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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
jg Bashir: How was I to know Odo kept his bucket there. I thought it was some Cardassian toilet.

Special Mention

Name Caption
PegasusJF Whatever Bashir is selling, Kira ain't buying
Frankie Chestnuts Bashir: "Hi! My name is Larry! I'm your "R.A.", or Resident Assistant. I'm her to make sure you are safe here in the dorm."
Kira: "More like Resident Ass,"
Frankie Chestnuts Kira: "...if only he were wearing a red shirt..."
Frankie Chestnuts Dax: "Hi... I'm a Mac"
Sisko: "...and I'm a PC"
Bashir: "...and I'm a Game Boy."
Kira (to self) "...and I'm a gonna kicka you ass."
DBB Sisko: How do you feel, doctor?
Bashir: Good. Better than good, in fact. ... Not enhanced though. Definitely not enhanced! Because that's illegal. Genetic engineering and Kahn and stuff. Normal. I feel normal. ...look at us...all normal. Just standing around...being normal.
Frankie Chestnuts Bashir: "Aren't you lucky Jadzia... We're on the same team!"
Daz: "Yeah... Great."
Bird of Prey Dax: "Yes Julian, we acknowledge that your teeth are perfect. Now close your mouth."
Merat Everyone is very very carefully not looking down right now... and its making me very nervous.
Merat Here we can see that the men's and women's TNG uniforms are different... and we can see WHY they were different.
Miss Marple Sisko, to self: I feel like I'm going to lose a lot of hair over this dude.
PegasusJF Dr. Julian Bashir, the latest poster-boy for "Natural Male Enhancement"
Bird of Prey Bashir (comes out of the bathroom): "Phew! If I were you, I would wait a few minutes 'til to go in there..."
MLCoolJ Bashir: I can't wait to amaze these ordinary folk with my superior intellect, and they won't even know that it's all because of my illegal genetic enhancements.
Kira: You realize you said that out loud, right?
Bashir: ...Dammit.
Jadzia: Shall we start laughing at the "superior intellect"?
Sisko: Yes, we shall.
(everybody except Bashir laughs)
Shut up, Wesley! Heh... yep, you guys were right. That wasn't the boys bathroom...
Bird of Prey Bashir: "Sorry that I am late, but I met Morn on my way to here - and you know how talkative he is!"
Miss Marple Dax: Keep your pants on, Buckeroo!
Ben: Seriously, GO BACK INSIDE, puts pants ON, and keep pants on AT ALL TIMES. It's a... a DS9 thing.
Miss Marple Dax: We were reading your transfer data. What does the "GMO" stand for?
Bird of Prey Jadzia: "Wow, Quark is having quite the meltdown in there! Did you diagnose him having a lethal disease or something?"
Bashir: "Oh, I just told him to give up oo-mox because it's bad for his health."
Frankie Chestnuts Dax: "Our suspicions are correct, Commander. He is the "Mirror Universe" Bashir... Unfortunately, he is the same pompous ass in that one."
jg BASHIR: Look, I can explain
Kira: I would really love to hear it.
Bashir: Enterprise, one for immediate transport. Enterprise, do read, I need an emergency transport.
jg Where will you be when diarrhea strikes.
If your Bashir, it would be when your on a three day trip through the wormhole in a runabout.
jg I guess the question of who farted on the turbolift will never be answered. But I do have my suspicions...
Chromedome "OK, first rule, what happens at Smug Club STAYS at Smug Club."
MR. WORF Kirah & Dax were none to happy to find Julian had taken the last of the toilet paper !!

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