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Caption Competition

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Caption comp image

Name Caption
PegasusJF The iconic "Our captions will block out the sun!" face
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway: "Doctor... How long did you say that Imodium will take to work?"
EMH: "I didn't."
Frankie Chestnuts Where will YOU be when your twenty condoms of China White Heroin burst?
The Geek Although all Captains are briefed on the myriad phenomena they may encounter as Masters of their vessels, none are ever totally prepared for the first time a Vulcan Death Fart is aimed in their specific direction.
Captain 8472 The face you make when the laxative kicks in early.
Miss Marple Captain Janeway meets Frankie Chestnuts' wife.
Miss Marple Janeway never understood the Delta Quadrant's fascination with table dancers.
Tuvok suggested that she learn how to play poker.
N'tran DS 12 Janeway, her eyes wide.
Chromedome You can't see it, but the buttons on the side of her neck are labelled "Ctrl", "Alt" & "Delete".
Chromedome "How many more days am I going to be stuck in this pose?"
Chromedome "Ohhhhhh ... Frankie!"
PegasusJF I'm going to be captioned? NO! Not that! ANYTHING BUT THAT!
PegasusJF The news that the DITL site will persevere was met by ecstatic cheers by captioneers. How did the captioned take it? Well, the above is representative.
PegasusJF I wonder what is worse? The horribleness of the thing(s) she's starting at or the fact she has to hold this face for a month.
PegasusJF The iconic "Where's Frankie Chestnuts?" face.
PegasusJF Losing your keys is always a trying time.
PegasusJF The iconic "Oh &$%$! I left the stove on at home!" face.
PegasusJF Deer in headlights have nothing on this.
PegasusJF The iconic "I need a bathroom NOW!" face.
mckinneyc They power the engines using mushrooms?!
Trekanonymous Janeway: So Starfleet plans to use Magic Space Mushrooms to bring us home!
Trekanonymous Janeway: Starfleet has the technology to bring us home for HOW LONG!!!
Captain 8472 That look of fear you get when quarantined with Nelix.
Captain 8472 Janeway has discovered the nude Kirk statue.
Miss Marple I said "EXCUSE ME" not "GOOSE ME!"
Bird of Prey Chakotay: "I always find the collars on our uniforms to be a tad too tight. What do you think, Captain?"
Janeway: *can barely breathe*

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