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What's new - Aug 2009

30 Aug 2009

Section Update
Poll Somewhat mixed views on whether a TOS series would be a good idea. The nos have it, by 53.6% to 40.6%, with 5.8% who just don't care (though they cared enough to register a vote saying that they don't care...).

This week we're starting a run looking at the other ships used in the movie, starting with the Kelvin design.

Caption Competition Congratulations to Mr. President, winner of last week's very hard fought caption competition. This week, a picture from TNG's "Attached".

23 Aug 2009

Section Update
Poll Well the Klingons won as the adversary you'd most like to see in the next movie. Interestingly though, "somebody completely new" came a close second. I wonder...

This week we ask if you'd like to see TOS remade as a series.

Caption Competition Congratulations to drow, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TOS "The Menagerie, Part 1".

16 Aug 2009

Section Update
Poll Well in last week's poll the new Enterprise got a 64.7% approval rating, which is a very strong if not quite overwhelming response. 14% were not bothered either way whilst 18.6% voted negatively. This week we're asking who you would like as an adversary in the sequel.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Frankie Chestnuts, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Enterprise's "Desert Crossing".

13 Aug 2009

Section Update
Search We've added the ability to search the polls questions and answers.

9 Aug 2009

Section Update
Poll Well Nero got a 79.1% approval rating for his appearance in Star Trek XI. I liked him, have to say. This week we're asking what you think of the new Enterprise now we've had a chance to see her in action.
Caption Competition Congratulations to epclarkson, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Voyager's "Remember".

2 Aug 2009

Section Update
Poll Well poor old Zoe Saldana won the worst acting stakes. This week we see what you think of Eric Bana's Nero?
Caption Comp Congratulations to Tsukiyumi winner of this weeks caption competition. This weeks picture is from DS9's The Search, Part 1.

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