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Title : How Much for Just the Planet?
Writers : John M. Ford
Year : 1987
Rating : 2.4000 for 5 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Scott Bates Rating : 3
Review : A very, very strange book. Ford has fused the world of Star Trek with the world of (I think) 1930's cinema, with a lot of other stuff thrown in for effect. It has musicals, it has cliffhangers, it has Harold Lloyd-style stunt/comedy, it has romance, it has wacky misunderstandings and mistaken identities, it has barbarians and precocious children, it has intrigue and convoluted schemes... it even has commercials and a Three Stooges-style cream-pie-throwing fight! If you take Trek very seriously, this book will infuriate you. On the other hand, if your favorite Trek moments include Kirk standing chest-deep in a pile of tribbles, trying to give orders while more tribbles bounce off his head, you'll probably enjoy 'How Much for Just the Planet?'.
Reviewer : Greg Janesch Rating : 3
Review : This was by far one of the strangest Trek storylines ever. It seemed fairly entertaining, but got a bit confusing at the end.
Reviewer : Yetiman Rating : 1
Review : As far as the Star Trek universe is concerned, this book completely flops. None of the time-honored characters such as Kirk, Spock, McCoy are portrayed accurately. Instead, Ford seems to rewrite those characters almost from scratch. The plot is very convoluted and confusing, and the ending is less than satisfying. I would not recommend this novel.
Reviewer : Ktasay Rating : 1
Review : A rather weak attempt at Trek humor. Very poor characterizations.
Reviewer : Ronbo Rating : 4
Review : Its Trek dancing to a different beat. Spock is a little unfamiliar, and there is an absurd humor that you'll either love or hate - from the rating, you can tell I loved it. Breezy, with the feel of a Depression-era movie, imaginative if sometimes a little over the top. Reminiscent of "The Sting" in places, well written and well constructed in terms of plot and pacing. It doesn't drop a million Trek references like many official novels, it isn't some homage to the characters, so if that's what you're looking for this isn't the book for you. But if you want a refreshing, funny, slightly skewed point of view on classic Trek, this book is a breath of fresh air. Reading it I couldn't help but think it would have made a terrific episode of the original series - cheap to make, original, reminiscent of "A Piece of the Action" in tone. Overall, a great read by a solid writer, not so much because it's great Trek - at times, it feels like a funny story adapted to the Trek universe - but because its a rollicking good time.
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