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Reman Nemesis

Name : Reman Nemesis
Universe : Prime Timeline
Year : 2379

In 2379 Starfleet received word that there had been a coup in the Romulan Star Empire. Such events are not uncommon, but there was one great difference here - the new government was headed by Shinzon, a Reman. The Remans are considered to be of a lower caste by the Romulans, treated as a slave race. To have a Reman as Praetor of the Romulan Empire would be almost impossible to believe. Even stranger, one of Shinzon's first actions was to invite the Federation to a meeting.

The Enterprise-E happened to be near to the area, so was sent to Romulus. Captain Picard discovered that Shinzon was a clone of himself, originally created to infiltrate Starfleet. That plan had been abandoned, and Shinzon had been sent to the weapon production centres on Remus. Shinzon had come to despise Picard; genetic modifications intended to make him age rapidly to catch up with Picard were gradually killing him, and he needed a transfusion from Picard, and was determined to capture him and force the procedure. He had also gained the support of the Romulan fleet in his coup by promising to conquer the Federation. To this end he planned to destroy Earth using a Thalaron radiation weapon before launching a full scale war.

The Enterprise-E headed for a fleet of Starfleet vessels, hoping that the Scimitar would try to attack them before turning toward Earth. Unfortunately the Reman vessel attacked before they could reach Federation help.

The battle was decidedly one sided; the Scimitar was massively armed and shielded, and could use both shields and weapons whilst fully cloaked. The Enterprise-E could thus score relatively few hits, whilst being extremely vulnerable to return fire.

Some help did arrive in the form of two Romulan Norexan class Warbirds. Some of the Romulans had become concerned with Shinzon's mental stability. There was also worry that, whilst the conquest of Earth was something that the Romulans would be more than willing to accept, it's destruction would leave the Romulan people as pariahs of the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the Norexan class was rather more susceptible to damage than the Sovereign and both ships were quickly disabled by the Scimitar.

Towards the end of the battle Counselor Troi was able to employ her empathic abilities to locate the Scimitar through its cloak, allowing the Enterprise-E to damage the Scimitar's cloaking device. Meanwhile the Scimitar sent a boarding party aboard to try and capture Picard. Captain Riker led a security force against the Remans, and was ultimately able to defeat them.

However, the Reman ship was simply too powerful; the Enterprise-E exhausted all of its weapons without doing significant harm to the enemy. With few options left to him, Picard ordered the Enterprise-E to ram the Scimitar.

Both ships were badly damaged by this action; the Scimitar lost its weapons and suffered massive hull damage. Even so, it was able to pull free of the Enterprise-E and activate its Thalaron weapon. Picard used the last of the transporter power to beam across to the Reman ship to try and stop Shinzon. Commander Data followed by literally throwing himself through space to the Scimitar and climbing aboard. Picard was able to kill Shinzon but Data intervened before he could stop the Thalaron weapon. Using an Emergency Transport Unit to send the Captain back to his ship Data fired into the Thalaron generator, destroying the Scimitar just before it could fire. [1]

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# Series Season Source Comment
1 Star Trek : Nemesis
Film: Star Trek : Nemesis

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