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You are Cordially Invited...

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Title :
You are Cordially Invited...
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
10 Nov 1997
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
6 x 07
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
Most of Martok's crew are transferred to the Yah'Vang. Yet in "Sons and Daughters" the Rotarran was described as being badly undermanned. Surely they should be getting new crewmembers, not losing even more!

In TNG's "Data's Day", Worf complains that "Human bonding rituals often involve a great deal of talking". Well here we see his uber Klingon marriage ceremony... and it sure involves a lot of talking!

Given that Worf travels to attend the wedding of Deanna and Riker in Star Trek : Nemesis, you have to wonder why none of his friends from the Enterprise-E come to attend his wedding to Jadzia. I guess they're too busy fighting the war?

But on the same lines, why don't his parents come for the wedding? Too dangerous for civilians to travel?
Great Moment :
Several! O'Brien and Bashir having a "vision" of killing Worf during their preparation for the wedding is hilarious, and Sirella's description of the Klingon's religion is just the kind of thing we have come to expect from her people.
Factoid :
Shannon Cochran also played Kalita in Deep Space Nine's "Defiant".

The USS Sutherland is mentioned in this episode. This was the Nebula class ship that Data captained in "Redemption, Part II". Ron D. Moore had considered making the Sutherland a ship with a reputation for a rather wild crew, so that every time it visited the station, hijinks would follow. The idea was dropped from the episode.

This episode is the last appearance of Alexander Rozhenko on Star Trek.

The Captain of the Sutherland is referenced as Captain Shelby. Moore had in mind that this would be the same Shelby from TNG's "Best of Both Worlds". However, Moore had forgotten that Shelby was a main character in the Trek novel series, and that Pocket Books had been told that the television shows would never step on their toes by using the character in canon again. Moore had a "very sheepish" conversation with the company after the episode aired, and has stated that the Sutherland Shelby could easily be somebody else, since with so many people in Starfleet there are bound to be many duplicate names.

This episode establishes a precise age for Dax - 356 years.

Back in TNGs "Redemption", writer Ron D. Moore threw in a line that women were not allowed to serve on the Klingon high council. Since many episodes about Klingon society focus on politics, this meant that no women were seen in prominent roles in Klingon society. Moore thought this made Klingon society look deeply sexist, so in this episode he created the character of Sirella to put forth the idea that whilst men run the politics of the Empire between houses and with outside races, the females run the internal workings of a house and have almost unchallenged power in this respect.

Nog's little dance on set was not choreographed at all. Director David Livingstone just told Aron Eisenberg to do a "goofy dance", and he did. Terry Farrell joining in with him was also completely improvised.

In the scene where Dax punches Sirella, Terry Farrell punched Shannon Cochran in the face for real.

J. G. Hertzler loved the scene where Martok picks up Sisko's baseball as they talk, regarding it as a fun way to add an extra dimension to the scene. He even came up with Martok's thought processes regarding the ball, saying that as a Klingon he would recognise it as the hide of some an animal, perhaps some form of hunting trophy. Then he would wonder what the markings were for. Sisko, meanwhile, would be concerned lest Martok decide that it was food and take a bite out of it.

Terry Farrell, who had never been married at the time of filming, loved having a pretend wedding and thought that she looked fantastic in the red leather dress. She's right. She did. She would go on to marry for real five years later.

The producers had planned that Odo, reeling from the events of the last couple of episodes where he all but abandoned normal life to be with the Female Changeling, would walk into the party and announce that he could no longer be friends with anybody. He would do his job, but otherwise lock himself away in his quarters. Rene Auberjonois was very unhappy with this idea, and asked what the ultimate aim of this move was, where the character would be going for the rest of the season and beyond. When Auberjonois and another couple of producers asked Ron Moore this question, he admitted that he had no plan for the character. The scene was dropped, and instead Odo's conversation with Kira was inserted. But with time in the episode short, that conversation mostly took place off screen. This was also considered to be weak storytelling by most involved, but there was no time to do anything better.


The Federation has won a triumphant victory and recaptured DS9, and Jadzia and Worf are getting married. But Martoks wife is not at all impressed with the young Trill, and soon the wedding is in doubt.
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