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What's new - Jun 2006

25 Jun 2006

Section Update
Poll So your vote for most thought provoking TOS episode went to "The City on the Edge of Forever". Nice to see Let That Be Your Last Battlefield up there in second place! This week, TNG's turn.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Wacky, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from DS9's "Let He Who Is Without Sin."

21 Jun 2006

Section Update
Images All Deep Space Nine episodes now have new images. I'll make another pass through looking for any that have been missed, but the majority should now be done.

20 Jun 2006

Section Update
Images All Deep Space Nine episodes now have new images upto the end of season 6.

18 Jun 2006

Section Update
Reviews I've started on upgrading the first few episode reviews of TNG season 1.
Poll So Trials and Tribble-ations was the funniest Star Trek episode of all time. This week, we're starting a run of "most thought-provoking" episodes...
Caption Competition Congratulations Kevin P., a first-time winner of last week's captiaon competition. This week, a shot from TNG's "The Schizoid Man".

11 Jun 2006

Section Update
Technical fixes A couple of problems with the Species - Additional section are now resolved. Previously the "unknown" selection was returning errors, this is now fixed. You can also now search for species whose quadrant is unknown.
Reviews Virtually all of the TOS season 3 episodes now have the expanded write ups.
Poll The awful "These Are The Voyages..." won funniest Enterprise episode... guess I should have said "intentionally funny"! This week we're doing a poll of polls to find the funniest overall episode.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Lobster, winner of last week's competition and now another member of the exclusive "four wins" club. This week, an image from TOS "Spock's Brain".

4 Jun 2006

Section Update
Poll So "Tinker Tenor..." was your favourite Voyager. This week, on to Enterpise...
Images Another chunk of new images go up today, this time DS9 season 4 and a few from season 5, more to come.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Hisrak, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Enterprise's "Doctor's Orders".

3 Jun 2006

Section Update
Error Unfortunately, due to a technical screwup on my part we've lost the all time high scores table for the Sudden Death competition. It will automatically start refilling it from now on, but profuse apologies to those who lost their scores.

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