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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
The Geek Star Trek on Ice

Special Mention

Name Caption
Miss Marple This scene was the impetus for the "Manscaping" trend.
Miss Marple Lifetime's Intimate Portrait: At home with Frankie Chestnuts
The Geek Star Trek: The Fabulous Generation
The Geek Beata: "...and to think that when this ritual is complete, I will have your testicles in this jar."
Riker: "Uh, huh... wait, what?"
The Geek During his early years after leaving the lab, Odo was forced to do... things... to make ends meet.
PegasusJF Beings came from all over the galaxy to Angel 1 to get the toughest glass jars opened.
mwhittington Riker: Wait, that goes in WHERE!? Will there at least be lubricant?
The Geek Sure, Riker may be sexy here, but he'll never be "Burt Reynolds in the 70s sexy". (RIP, Burt)
Bird of Prey Woman: "Do you know what the people of my planet do with this thing... in the bedroom?"
Riker: "No. And I am not quite sure if I want to find out..."
Bird of Prey Riker was young and needed the money! (Unfortunately, nobody told him yet that the Federation doesn't use money...)
Mikey "I don't know what the F*&$ it is either, dear, but we still have to send your Aunt Rhoda a thank-you note."
Bird of Prey Riker: "Wait, this planet isn't Bajor!? This means I have bought this expensive earring for nothing!"
Horta not Vorta Take me drunk, I'm home.
Horta not Vorta I'm not so think as you drunk I am.
Sondak Our people have a saying: when life gives you lemons, suspend them in a translucent resin, and sell them to clueless tourists as quaint local talismans.
Sondak Alexa, play Marvin Gaye.

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