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Righteous Insurrection

Name : Righteous Insurrection
Universe : Prime Timeline
Year : 2375

In 2375, Enterprise-E crewmember Lieutenant Commander Data was dispatched to assist with the joint Federation / Son'a covert cultural project to monitor the Ba'ku homeworld. During the mission Data apparently malfunctioned and deliberately revealed the existence of the monitoring station to the Ba'ku. The Enterprise-E rushed to the scene and recovered Data; on investigating they found that the project was a sham, designed to cover the real mission - which was to remove the Ba'ku from their planet by transporting them aboard a holographic recreation of their village whilst they slept.

The plot was intended to allow the Son'a and Federation to create a chain reaction within the planet's ring system, allowing them to collect metaphasic particles from the ring - a process which would render the planet uninhabitable. The radiation had various life regenerating and extending properties which the two powers planned to use to prolong life for their citizens.

Although Admiral Dougherty claimed full government support for the project, Captain Picard became determined to stop it at all costs. He took a small but heavily armed party down to the surface to prevent further interference whilst Commander Riker took the Enterprise-E out of the Briar Patch to reveal the truth of the situation to the Federation population.

Fearing the inevitable debate which this would provoke and the accompanying delays, Dougherty agreed to allow two Son'a battleships to intercept the Enterprise and prevent her from escaping. There followed a cautious battle between the two sides; the Son'a wanted to force the ship's surrender rather than outright destroy it, whilst the Enterprise in turn merely wanted to reach a point where it could communicate with the Federation, if at all possible avoid inflicting any casualties.

Meanwhile, the remaining Son'a destroyer dispatched assault ships to attack the Ba'ku village. The villagers fled the area under the cover of transporter inhibitors; the Son'a launched large numbers of drones to tag each villager individually with transporter enhancer tags so that they could be beamed through the interference. Picard led them to safety in some caves, but the assault ships fired on the ground to destabilise the structure.

The Son'a battleships, unable to convince the Enterprise-E to back down, resorted to using banned isolytic subspace weapons against the ship. The weapon created a subspace tear which almost destroyed the ship; fortunately the chief engineer was able to eject the warp core and detonate it within the tear, sealing it. Commander Riker used the ship's Bussard collectors to scoop up a large quantity of Metreon gas from the Briar patch and then dispersed it in front of the Son'a ships; their next weapon launch detonated the gas, causing an explosion which destroyed one ship and crippled the other. With this accomplished, the Enterprise was able to complete its mission begin the journey back to the Ba'ku planet.

Captain Picard, meanwhile, was captured by the Son'a. He discovered that there was no Son'a species as such; they were merely Ba'ku dissidents who had left the planet decades before. He convinced one of the Son'a to change sides, and arranged a quick plan to disrupt the plot against the Ba'ku; Lieutenant Commander Data used the Enterprise-E's Captain's Yacht to attack the Son'a destroyer with tachyon bursts, forcing a brief disruption of their shields. Picard used that window to beam the crew onto the holoship, which he had reprogrammed to recreate the destroyer's bridge. The leading Son'a, Ru'afo, was fooled into thinking that he had successfully managed to launch the collector into the planet's rings. Unfortunately he quickly realised his mistake, and beamed over to the collector to launch it manually. Picard followed, and the two battled one another on the collector.

The Enterprise-E arrived on the scene and quickly subdued the Son'a destroyer. Picard managed to initiate a self-destruct sequence on the collector; the Enterprise beamed him off moments before the structure was destroyed. [1]

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# Series Season Source Comment
1 Star Trek : Insurrection
Film: Star Trek : Insurrection

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