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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Ultritium1

A powerful explosive. In 2265 Cervantes Quinn claimed to have rigged a cargo he delivered to Kessik IV with several kilos of ultritium.1

As a measure of how powerful an ultritium explosion could be, Chief O'Brien expected ninety isotons of enriched ultritium to be sufficient to destroy a Dominion facility and everything else within eight hundred kilometres of the detonation point.2

In 2346, Kira Nerys planted a bomb made from ultritium resin aboard Terok Nor in an attempt to assassinate Gul Dukat.3

In 2365, Antedian assassins wore robes lined with ultritium in an attempt to bomb a conference on Pacifica. The attempt failed when Lwaxana Troi read the assassin's minds and exposed the plan.4

Romulan scout ships used ultritium-based devices for self destruct; in 2366 Geordi LaForge detected traces of ultritium residue on a destroyed Romulan ship on Galornden core.5

Ultritium-283 was carried by the Enterprise-D, classed as an industrial chemical explosive for use in mining applications. It was intended to be used for precision-charge patterns, detonated with standard microwave pulse ignition devices. Ultritium-342 was also carried, described as a high-yield version of standard industrial ultritium and intended to be used in terraforming applications, when the use of nuclear explosives are not desirable.6

The Dominion was mining ultritium from an asteroid in the Gamma Quadrant. The facility was later converted into a prison.7

Dominion forces used ultritium concussion shells as a surface bombardment weapon.8

In 2374 Captain Sisko used an enriched ultritium explosive to destroyed the Dominion's primary ketracel-white storage facility.2

When Captain Picard rebelled against Starleet in 2375 he took seven metric tons of ultritium explosives aboard the Captain's yacht.9

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Comment : One can only wonder what he planned to do with that much explosive, especially given that he never actually uses explosives at any point

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