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The Chin'toka Invasion

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pm Battle image The Chin
The Allied fleet departs Deep Space Nine. [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
As the fleet arrives at Chin'toka, a Steamrunner class vessel can be seen entering the frame. [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
The Cardassian orbital defence grid. [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
Hugely outnumbered, the Jem'Hadar employed the tactics of desperation... [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
...including ramming the Klingon squadrons en masse. [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
Initially the orbital grid was off-line, and the weapons platforms made easy targets. [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
Once the Cardassian defences became active the battle began to swing against the Allied forces and heavy damage was suffered. Here the USS Valley Forge rolls out of control. [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
An Akira class vessel is destroyed. [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
Fortunately for the Allies, the USS Defiant was able to fool the weapon platforms into attacking their own power source. [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
The asteroid based power station takes a pounding from its own systems. [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
Defiant pulls away as the asteroid power source is destroyed. [1]
pm Battle image The Chin
The remaining systems proved easy targets for the allied fleet units. [1]

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 DS9 6 Tears of the Prophets
Series : DS9 Season 6 (Disc 7)
Episode : Tears of the Prophets

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