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Who Mourns for Morn?

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Title :
Who Mourns for Morn?
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
4 Feb 1998
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
6 x 12
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
Quark bemoans the fact that the bricks of gold-pressed Latinum have had the latinum removed, leaving only the worthless gold behind. To emphasise the point he snaps one of the bricks. Okay, gold isn't the strongest metal in the world and these bricks were hollow. But Quark snaps a gold brick with his bare hands! How strong are Ferengi meant to be?
Great Moment :
Morn finally got an episode of his own! And a backstory! I love it when a minor character grows to become a significant element in a show, and going from background alien extra to having your own episode must be one of the best examples of the transition.
Factoid :
Gregory Itzin played Ilon Tandro in DS9's early episode "Dax".

After Quark's little speech about Morn, the guy he escorts to Morn's seat to "keep it warm for him" is Mark Allen Shepherd, the actor who plays Morn under all the makeup.

Armin Shimerman was unhappy with this episode since he felt that it was unfair that Mark Allen Shepherd's Morn had become such an important character in the show, Whilst Shepherd himself was regarded - and paid - by the production purely as a non speaking extra, the same as any other background character.

Shepherd himself, however, enjoyed the episode for what it revealed about Morn, such as the fact that he slept in a mud bath and had two stomachs.

The producers had long wanted to do "A Morn episode", but were hampered by the fact that Morn never speaks. Eventually they came up with the idea of having an episode that was about Morn, but which did not actually have any Morn in it.

This episode saw Michael Westmore nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Makeup for a Series, for the alien makeup job on Krit and Nahsk.


When Morn is reported killed, sadness descends on the station. But soon Morns beautiful wife and not-so-beautiful business partners are engaged on a race to grab hold of his legacy - a thousand bricks of Gold Pressed Latinum.
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