter" on the wall - in English. Was an off duty Starfleet officer in the mob?

So let's talk about clones. In the TNG episode "Up The Long Ladder", Riker and Pulaski find that they have been cloned without their knowledge or consent. Riker vapourises both of the (half-grown) clones with his phaser. Presumably, then, Federation law does not classify clones as human individuals with a right to life. Yet here, Odo states that 'Killing your own clone is still murder'. So, why the difference? Perhaps it was that Ibudan's clone was fully grown and awake, whilst the clones in "Up The Long Ladder" were still only partially formed and unconscious, making what Riker did into some kind of weird clone abortion? Or then again, perhaps Riker's actions were considered in light of Federation law, or even Mariposan law, whilst Deep Space Nine may operate under Bajoran law. Either way, here's what I find a little strange - in investigating the crime Doctor Bashir creates a new clone of Ibudan, who grows to full maturity and goes on about his life. Is that even remotely ethical?! Bashir created a new life form here! When Data did that, Picard acted like it was a pretty big deal, something to be considered carefully. Nobody here so much as mentions that it might be a questionable thing to do!
Body Count :
One - Ibudan's clone.
Factoid :
When Odo is searching in the starship wich Ibudan used to go to Deep Space Nine, he asks for the information recorded in the cabin's computer. When the list is displayed, you can see "Departure from Alderaan spaceport"... Alderaan is the planet destroyed by the Death Star in the first Star Wars movie!


When an enemy of Odo's is found murdered and all the evidence points to the Constable, feelings run high among the DS9 residents.
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