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Guest Reviews

Title : Duet Rating : 5
First Aired : 13 Jun 1993 Stardate : Unknown
Director : James L. Conway Year : 2369
Writers : Jeanne Carrigan-Fauci, Lisa Rich Season : 1
Rating : 5.0000 for 4 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Grundig Rating : 5
Review : This is easily one of the best episodes from season 1. The actor playing Marritza is terrific! Kira also comes into her own in this episode. The arguments between Kira and Marritza are very stirring, and the last five minutes of the episode had me on the verge of tears. Don't miss this one.
Reviewer : Captain 8472 Rating : 5
Review : I absolutely loved this episode. For me, the best part of the story is that you can truly see how diverse the Cardassians. They are not all arrogant, self assured killers who view themselves as superior to others. They can be as humble, moralistic and ethical as the steriotypcal Federation Officer. It is Miritza that demonstrates this to no end. He cries, begs for forgiveness and even tries to use himself as a martyr in order to force his people to realize the horrors they visited on the Bajoran people.
Reviewer : IAmNotGulDarHeel Rating : 5
Review : What a wonderfully complex, powerful, and deeply moving episode. This was but one of the first hints of how fulfilling DS9 was to become. The acting was superb, the story very well written, and the dialog was electric. It shows how war can make casualty even out of those who oppose it from their very core, and how telling the truth can sometime exact the ultimate price for some. "Duet" is clearly one of the best sci-fi episodes ever.
Reviewer : =/\= Quad Rating : 5
Review : Stunning. Incredible. Amazing. Those are the three words that best describe "Duet". It is a breathtaking episode from start to finish. Marritza just might be my favorite guest character of all time. He was epically acted and portrayed. Just incredible. If there were one episode that I had to show my non-Star Trek friends, this might be it. Such wonderful writing and plotlines. I just don't have enough time or room to tell how good it was. I would give it ten commbadges if I could. Send this episode to the "Best Ever" vault. The ending gave my goosebumps, sent chills up my spine and made me completely tear up. Won't find too many shows today that have that effect on people. Go out right now and show this episode to anyone you meet!
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