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Episode Guest Reviews

Reviewer : ajdedo
Ave Rating : 2.8261 for 23 reviews
Title : Threshold Rating : 4
Writers : Michael De Luca Year : 2372
Review : I've always liked this episode. The concept of 'infinite velocity' and 'occupying every point in space simultaneously' is a mind expanding concept. I wish there were more such grand ideas in these stories. Granted the episode falls short at points, especially Tom need to prove himself, and of course, the idea that humans will evolve to lizards one day goes against the grain. But you put that aside and focus on the 'omnipotence' aspect, then it will leave you thinking.
Title : Death Wish Rating : 0
Writers : Shawn Piller Year : 2372
Review : Worst episode ever. Okay, maybe not. But after 5 or 6 great episodes, this one was difficult to watch. Generally I like Q, and I love John DeLancie's style, but I can't say anything good about this episode. And it hit rock bottom when the "3" witnesses were brought from earth. Cliche!
Title : The Thaw Rating : 0
Writers : Richard Gadas Year : 2372
Review : I take back my review of "Death Wish". This was actually The Worst Episode Ever! Well, until the next. Face paint, costumes, freaks and carnivals have no place in Scifi. It's like Cirque du Soleil meets Star Trek. That's one thing that should have stayed in Vegas.
Title : Tuvix Rating : 4
Writers : Andrew Price, Mark Gaberman Year : 2372
Review : It was 'okay'. I hate the idea of taking two opposite characters and then melding them in a freak transporter accident. That's equivalent to a high school students essay, when you've run out of other ideas. Painfully basic. However, the episode did develop to something marginally interesting. But the initial concept was still a bit too hard for me to get over. I'd give it 3.5 stars.
Title : Darkling Rating : 3
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2373
Review : Starting last season I noticed that they've written some episode around a single character and gave them the spotlight. Today it was the Doctor's day. And he did a pretty good job. It was entertaining, but I didn't get sucked in. But then, maybe I'm watching too many Voaygers in row! A couple things - When did Kes and Neelix break up? I presume that was Warlord, but I thought she was inhabited. Also, shouldn't there have been a record of the doctor's first beam down to the surface the night of the attempted murder? And shouldn't have Harry Kim notice the phaser discharge in the transporter room before the Doctor kidnapped Kes? Simple things like that overlooked drop down the rating.
Title : Favorite Son Rating : 0
Writers : Lisa Klink Year : 2373
Review : So what is Lisa Klink really trying to say?
Title : Before and After Rating : 4
Writers : Kenneth Biller Year : 2373
Review : A good solid "Star Trek" episode. It will be interesting to see if any of Kes' future experiences unfold like she witnessed them.
Title : Displaced Rating : 3
Writers : Lisa Klink Year : 2373
Review : Definitely a better attempt from Lisa than her last one. The one thing that has always bugged me (not necessarily with this episode alone) is why hasn't the Doctor been better utilized as the ultimate safety protocol. He is sentient and can be grated complete control over all aspects of the ship. I would think it would be nearly impossible for anyone to gain control if the doctor knew all the command codes. There's a story in itself. :-)
Title : The Gift Rating : 3
Writers : Joe Menosky Year : 2374
Review : Small technicality, but I would have liked to see Kes' abilities develop towards the end of last season, so when the moment came, it would feel more like 7 was replacing Kes rather than Kes being replaced by 7.... If you know what I mean.
Title : Day of Honor Rating : 1
Writers : Jeri Taylor Year : 2374
Review : Voyager should have attacked the Caatati.
Title : Nemesis Rating : 3
Writers : Kenneth Biller Year : 2374
Review : In the beginning I wished I didn't have to glimpse this episode, but in the soon after, it ended all right. Really only 2.5 stars.
Title : Revulsion Rating : 3
Writers : Lisa Klink Year : 2374
Review : Actually I thought it was a well written episode. Not necessarily plot wise, but the dialogue was very good at times. It made me laugh a couple times, and cringe too. For that, it should get a 3.5. On another note, don't you think 7 has become human far too easily and fast? In fact she was pretty well transformed after the 3rd episode of season 4. The ex-Borg on the planet Chakotay crashed on in Unity were there for years and were still part cyborg. The medical advancements are a bit futuristic even for Star Trek
Title : Scientific Method Rating : 4
Writers : Harry Doc. Kloor, Sherry Klein Year : 2374
Review : My favorite episode since Scorpion. The Tom and B'Elanna scene at the end was kind of weak. They could have skipped that, or did something different. But overall 4.5 starts. It was nice to finally see the doctor and 7 use their "special" abilities to try and save the crew. Ultimately, it wasn't their actions that worked, but I hope it sets the stage for a future episode where the Doc and 7 work together. I always said the doc should have all the command codes for immediate use in an emergency.
Title : Year of Hell, Part 1 Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2374
Review : Without repeating all the comments above, I'd only like to add that 7's interaction with Tuvok is even better then her interaction with the doc in the previous episode. It's a shame that the bond they created won't carry through to the following episodes.
Title : Year of Hell, Part 2 Rating : 4
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2374
Review : The highlights were the ambiance they created on the disabled Voyager, truly brilliant visuals. You wonder how that ship could even fly. I would like to see it in that condition some more. And the relationship between 7 and Tuvok. A shame it won't be remembered by either. Other than that, just a step below part 1.
Title : Random Thoughts Rating : 4
Writers : Kenneth Biller Year : 2374
Review : This episode has stuck in my mind more than any other episode when it was first aired. I subscribe to the idea that violent thoughts and imagery can contaminate a society, and I was amazed that someone actually put that idea on screen. This episode should give us something to think about as we go about thinking during our daily lives.
Title : Concerning Flight Rating : 1
Writers : Jimmy Diggs, Joe Menosky Year : 2374
Review : Far too much discussion between the Captain and Da Vinci. Why doesn't she just turn him off and put the mobile emitter in her purse? Instead she spends hours explaining things him, including explaining to him why she can explain things to him. Very lame. And what happened to all the stolen technology? Why didn't Voyager just beam up the entire content of the storage facility? They had many episode when they wouldn't trade technology, and now they leave behind weapons and transporters without worry? Very inconsistent. If they just added the element of a grab and heist story, reacquiring stolen property, it would have been better.
Title : Mortal Coil Rating : 4
Writers : Bryan Fuller Year : 2374
Review : At first I thought it was going to be a "Tasha in the tar pit" episode. Then it looked like there may a bit of "Flatliners". I also thought there might be "aliens from the nebula in Nelix's body" thing. But it was none of those, and all of them at the same time. A fairly well rounded exploration. Perhaps a bit simplistic at times, but it the writing and dialogue held it together with out any teeth cringing. I give it 3.5 stars.
Title : Waking Moments Rating : 3
Writers : Andre Bormanis Year : 2374
Review : Waking Moments? Waking Life? Or just plain Deja-vu? I'm not sure why Chakotay headed towards the planet as opposed to away from it. And I'm not sure why he just didn't take the "medicine" to stay awake and then get the doctor to beam down another vile. I'm not even sure what purpose the aliens had in mind with the ship? Did they plan on waking up and stealing it? A few things were not rational or just didn't add up, but that's to be expected. All-in-all it was watchable. A solid 3.
Title : Retrospect Rating : 2
Writers : Andrew Shepard Price, Mark Gaberman Year : 2374
Review : In retrospect, It was flashback to my social studies classes. And few politically charged words and phrases were thrown in there just in case the viewer wasn't sure what they were eluding to. But really, more importantly, did Voyager ever get those new weapons?
Title : Prey Rating : 4
Writers : Brannon Braga Year : 2374
Review : I enjoyed this one. There were several moments when it looked like an alliance might be formed. Either between Voyager and the Hirogen, or between Voyager and Species 8472. It could have gone either way. I thought the whole drama thing with 7's disobedience didn't quite fit in, but perhaps it was necessary for her to save the ship. Don't know about that one for sure.
Title : Unforgettable Rating : 1
Writers : Greg Elliot, Michael Perricone Year : 2374
Review : I find it strange Voyager would let some alien species put a "virus" in their computers without protest. In fact, it was said so casually, it was unbelievable. Also, wouldn't 7 or the Doctor remember what happened? I guess that could be explained, but seriously. I really doubt Voyager would be so willing to forget. And I doubt they would be so willing to let a tracker take back the first runaway, didn't he want asylum too? Overall, weak.
Title : Living Witness Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga Year : 2374
Review : The perfect episode. This is why I watch Star Trek. (I think Hedgehog should be listed as a species. :-)

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