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Reviewer : Toadnuke
Ave Rating : 4.0000 for 2 reviews
Title : Federation Rating : 5
Writers : Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Gene Roddenberry, Judith Reeves-Stevens Year : 1994
Review : In short, I loved this book. Each chapter moves between the times of Cochrane, Kirk, and Picard very well. It basically leaves each chapter on a cliffhanger ending and then moves you right on to the next timeline, leaving the reader starving for what happens next. It continues to do this right up until the last page. I would seriously recommend this book to any fan of Trek novels.
Title : Starfleet Academy: Cadet Kirk Rating : 3
Writers : Diane Carey Year : 1996
Review : More of a book for younger people. Cadet Kirk is a short, fast-faced novel that tells the story of Kirk, Bones, and Spock's first mission together. This is the first Trek novel I have ever read, and I thought it to be a decent read.

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