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Episode Guest Reviews

Reviewer : MarcusP
Ave Rating : 3.3250 for 40 reviews
Title : Equinox, Part 2 Rating : 0
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky, Rick Berman Year : 2376
Review : All in all a good episode propably but I can't get over Janeways behaviour. Torturing the ensing and relieving Chacotay. I cannot help myself but I keep comparing Janeway to Picard, who would never have behaved in that sort of fashion. Janeways anger towards Ransom just feels almost digusting.
Title : Parallax Rating : 4
Writers : Jim Trombetta Year : 2371
Review : As the second episode of the series, it still has that fresh innocense of a new series trying to find it's place. I like the black hole plot and the way Janeway and Torres interact with each other.
Title : Eye of the Needle Rating : 5
Writers : Hilary J. Bader Year : 2371
Review : A nice one. Emotional rollercoaster. The hope of getting home and the expected dissapointment at the end. I almost cried on the first time I saw this episode. It is well directed allowing the viewer to feel what the crew is feeling.
Title : Twisted Rating : 3
Writers : Jimmy Diggs, Steven J. Kay Year : 2371
Review : The twisting space is a nice concept and the final logical solution to do nothing is practical.
Title : The 37's Rating : 4
Writers : Brannon Braga, Jeri Taylor Year : 2371
Review : Good episode. The truck floating in space and Paris starting the truck. More mystery on the planet. The aeroplane and the suspended bodies. The sets are well made. Many other good scenes: the Doctor reviving Fred, Earharts interest in Voyager, the relationship between Earhart and Janeway and Janeways hesitation before she enters the cargobay and her relief after she realises the crews actions not to stay behind. And of cource the first time that we see Voyager landing on a planet surface.
Title : Warlord Rating : 4
Writers : Andrew Shepard Price, Mark Gaberman Year : 2373
Review : I really like Jennifer Liens professional performance in this episode.
Title : One Rating : 4
Writers : Jeri Taylor Year : 2374
Review : Jeri Ryan portrays wery well what it's like to be alone. Humans are pack animals and require each other company in various ways. The battle of keeping oneself calm and rational againts panic is also quite well depicted in this episode.
Title : Thirty Days Rating : 5
Writers : Scott Miller Year : 2375
Review : A good episode but I just can't accept Janeways behaviour on firing photon torpedos on her fourth in command no matter he had done.
Title : Collective Rating : 0
Writers : Andrew Shepard Price, Mark Gaberman Year : 2376
Review : The Borg children really do downshift the dangerousness and the menacing attributes of the Borg.
Title : Unimatrix Zero, Part 1 Rating : 2
Writers : Michael Sussman Year : 2376
Review : Big things going on like in a good season finale cliffhanger episodes. Janeway, Tuvok and Torres being partially assimilated. But the episode lacks punch and failes to deliver the appropriate suspense.
Title : Unimatrix Zero, Part 2 Rating : 2
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky, Michael Sussman Year : 2377
Review : The season premiere lacks punch and failes to deliver the appropriate suspense like it's first parter. The idea of unimatrix zero is somewhat boring. Not enough in my mind to risk you crew or yourself.
Title : Q2 Rating : 3
Writers : Kenneth Biller Year : 2377
Review : A rather unexciting episode considering that it's the last appearence of Q. How mighty Q was in All good things... And he's just a father who has parenting troubles... The humour is good in this episode.
Title : Endgame Rating : 3
Writers : Brannon Braga, Kenneth Biller, Rick Berman Year : 2377
Review : Starts well but looses it's grip nearing the end. It's to see the (former) crew interact on Earth and on different settings rather then the eternal corridoors of Voyager. The end is too quick. Voyager enters the aperture and then we get the mysterious command: Mr. Paris prepare to adjust your heading. It doesn't make clear to the viewer that they intend to travel inside the Borg sphere. Neither do we see Voyager actually ever being inside the sphere. When I first time saw the episode, this part felt a bit confusing to me. Then the whole hastily "it'll all be in my report, sir" response. Perhaps a few more heavy words would've been needed to make the retun a bit more emotional. The last 20 minutes seems to suffer from lack of suspense and a certain familiarity regarding Earth as homeplanet, which would be a nice thing to see and feel when Voyager finally get's back home. When it comes to series finals Endgame is far from All Good Things... and What You Leave Behind.
Title : When the Bough Breaks Rating : 2
Writers : Hannah Louise Shearer Year : 2364
Review : The episode still has that feeling of new and excitement. Roddenberry himself at the helm and writers having a chance to write new episodes after TOS. The idea of a cloaked planet is a nice one. As is the idea of a weapon that can hurdle a starship parsecs away in seconds. Children and families on board the Enterprise service as a reminder that the age is civilized. There are no wars or conflicts. Until the writers decided otherwise in the future of Star Trek. The ozone-layer analogy is a nostalgic reminder of the 80s, how people viewed the environment and the future of the planet. Plot hole: why kidnap only a handful of children?
Title : The Measure of a Man Rating : 5
Writers : Melinda M. Snodgrass Year : 2365
Review : A great piece of argumenting in the eternal questions of what is life and do we have souls. Star Trek at it's best and finest!
Title : The Offspring Rating : 5
Writers : Rene Echevarria Year : 2366
Review : My favourite TNG episode. The ending is incredible. The machine, who could not feel, has the capability of transferring the memories of another being to himself. Something humans with all their emotions can't do. And the greatest end-of-the-episode score by Ron Jones ever.
Title : The High Ground Rating : 5
Writers : Melinda M. Snodgrass Year : 2366
Review : One of the best Star Trek episodes. "Don't you know, a dead martyr is worth ten posturing leaders". Considering terrorism today, this episode is timeless.
Title : The N'th Degree Rating : 4
Writers : Joe Menosky Year : 2367
Review : A nice, kind episode.
Title : Coda Rating : 3
Writers : Jeri Taylor Year : 2373
Review : A okay ride if a little depressing at times. can go through doors but not through the decks. And for some reason you have friction so you can move by walking...
Title : Darkling Rating : 3
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2373
Review : The Doctor would become the ultimate torturer...
Title : Day of Honor Rating : 4
Writers : Jeri Taylor Year : 2374
Review : A good one. Lots of good things; dumping the warpcore, Paris and Torres in space, Seven becoming more human... Good plot and subplots.
Title : Miri Rating : 4
Writers : Robert Bloch Year : 2266
Review : A good episode with an interesting plot and steady pace. Near the end there's one of those rare moments where Spock shows genuine concern for Bones.
Title : Where No Man Has Gone Before Rating : 5
Writers : Samuel A. Peeples Year : 2265
Review : An exciting episode with a decent budget. Shatners first appearance as Kirk. The plot is simple but effective. A suspenceful and intriguing episode, definitely one of better ones. And one of my personal favourites.
Title : Patterns of Force Rating : 4
Writers : John Meredyth Lucas Year : 2268
Review : A great episode with obvious corniness. It's well paced and show the eternal ploy of the power-hungry to divide people in to us and them. Of course the producers wanted to turn the viewers minds away from the Wietnam war by showing how bad things had been oly 33 years ago. It took a 40 years before they finally showed this episode in Germany.
Title : The Omega Glory Rating : 1
Writers : Gene Roddenberry Year : 2268
Review : The plot begins well with a few good mysteries but when it comes to commies and yankees the whole episode becomes just silly and stupid.
Title : Wolf in the Fold Rating : 4
Writers : Robert Bloch Year : 2267
Review : I like this one because somehow I feel that atmosphere in this episode is cozy. Of course Scotty didn't do anything and it's nice to see the crew relax and the conduct their investigation in civilised and comfortable surroundings.
Title : The Gamesters of Triskelion Rating : 3
Writers : Margaret Armen Year : 2268
Review : An okay episode. Definitely one of the better known episodes. This is one of those episodes where Kirk teaches alien girls how to love; and this time it's done in very straightforward fashion.
Title : By Any Other Name Rating : 4
Writers : Jerome Bixby Year : 2268
Review : An okay episode, even if the plot is a bit silly. How could they live in that accelerated state? Oh well, one shouldn't dwell into these things too much, but still... A Kirk-episode whre he once again makes love to a beautiful alien girl.
Title : For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Rating : 5
Writers : Rik Vollaerts Year : 2268
Review : A good one. Bones is sick and decides to stay behind in an asteroid that is actually a generational space-ship, where the inhabitants have forgotten their origins. A classic sci-fi -story with good character interaction.
Title : Is There in Truth no Beauty? Rating : 2
Writers : Gean Lisette Aroeste Year : 2268
Review : This one lacks suspense and pace. There no great mysteries and it still seems implausible that there wouldn't be any cure for blindness in the 23rd century. But overall it's an okay episode.
Title : Spock's Brain Rating : 4
Writers : Lee Cronin Year : 2268
Review : Say what you will about this episode but I like it. When you think of all the plots and concepts etc. used in sci-fi, stealing someone's brains, and hooking up them as the processor of a computer, in order to maintain your society, is not the silliest one. The atmosphere is quite nice although there's once again a boring fist-fight. McCoy operating with the knowledge he has received from the "teatcher" is a classic scene. As is of course Spock's body as the mindless automaton. I know this episode in universally thrashed but I've always enjoyed it.
Title : The Enterprise Incident Rating : 5
Writers : D.C. Fontana Year : 2268
Review : A fine one. Good interaction with the romulans and a fine character-based plot. I always enjoy the moments between the romulan commander and Spock. And Shatners over-acting is, well, a part of this series with which you have to live with. At least it's humorous to watch. The episodes atmosphere is most enjoyable. One of my personal favourites.
Title : Let that be Your Last Battlefield Rating : 3
Writers : Lee Cronin Year : 2268
Review : The plot is very simple. Perhaps too run on the nose. Of course is Star Trek at it's best when dealing with social injustice and problems that reflect our time. But it's done in a very unsurprising and almost blatant way. In this episeode we see the fisrt of many now famous and standard self-desruct -scenes
Title : The Return of the Archons Rating : 1
Writers : Gene Roddenberry Year : 2267
Review : The acting of the villagers is poorly done. The sets are unimpressive. The plot simple and boring. Once again Kirk vs. The computer, which has gone wrong and messed up with people over a thousands of years, thus making them loose their original way. Like in The Apple and For I Have Touched the Sky... One my least favourite episodes. A rather distasteful one.
Title : The Mark of Gideon Rating : 1
Writers : George F. Slavin, Stanley Adams Year : 2268
Review : What on earth was the point? Or the solution? Couldn't they have just colonize other planets? Or would it have meant the desteuction of their species? If so, the writers could've added this to the script. Or any other thing that would've made the story plausible.
Title : For the Uniform Rating : 1
Writers : Peter Allan Fields Year : 2373
Review : I just can't stand Sisko's behaviour in this one.
Title : Little Green Men Rating : 5
Writers : Jack Trevino, Toni Marberry Year : 2372
Review : This episode never get's old or boring. One of my personal favourites. Funny and exciting.
Title : Our Man Bashir Rating : 5
Writers : Robert Gillan Year : 2372
Review : A wonderful Bond-spoof. I don't think the people at Pinewood could've done better.
Title : The Siege of AR-558 Rating : 1
Writers : Hans Beimler, Ira Steven Behr Year : 2375
Review : It is a well done episode but I simply hate the whole concept. This is something that simply no longer shouldn't exist in Trek-universe. The whole point of Trek, imo, is that we have evolved to the point where humans have the capacity avoid war and thus not end up in situations like in this episode. Can you imagine the senior officers of the Enterprise-D behaving like the starfleet officers in this episode? I'm surprised that Ronald D. Moore didn't write this episode, considering he made Battlestar Galactica, which dealt with nothing else then war.
Title : Deadlock Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga Year : 2372
Review : A great episode! Plot twists, hard decicions, troubled situations. If one excuses the “sciense”.

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